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Work in Japan

Work in Japan Details:

Age Required:

18 to 40 Years


Matric FA BA MA

Course Timing:

Morning (9:00 to 12:30)

Evening (1:00 to 4:30)

Work in Japan Post Name:

01.   Welding
02.   Scaffolding
03.   Construction/ Building Stone Construction
04.   Electrician/Electric assembling
05.   Automobile Mechanic/ Repair & Maintenance
06.   Cultivation/Agriculture
07.   Livestock/Agriculture
08.   Fishing boat Fisheries
09.   Aquaculture
10.   Well drilling
11.   Building sheet metal work
12.   Freezing and Air conditioning Apparatus Installing
13.   Fixture Making
14.   Carpentry
15.   Frame working
16.   Reinforcing Bar Construction
17.   Tiling
18.   Tile Roofing
19.   Plastering

20.   Plumbing
21.   Heat Insulation
22.   Interior Finishing
23.   Sash Setting
24.   Water Proofing
25.   Concrete Pressure Feeding
26.   Well Point Construction
27.   Paper Hanging
28.   Application of Construction Equipment
29.   Furnace Installation
30.   Can Seeming for Canned foods
31.   Poultry Processing Industry
32.   Marine Heated Fishery / Processed Food Stuff Manufacturing work
33.   Non heated fishery Processed food stuff manufacturing work
34.   Fish Paste Making
35.   Beef Processing Industry
36.   Bread baking
37.   Ready-made meal manufacturing work
38.   Agricultural pickles processing
39.   Meal processing for medical and welfare facilities
40.   Spinning operation
41.   Weaving operation
42.   Dyeing
43.   Knit goods manufacturing
44.   Warp knitted fabrics manufacturing
45.   Ladies’ and children’s Dress making
46.   Tailoring men’s suit making
47.   Underwear manufacturing
48.   Bedclothes making
49.   Carpet manufacturing
50.   Canvas product making
51.   Cloth sewing
52.   Seat Product Sewing
53.   Casting
54.   Forging
55.   Die casting
56.   Machining

57.   Metal Press
58.   Iron work
59.   Factory sheet metal work
60.   Electroplating
61.   Aluminum Anodizing
62.   Finishing
63.   Machine inspection
64.   Machine maintenance
65.   Electronic equipment assembling
66.   Print wiring board manufacturing
67.   Furniture making
68.   Printing
69.   Book binding
70.   Plastic molding
71.   Reinforced plastic molding
72.   Painting
73.   Industrial Packaging
74.   Carton box and corrugated cardboard box making
75.   Industrial manufacturing of pottery
76.   Building cleaning management
77.   Care worker
78.   Linen supply
79.   Precast concrete manufacturing
80.   Accommodation
81.   Refuse derived paper & plastics densified fuel making
82.   Railway facility maintenance
83.   Rubber product manufacturing
84.   Airport ground handling
85.   All categories of IT

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Work in Japan – OEC Gov PK – OEC Jobs Online


Any Government Diploma


Minimum 1 Year


OEC Employment Corporation PMI Auditorium Building, Islamabad.

Course Fee:

4 Thousand

Course Period:

2.5 Months


For those who successfully complete the basic course, OEC Gov PK will offer free 45 day advance course.

People with disabilities cannot apply.

OEC Gov PK Receipt of applications is online only which is free.

There is no registration fee.

You do not need to visit the OEC office to apply,

but you can contact the OEC-HELPDESK numbers below for guidance.

OEC Head-Office Islamabad (051-9253254 & 051-9253247)

OEC Regional Office Lahore (042-99332955 & 99332953-042)

OEC Regional Office Karachi (021-99203474 & 021-99206392)

OEC Regional Office Peshawar (091-9225473)

OEC Regional Office Quetta (081-9211651)

For Any Complaint:

Work in Japan – OEC Gov PK – OEC Jobs Online

Admission Form for the Japanese Language Training Course

Work in Japan – OEC Gov PK – OEC Jobs Online
Work in Japan - OEC Gov PK - OEC Jobs Online
Work in Japan – OEC Gov PK – OEC Jobs Online
Work in Japan - OEC Gov PK - OEC Jobs Online
Work in Japan – OEC Gov PK – OEC Jobs Online

Apply Online Work in Japan

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