Online Typing Jobs for Students to Earn Money in 2024

Online typing jobs for students to earn money? Online typing work is a job that anyone can do easily at home. Many online data entry platforms in Pakistan are offering handsome monthly earnings and everyone can easily do it.

This is one of the most outstanding ways to earn money online in Pakistan by typing without investment.

Online Typing Jobs for Students to Earn Money
Online Typing Jobs for Students to Earn Money

Online Typing Jobs for Students to Earn Money

Although you can find several hundred genres that revolve around typing, we have selected only the legit ones. and some of the most lucrative and high-paying online typing jobs for students to earn money in 2024 are as follows:


Nothing can be as high-paying and sustainable as transcription if you are looking for legit online typing jobs for students to earn money. All you need is to type it out while listening to audio or video files. You just need a great typing speed with minimal error to do this job.

But do you know what the main challenge is? A single hour of audio or video recording can take around 4 to 5 hours on average to transcribe fully.

So, it is very difficult to transcribe more than 100-120 minutes of audio or video each day. But yes, there are some massive advantages as well.

Types Of Transcription Jobs

General Transcription: From voicemails to meeting resolutions, from simple phone calls to voice notes, general transcription can be anything. It is also especially suited for beginners.

Legal Transcription: You mainly need to cover detailed court proceedings. Besides, you need to take legal dictations as well.

Financial Transcription: From interim performance results to official press releases, from financial meetings to analysis reports, financial transcription covers a large segment.

Medical Transcription: You should have a certification from any training institute to start this job. You mainly need to transcribe the dictations of doctors, pathologists, and healthcare workers.

Blog Writing

Do you know what is even more lucrative than freelance writing? Yes, it is blog writing. and if you are looking for online typing jobs for students to earn money, it is also the one to hop for.

If you have a creative mind, you can start your blog or can participate in other blogs as well. You mainly need three things to succeed here; great writing ability, SEO knowledge, and impeccable grammatical understanding.

But you do need to have the right guidance of a maestro if you are aiming high. If you are interested in becoming a blogger but do not know how to get started, this step-by-step guide is there for you. You can set up your blog within the next 20 mins.

Where Can I Find Blog Writing Jobs?

Online Proofreading Jobs

If you are aiming to earn an at-par hourly rate from online typing jobs from home, you better aim for proofreading.

You mainly need to correct the grammatical, syntactical, punctuation, and spelling mistakes of any write-ups. So, you better have an unmatched skill in English to make any document completely error-free.

Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance writing is among the online typing jobs for students to earn money from home that have dominated the market for a very long time.

You need flair in writing to achieve success in this industry. Besides, you should also have sufficient SEO knowledge and a creative mind to make unique and highly engaging content.

Types of Projects You Might Need To Tackle

News and Coverage Articles: You need to write on current events. However, you may also need to cover any significant events like music shows and political rallies and write that in detail.

Audio or Video Scripts: From media houses to movie productions, you can find these projects in any creative audio or video field.

Research and Technical Documents: You need to conduct thorough research and analysis to make these types of highly technical write-ups.

Newsletters or Popups: From email newsletters to RSS feeds, from web Popups to application notifications, this genre covers all.

Sales Pitch: Mainly needed in the marketing industry, you need to be a sales enthusiast and a creative soul to invoke the interests of customers through your unique writings.

Paid Online Surveys

If you are a fresher looking for online typing jobs, online surveys can be your best resort. It is probably among the very few freelance jobs that do not need any specific academic or technical qualification.

All you need is a computer with stable internet connectivity to get started. But, most of the websites that offer these online surveys are fakes.

Many websites also have an immense reputation for timely payment and trustworthiness. Besides the trust factor, many websites also provide signup bonuses and lucrative referral programs.

Legit Online Survey Sites

Virtual Assistant

From social media management to appointment scheduling, from making reservations to sending emails, virtual assistance covers almost anything.

It is a remote PA service where you need to do small day-to-day jobs. Although it is not one of the conventional online typing jobs for students to earn money, you may need to write a lot in several VA projects.

Virtual Assistant Tasks

There are several small tasks that you need to perform as a virtual assistant. Some of the most common among those are as follows:

  • Administrative work like maintaining spreadsheets and counting attendance
  • Social media handling including commenting and promotions
  • Creating blogs and personalized articles
  • Data entry in financial and analytical projects
  • Scheduling phone calls, table reservations, and replying to emails


If you have a great typing speed and looking for the best online typing jobs for students to earn money, you can try captioning.

It is mainly the subtitles that display below the videos. You need to ensure the quality of the captioning with minimal error. Besides, you may also need to take care of the notations like honking or laughing noises

Types of Professional Captioners

Real-Time Captioner: You need an extremely fast typing speed to match the natural flow of a real-time event. You may need stenography equipment to do this.

Offline Captioner: You need to listen to a pre-recorded video file and write it down. From daily soaps to Hollywood movies, it can be anything.

Website Testing Jobs

Many companies look for genuine reviews to know about the user-friendliness of websites and apps. and for that, they hire website testers. You mainly need to identify the flaws and bugs while surfing through a particular website or while using a particular app.

You will get the most testing projects if you are from countries like the USA and UK. But wherever you are from, you should only take it as a side hustle due to irregular project availability in most cases.

Translation Jobs

First thing first, you need to have native-level proficiency in at least two languages to become a translator. You should have both reading and writing abilities in both of those languages. Besides, you should also have an impeccable comprehensive and grammatical understanding of those languages.

You can either become a live translator or a text translator. You could work as a foreign language interpreter if you choose live projects, although these are mostly full-time opportunities.

Types of Professional Translators

Literature and Scholarly Translator:

Mainly focuses on translating literary works such as essays, novels, poems, and also scholarly works like journals and research papers.

Advertising and Copy Translator:

Mainly translates advertisement copies, taglines, scripts, and marketing materials. Besides language, it also focuses on cultural context.

Technical and Scientific Translator:

Focuses on scientific papers, guides, technical handbooks, and other scientific documents. It needs special certification courses.

Micro Jobs

Not a great fan of fixed commitment? No worries; there are many platforms where you can get short-term online typing jobs for students to earn money.

These freelance platforms also offer other short-term projects that require human intelligence, like managing a Facebook page or even designing a PPT slide.

Types of Micro Jobs

Email and Newsletter Service: You need to write attractive copies for customers and subscribers.

Social Media Management: From Facebook to TikTok, you may need to handle any social handles.

Short Personalized Tasks: It can be anything, from designing a logo to scheduling a phone call.


There are few online typing jobs for students to earn money you can do from home like editing, proofreading, writing, and VA, that you can take as a full-time profession.

But for the other genres like form filling, surveys, and website testing, you should strictly consider those as side hustles.

You also need to select your preferred online typing jobs for students to earn money according to your area of expertise and your interest. Besides, you should also check out the terms and conditions before you start working for a particular website.

FAQS – Online Typing Jobs for Students

How much do online typing jobs pay?

It depends on the clients platform or location. Freelancer and Upwork pay more than Fiverr, but competition is very high. In Pakistan, People mostly charge $5 for 500 words.

Can I make money typing at home?

Yes, You can make money online by typing at home. There requires only an internet connection as well as a computer or laptop for typing. It will be great to maintain your other workload.

How can I earn money online by typing in Pakistan?

Yes, you can earn money by joining different platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancers that are reliable and secure, especially regarding the payment issue.

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