What Do Data Entry Clerks Do | Data Entry Clerk Skills

What Does a Data Entry Clerk Do? Data entry clerks skills are employees of an administrative company who are responsible for routine tasks related to the entry or updating of information in an electronic system. The data entry clerk’s primary job is to make sure that the database of an organization is accurate and current.

Data entry clerk skills can also assist accounts receivable in tasks such as processing invoices to pay and reviewing and processing order returns. Other responsibilities could include:

What Do Data Entry Clerks Do | Data Entry Clerk Skills
What Do Data Entry Clerks Do
  • Inputting information and data into databases
  • Examining records to ensure accuracy
  • Update databases with updated or revised information when needed
  • Regularly backing up information to ensure that data is preserved
  • Electronic files and records can be retrieved from databases
  • Sorting and organizing records on paper or notes made after the data entry
  • Making digital files or materials to print

Average Salary Data Entry Jobs

Pay rates for clerks in data entry are usually dependent on the degree of education, work experience, certificates, and level of expertise in addition to the specific job responsibilities for each position. The location of the job can affect the earnings potential.

The average pay in the U.S.: is $15 per hour

Salary ranges between $7.50 to $30 per hour.

Data Entry Clerk Requirements

The training and education required to become an entry clerk are contingent upon the field and the responsibilities of the job. The most common requirements are:

  • Education for Data Entry Clerks Skills.
  • The requirements for education for data entry clerks differ according to the job description and the duties it carries. High school graduation is generally adequate for entry-level jobs. If an employee is looking to move up to an administrative role with greater responsibility, they might consider pursuing an associate or related area.
  • The courses in computer programs such as spreadsheet software and word processing could be beneficial in enhancing their abilities.

Training Data Entry Work

Clerks who enter data typically receive their education while working. In many sectors, the training is focused on the procedures for office and clerical work and the use of computer software using office equipment, the best practices for database management and organization, and various other technical needs. Training can run for at least one month.

Data Entry Clerk Skills Certifications

A majority of clerk positions in data entry do not require a specific certificate. Anyone looking to learn new abilities before obtaining employment could enroll in a certificate program at a technical institution or community college.

These certificate programs serve as training programs for education to replace full degree programs, teach students how to use basic computer programs, and how to effectively enter various types of information into different kinds of databases.

A lot of data entry clerk skills certification programs will also address any or all of these subjects:

  • Word processing
  • Computer-generated calculations
  • Organization of the Clerical
  • Communication at work
  • Bookkeeping

Skills for Data Entry

Clerks who enter data must possess a variety of competencies to succeed. The essential and relevant competencies they need to develop are:

  • Attention to Detail
  • The entry of large amounts of information into spreadsheets or databases online and then reviewing the data to ensure accuracy requires accuracy. This is why successful clerks for data entry will have to be meticulous to ensure accuracy and reduce time spent comparing data with sources and documents.


A large number of employees working in data entry are in fast-paced work environments which require their employees to adapt and be effective while keeping their accuracy. The job could require the professional to stop working on data entry to go through reports or files.

Computer Literacy

Data entry is an essential job for clerks in this field and they need to do it quickly and accurately to ensure efficiency. Additionally, clerks working in data entry can use different computer systems as well as databases online, which requires the basics of computer knowledge and the capability to quickly master new techniques.


Data entry Clerk Skills must access and update database data files and other digital documents swiftly and effectively. Their work may also require them to organize and sort the physical documents they digitize or import to the database system.

The ability to develop and maintain simple-to-use filing and organizational systems allows professionals to excel in their work.


Clerks are often required to talk to other employees within the organization, like the management team or personnel in charge of operations. If the clerks’ role is customer-facing they might need to talk to customers to collect and update the database data. This could require the clerk to modify their manner of communicating to gather the information they require.

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Data Entry Clerk Skills Work Environment

Data entry clerks work in a myriad of industries, which include but are not only:

  • Services for administrative and support
  • Hospitality
  • Federal and local government
  • Healthcare

Transport and warehousing

The majority of data entry clerks work full-time in a workplace and are often able to work working overtime. Part-time work is also available, especially for those working in the hospitality sector. While the standard shifts for clerks who enter data are during business hours Clerks who work for hospitality or transportation companies that are open around all hours could be required to work at night on weekends, holidays, and weekends.

In the office the professionals work the majority of their time at a desk working on their computers and making use of office equipment like printers and fax machines, to finish data collection and organizing tasks.

How to Become a Data Entry Clerk Skills

Many data clerks go through the steps below to follow this path:

  • Obtain a High School Diploma
  • Get a graduation certificate from a high school or its equivalent, and focus on elective classes in computer or business, finance, and accounting. When you earn your diploma, you must work to improve the relevant skills, such as accuracy and speed of typing, by playing games or practicing to require the ability.

Data Entry Clerk Skills Certificate Program

To master the basics of data entry as well as to increase the chances of obtaining an employment opportunity, you might prefer to pursue an entry clerk certificate program at a technical college or community college. These programs can give you the necessary knowledge to begin working in this field and can be used as an alternative to the degree requirements of a program.

The courses include Word processing, business communication Clerical organization, word processing, and bookkeeping.

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Further Computer Education

Computer classes can boost your chances of being employed. Search for courses that focus on the management of databases and word processing. If you are a prospective employer who requires knowledge of bookkeeping or financial accounting then enroll in classes that cover these subjects as well.

Get On-The-Job Training

In addition to taking classes to develop the essential skills needed to be an entry clerk, take advantage of opportunities to receive instruction on the job by a position at entry level or through shadowing for a job. Training on the job typically lasts for up to a month and provides you with the fundamental knowledge you require to start your profession.

Structure Your Resume and Apply

If you have decided to take on a job as an entry clerk after graduating from high school, or you have taken a few classes to enhance your skills and experience, you must create a concise and clear resume before applying for jobs. Your resume should outline your training, education experiences, skills, and experience in a concise, clear manner that is in line with the requirements of the job.

Data Entry Clerk Skills Job Description Example

Our wellness firm is looking for a reliable and experienced data entry assistant to work with us and assist with data entry as well as various administrative duties. The duties include the transfer of information from paper documents to our database system on the internet by scanning and typing records from clients directly to our system and creating precise spreadsheets, updating information, verifying the accuracy of data by comparing documents from sources, and retrieving information or electronic files when requested.

Candidates must have a high school diploma or GED. The ideal candidate is meticulous, analytical, and productive. We are seeking a person with exceptional typing skills and experience with Microsoft Office products, especially Word and Excel.

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