Japan Visa Online Apply – Japanese Farming Jobs

Japan Visa Online Apply - Japanese Farming Jobs

Japan Visa Online Apply – Japanese Farming Jobs

Japanese Farm worker Jobs are available to foreigners who have Accommodation, Flight Tickets, and Monthly Salaries. In Japan, more than 80% foreigners work in all areas. However, Japan’s Agriculture sector is growing rapidly. The demand for farmers is growing day by day. Among the many tasks that farmers do is to feed and clean animals and plant vegetables, such as tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, leeks and tomatoes. Harvesting crops. Japan is home to the world’s largest agricultural industry. The average salary for a Farmer in Japan is JPY 7,9003,345 per year, and JPY 3/798 per hour in Tokyo. You don’t need TOEFL or IELTS.
Japan Visa Online Apply – Japanese Farming Jobs

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Japan Visa Online Apply

You should apply for jobs in Japan if you have a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or other education. Japanese companies will provide full Visa sponsorship, Accommodation and Travel tickets. Japan is the third largest economy worldwide. More than 100,000 foreigners work in Japan. Farming jobs in Japan require no previous knowledge. Your Japanese farm company will arrange your job in Japan before you travel to Japan.
Japan Visa Online Apply – Japanese Farming Jobs

Information About Japanese Farming Jobs 2023

Country Japan

Level: Intermediate, Bachelor, Master and Other

Who can apply: Anybody (Overseas), Foreign applicants

Japanese Level Not necessary

Visa Sponsorship: Yes

Paid Leave

Transportation: Reimbursed upto 20,000 yen per Month

Flight: Return flight

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Task (Type Of Work)

Some of your tasks could include:

Working with horses and cows: Cleaning, feeding, cleaning, and milking the animals.

Planting fruits or vegetables (e.g. Pumpkins, potatoes, lettuces and tomatoes, as well as peaches, melons, tomatoes, and leeks.

Growing ornamental and cut flowers

Growing, harvesting and seeding crops like rice, millet or corn,

Accommodation and Food

You can stay on the farms and enjoy meals. Your salary is deducted for the costs of accommodation and meals. This is a small amount. It is possible for accommodation to vary from farm-to-farm.

Either directly with the family, or at a separate farm accommodation for staff

Dorm or single room

You can choose to receive prepared meals or raw ingredients like vegetables and meat you can make yourself

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List Of Japan’s Farming Visa Sponsorship Jobs

All Visa Sponsorship Jobs are available in Japan.

How to Find Agriculture Jobs In Japan

Many Japanese websites offer agricultural jobs. These are some websites you can use to search for jobs in Japan that have a connection with agriculture. These names can be copied to Google, and you can then apply for Farming Jobs there.

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  • Noka no oshigoto navi
  • Agri Navi
  • Daiichiji Sangyo net
  • Help for the Farm
  • Hello Work

Sponsorship Jobs from Other Japanese Companies

You can also apply for other Japanese Visa Sponsorship Jobs, aside from farming. The contract lasts for 2 years. All sectors are eligible.

After completing your initial 2-year contract, you will receive a salary of Y=300,000.00 per month. Visa sponsorship, paid leave, transportation, reimbursement up to 20,000 yen each month and a return flight.

How To Apply (Application Process).

Before you arrive in Japan, you will need to find employment. Direct hiring is possible.

  • First, visit Jobs in Japan
  • The second is that you must click on “Visa Offered“.
  • All the Job Opportunities in Japan will be listed under Visa Offered for international applicants who have Visa Sponsorship.
  • You can filter the Job Categories to select Education, Teaching, Training.” IT, Engineering or any other job.
  • After you have been offered a job, the Japanese Embassy will help you with your visa process.
  • Japan Visa Online Apply – Japanese Farming Jobs
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