Jobs in Japan for Pakistani 2023

Japan Govt Jobs For Pakistani: Overseas Employment Corporation is a reputed organization that is working under the ministry of overseas Pakistanis & human resource development government of Pakistan. Japan hires workers for many national and multinational companies and industries. OEC has started free Japanese language courses to make workers eligible to apply for Japanese employment programs.

After successful completion of the Japanese language course, candidates having particular skills mentioned in the list of skills on the OEC Japanese workforce program can apply for jobs in Japan. The government of Japan gives very attractive salary packages and other benefits to skilled labor Jobs in Japan for Pakistani.

Jobs in Japan for Pakistani
Jobs in Japan for Pakistani

Japan Private Company Jobs For Pakistani: It is highly advisable that Pakistanis seeking to migrate and work in Japan must have proficiency in the Japanese language. Full Stack Java Engineer, Dev Ops, AI ML Engineers, QA Engineers, Electrical, electronic information industry jobs, construction jobs, shipbuilding, and ship machinery industry, automobile repair and maintenance, aviation industry, hospitality industry, agriculture, and fisheries coupled with food and beverages are up for grab in Japan for Pakistanis.

All you have to do as a Pakistani seeking a job in Japan is to know which category you are going to go through and the company you are applying for if you meet all the qualifications asked for.

Table of Contents

01: Japan Govt Jobs For Pakistani

02: Japan Private Company Jobs For Pakistani

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Jobs in Japan for Pakistani (Vacancies)

Jobs in Japan for Pakistani: The Japanese working culture is among the most distinctive vibrant, diverse, and diverse when compared with other regions around the world. In the first place, Japans population is 98.5 percent Japanese and Japanese-born, which means there is a small percentage of expats.

But working in Japan provides a truly thrilling and unique experience when compared to other parts of the globe. Furthermore, Japanese people are generally extremely hardworking, business-savvy, and highly committed to their work.

Japan is considered to be the most ingenuous country, with the third-largest economy in the world. This means it can offer benefits packages for expats searching to increase their pay or a shift in their job that includes personal advancement and development.

The Japanese economy has been resilient and is one of the top economies around the globe, and that implies lots of opportunities in many different sectors and industries in which expats can be employed. In recent times, Japans economy has dramatically changed from being dependent on the manufacturing of automobiles and electronic goods to an all-inclusive economic system that includes sectors like technological advancement in addition to foreign-invested.

Yet, the old Japanese business manners are still in place and can pose a significant transition challenge for foreigners looking to establish themselves in Japan. Also, it is true that the Japanese company culture tends to be highly formal, and requires prolonged working hours as well as an unending commitment to your job.

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Expats who want to make a mark in their professions can find excellent positions in the various multinational companies that operate in Japan, specifically in the cities of Tokyo. Also, it is possible to teach English remains a viable job option for a lot of people who are language-oriented Westerners who have visited Japan for a better chance at grasslands.

Other employment opportunities are open in the translation, entertainment manufacturing, and hospitality industries. While Japan is a major source of opportunities, foreigners who have no understanding of the Japanese language might not be as fortunate as those who have good knowledge and fluency in the Japanese language.

But there is the possibility of a job for foreigners with skills in areas of high demand such as robotics, IT, or finance since these fields are not requiring proficiency in the Japanese language.

What are the most popular jobs in Japan?

Jobs in Japan for Pakistani Salary and job selection completely depend on the nature of work and the career possibilities that are available in different fields, which include:

Knowing the Japanese culture is equally important as acknowledging that it is distinct. Understanding Japanese social customs and etiquette could be your key to getting a job or increasing your odds of being hired in Japan. It is generally accepted that being polite and considerate as well as using the appropriate manner of speaking are essential things to take into account when in the process of interviewing or working in a workplace.

Also, it is typical that employees join their bosses after hours for a drink or work a 60-hour week. Expats who are new to the country do not necessarily have to comply with this but if you do not then you may be subjected to different standards which could result in being isolated completely.

In general, the maximum time for working in Japan cannot exceed 40 hours each week. Anything more than which is considered to be overwork. Also, employees can enjoy an annual leave of ten days when they have worked for a company for more than six consecutive months.

The number of days off is increased each year after that, typically 20 days per year. Employees can also enjoy a week-long holiday or have 4 days or more of each four weeks.

In the last quarter of the year of 2018, Japan adopted a bill that allowed foreign employers to work in Japan to reduce the shortage of labor. From April 2019, foreigners were able to apply for jobs in agriculture, construction as well as nursing. In this way, Japan created two categories of visas for workers Jobs in Japan for Pakistani.

The first category is for people with a certain amount of proficiency and skill in Japanese and gives them the possibility to work within the country for five years. The second one is focused on those with more advanced capabilities and gives them the possibility of applying for permanent residency.

Foreigners are required to obtain the appropriate permits and visas to work in Japan. In Japan, employees are admitted to the country with a highly skilled visa that is based on points or a specific category visa for their industry. Most of the time the work permit must be granted to an employee by their employer.

This is why it is necessary for having an employer sponsor or job offer before applying for the visa. Anyone who wants to apply for a work permit has to get an Eligibility Certificate through the Ministry of Justice. The certificate is provided for free and can take up to three months for processing.

After they have received this certificate, they can apply for a visa. Visa processing can take 5 days if all required documents have been submitted. In general, it is simpler for expats to get an entry visa if they have an official Certificate of Eligibility.

Jobs in Japan for Pakistani

01: Japan Govt Jobs For Pakistani

Job Title

  • Full Stack Java Engineers
  • AI ML Engineers
  • QA Engineers

Job Benefits

  • Free Accommodation: Yes, SELF
  • Free Ticket: No
  • Free Transportation: Yes, PROVIDED BY COMPANY

02: Japan Private Company Jobs For Pakistani

Tailoring, Industrial packaging, Care worker, Electrician, All IT categories, Plumbing, Mechanic, Machine inspection, Building cleaning management, Frame working, Carpentry, Air conditioning installation, Fishing, Livestock, Agriculture, Automobile mechanic and maintenance, Construction mason, Tile Roofing, Plasteringm Dyeingm Bread baking, Poultry processing, Iron Work, Printing, Painting, Bookbinding, Casting, Forging Machining, Metal Press, Elector – planting, Pottery, Carton box making.

Work in Japan Post Name:

01.   Welding

02.   Scaffolding

03.   Construction/ Building Stone Construction

04.   Electrician/Electric assembling

05.   Automobile Mechanic/ Repair & Maintenance

06.   Cultivation/Agriculture

07.   Livestock/Agriculture

08.   Fishing boat Fisheries

09.   Aquaculture

10.   Well drilling

11.   Building sheet metal work

12.   Freezing and Air conditioning Apparatus Installing

13.   Fixture Making

14.   Carpentry

15.   Frame working

16.   Reinforcing Bar Construction

17.   Tiling

18.   Tile Roofing

19.   Plastering

20.   Plumbing

21.   Heat Insulation

22.   Interior Finishing

23.   Sash Setting

24.   Water Proofing

25.   Concrete Pressure Feeding

26.   Well Point Construction

27.   Paper Hanging

28.   Application of Construction Equipment

29.   Furnace Installation

30.   Can Seem for Canned foods

31.   Poultry Processing Industry

32.   Marine Heated Fishery / Processed Food Stuff Manufacturing work

33. Nonheated fishery Processed foodstuff manufacturing work

34.   Fish Paste Making

35.   Beef Processing Industry

36.   Bread baking

37.   Ready-made meal manufacturing work

38.   Agricultural pickles processing

39.   Meal processing for medical and welfare facilities

40.   Spinning operation

41.   Weaving operation

42.   Dyeing

43.   Knit goods manufacturing

44.   Warp knitted fabrics manufacturing

45.   Ladies’ and children’s Dressmaking

46.   Tailoring men’s suit making

47.   Underwear manufacturing

48.   Bedclothes making

49.   Carpet manufacturing

50.   Canvas product making

51.   Cloth sewing

52.   Seat Product Sewing

53.   Casting

54.   Forging

55.   Die casting

56.   Machining

57.   Metal Press

58. Ironwork

59.   Factory sheet metal work

60.   Electroplating

61.   Aluminum Anodizing

62.   Finishing

63.   Machine inspection

64.   Machine Maintenance

65.   Electronic equipment assembling

66.   Print wiring board manufacturing

67.   Furniture making

68.   Printing

69.   Bookbinding

70.   Plastic molding

71.   Reinforced plastic molding

72.   Painting

73.   Industrial Packaging

74.   Carton box and corrugated cardboard box making

75.   Industrial manufacturing of pottery

76.   Building cleaning management

77.   Care worker

78.   Linen supply

79.   Precast concrete manufacturing

80.   Accommodation

81.   Refuse derived paper & plastics densified fuel making

82.   Railway facility maintenance

83.   Rubber product manufacturing

84.   Airport ground handling

85.   All categories of IT


Japan industries pay attractive salary packages

  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Medical
  • Insurance
  • Incentives
  • Emergency leave
  • Salary increase
  • Overtime payment
  • Day offs
  • Holidays

After getting work experience in this industry, you can also move to any other country in this profession with more attractive salary packages.

What is the median salary in the job market in Japan?

Tokyo The capital of Japan is considered to be among the most prosperous cities on earth with the most luxurious living standards health, safety, and security, and the highest-paying salary. The minimum salary in Japan is set on an hourly basis, but, the rates vary in different regions.

For instance, as per Japan Labour Issues, vol. 2 no. Japan Labour Issues, vol. 2 no. 4 which was released 2008 in 2008, the minimum hourly rate in Tokyo in 2008 was $958. (8.85 USD) but, in Osaka, the minimum wage stood at 909 Yuen (8.40 USD) and in Kyoto, there is 856 Yuen (7.91 USD).

But, professionals working in the legal and financial industries are paid significantly more than other groups of workers such as Engineers. But, as per Japan the minimum wage law, compensation varies from region to area depending on the costs of living in these specific regions.

Below is a complete listing of jobs in Japan. The list includes roles and descriptions, locations as well as other details to assist job seekers in finding the ideal job.

How to Apply for Jobs in Japan for Pakistani

Interested candidates need to apply online through the apply button on this page.
After applying button fill in the application for this job for the further recruitment process
The HR team will contact you after the submission of the application for hiring.

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