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Data entry jobs from home can be done from any location in the globe to work out online for a job as a data entry specialist and earn as much as 12 dollars per hour.

In this article, I have described remote data entry tasks from home, which are divided into eight categories of information data entry work at home.

Data Entry Jobs From Home - Remote Data Entry
Data Entry Jobs From Home

Remote Data Entry Jobs

Data entry tasks that can be done remotely that can be done from homes have been around for a considerable time. Other types of data entry jobs were created after the advent of the internet. However, jobs for data entry online at home have been in existence for a long time.

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Data Entry Keyers

Data Entry Keyer’s work from home requires collecting relevant information from all kinds of documents (like business, academic legal, medical, and more) and then entering the data into databases such as Excel spreadsheets or business templates. Then, this information is sent to the clients.

Data Entry Clerks From Home

Data Entry Clerks work from home and follow a set of procedures to complete a variety of boring work-related tasks such as filing documents into alphabetical format, posting them to individual accounts, making calculations and posting them into departmental accounts, coding, and so on.

You need to be a graduate of education in High School as well as two years of work experience. You need to be proficient in various software such as Ms.Office. Data entry clerks working at home also pay as much as $15 an hour.

Although the Data Entry Clerks’ tasks from home are identical to Keyers for Data Entry There is a distinction. The job of a Data Entry Clerk requires a lot of physical labor and working for long periods.

Converting Image To Text

You will be provided with images are an image of a paragraph that is filled with medical terminology. You must read the images and record them using MS Word. A paragraph could be between 100 to 150 words in length. It is necessary to convert these images to text format.

The importance of accuracy here is that words are mostly medical terminology and not common English. The majority of work in data entry for firms that are based in the home demands 99.99 percent accuracy. Therefore, you must be extremely cautious.

If you convert one image into text format, you will receive between $3 and $4. If you transform 25 to 30 of these files per day, then you will be able to earn between $80 and $100 daily.

They are among the most popular work-from-home jobs in data entry you can find on the web.

Converting Audio To Text

Here, you can transform audio files into text format. The list of audio files and then copy the files into Word documents. Word document. You will require excellent listening skills since often, your voice is not clear and could contain technical words.

Speed of typing is crucial if you wish to work on a lot of documents per day. You could call it transcription work, but it is different from a medical transcriptionist since videos do not contain medical terminology. You could earn as much as 5 dollars per record.

Medical Transcriptionist

There is a massive demand for medical transcriptionists across the USA. Businesses in the private and public sectors are always seeking experienced medical transcriptionists.

Medical transcriptionists listen to various audio files and transform them into a Word file. The audio files comprise medical files, voicemail messages, recordings of phone calls conference calls, and other recordings.

The difficulty here is that transcriptionists must take dictations and listen to doctors with thick accents as well as words. Sometimes, the voice on the video is not clear enough.

You require excellent listening skills and a complete understanding of all the medical languages. In the absence of this, you may not be able to comprehend certain terms.

To become a transcriber, you must have a degree and work expertise of at least 2 years. Employers are willing to pay anywhere from $20 for an hour to medical transcriptionists.

Medical Coder

A medical coder must examine the health report of the patient examine medical history including the diagnosis of illnesses and the treatments being administered in the next step, and then make a decision based on their work on reports and charts that transcribe the medical history of the patient.

Medical coders translate codes into a “Shorthand” style of writing that is later used by medical professionals, doctors as well and medical insurance firms to learn about the medical history of patients.

This is not suitable for everyone, as you must have an official certificate or degree in medical code. Previous experience in the field and education are also necessary.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk also known as mTurk is one of the distinct data entry platforms which allows data entry employees all over the USA to work from home.

Turk gives the tasks you need on behalf of other businesses and clients of third parties. In mTurk, a task is also known as a Human Intelligence Task which you must finish and then submit.

However, you need to be able to pass a test before working with mTurk. You must take a test before clients will assign you a job. There is a good chance that you could be disqualified.

Captcha Solving

You are already aware of what Captchas are. They are images with text numbers, letters, and alphanumeric characters that are used to fill out a specific field below to stop spamming.

In exchange for solving a Captcha file, you are paid between 1 and 2 cents. To earn cash, you must solve a lot of Captchas every day.

If you can solve one Captcha within three seconds and you work for seven hours, you could easily earn $150 per day which is more than 15 dollars per hour. However, you will need a lot of perseverance and knowledge to make money.

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Copy And Paste Job

As the name suggests, you copy the content of one file and then paste it into another, after applying some formatting. The process involves converting an existing PDF file into a Word Document. Word Document. Excel to Word, Word to Excel. Content could be numbers, text letters, as well as all other types of data.

In most cases, you need to paste over 10,000 words into each file. In certain copy-paste projects additionally, you must duplicate data fields such as name, address, telephone number, and email address into databases such as MS Access, Oracle, and so on.

In certain situations, you will need to search for the data contained in a table and copy the data into a separate Excel Spreadsheet. Each business has its own specific requirements before you begin the task.

Data Formatting Job

Formatting jobs require the use of fewer typewriters and much more format. In a typical job of formatting, you will be required to format the content within the format of a Word document. You will need to complete tasks like organizing the text into paragraphs and aligning them, making bulleted lists as well as indentation, fonts, and so on.

Another way to do this is to create an extensive form with various fields such as names email IDs telephone numbers, email IDs, etc. It is expected to eliminate gaps and properly align them.

Data entry employees must prepare hundreds of documents daily for a payment of $10 to $12 an hour.

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Online Form Filling

You will receive massive information and an online form to fill out. The data is a file that contains various fields such as Customer Name, Telephone No Email Address and Address of the House, Address and bank account information social security numbers, etc.

You must enter the data from the database into every field on your online application. It is essential to do this cautiously and without making mistakes. This is known as the online filling of forms.

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Data Entry Operator Work From Home

A catalog data entry employee must fill in different fields of the table with data such as the product’s name code number, price, expiry date, and so on. Operators also need to know how to sort and extract particular data from the database.

Database software can be internal software, or alternative popular software suites such as MS Access, Oracle, MySQL, etc.

Operators of catalog data entry work from home are demanded by logistics and warehousing firms. The average salary ranges from $30,000 to $40,000 per year.

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Payroll Data Entry

Similar to an operator of payroll data entry must fill in fields of databases with data such as the employee name, age DOJ, salary allowances, telephone number, etc.

In both roles, operators require the necessary training to master all features of the Software Suite.

Content Writing For Websites

Write articles that are simple for blogs and websites. They are extremely subjective, they are too generic, and do not need any kind of research. They are simple to write.

If you are a skilled writer working online, it can be described as typing grammatically accurate sentences. Per 1000 words, online content writers make between $30 and $40.

Customized Reports

As an operator of data entry, You will be required to write reports on various projects provided by the customer. Specific guidelines will be given by the business, such as making Excel sheets, PowerPoint slides, chart graphs, charts, etc.

Data entry jobs that you can do at home could pay around $15 an hour.

Email Processing

Employment in the field of email processing is an extremely popular type of remote data entry job arising from homework assignments where your email is provided hundreds of links to websites. You must click on these links, visit each website, and stay on the website for about 30 to 40 seconds, then be paid.

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