41 Creative Business Ideas For Kids In 2024

These days, kids also want to make their own money and start their own businesses. But how do they do that while they are still young? As a kid, it can be hard to come up with business ideas for kids that will make you money and are also legal to run. Do not give up, though. We found a lot of ways to make your kids dreams come true.

Business Ideas For Kids

Have a kid who is always thinking of new business ideas for kids? You may be wondering how to get them to start their own successful business.

You do not meet a 10-year-old running a business from their room every day, after all.

There are many fun business ideas for kids that would not cost a lot of money or take time away from their schoolwork.

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Business Ideas For Kids

Kids can learn a lot about being an entrepreneur, managing money, and how a business works by starting their own.

It can also be a fun way to make extra money and learn important life skills while giving you a sense of pride and success.

Your child will love one of these ideas, no matter what they like or how good they are at business.

1. Blogging

There is no cost to begin a blog, and your child can work on it from anywhere. This makes it an easy and open way for them to start their own business ideas for kids.

They can follow their interests and be creative while also making money and learning new skills like networking, writing, and marketing.

The best thing about it is that it is easy to make money with ads and partner links.

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2. Proofreader

Do you know what editing is? It is simply checking written work for mistakes in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and format.

Also, guess what? You can teach kids how to check their own work for spelling and grammar problems, which makes it one of the best businesses for kids.

As an editor, they can help people make sure that what they have written is clear, free of mistakes, and polished.

3. Shopify Store

Kids can start a Shopify store and make money through eCommerce. This is one of the best small business ideas for kids.

Shopify lets young business owners open an online store and sell goods to people all over the world.

It is simple to set up and run Shopify, even for kids who are not very tech-savvy. Set up your shop with our templates and tips. We also have a lot of lists of things you can sell online.

At the top of our list are fun freebies that kids can make and sell, like the coloring and activity sheets they see in school.

4. Etsy T-shirt Business

Etsy T-shirt Business

If you like making art and have a good eye for design, you might want to open an Etsy shop to sell unique t-shirts.

This is one of the best business ideas for kids to make money and show off their design skills at the same time: an Etsy T-shirt shop.

Online tools like Canva Pro let you make your own images for t-shirts. Then, use a print-on-demand service like Printify or Printful to make the items and send them out.

5. Flea Market Flipping

You can make money by flipping things you find at a flea market or thrift store. You can fix them up or add your own artistic touch and then sell them for more than you paid for them.

You can start this business with just a little money and some things you find at sale markets to sell. You can do it on the weekends or while the kids are on summer break.

Your child can learn more about starting a flea market flipping business at the Flea Market Flipping free class.

6. Writer

Teens and young adults can use their writing skills to make money from home or anywhere else with an internet link and a computer.

People and businesses hire freelance writers to write different kinds of material, like blog posts, articles, and more.

Poetry or short stories that your kids write can even be sold to magazines, even kid magazines!

7. YouTuber

One of the most popular ways for kids to make money these days is to make a YouTube account that does well.

There are YouTube accounts where kids unbox surprise toys and even vlog about their hobbies, like skateboarding and music.

To learn more about how to be successful on YouTube, you can read tips from other successful creators, watch tutorials, and take classes like Mastering YouTube.

8. Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services

I was an English teacher in high school and college. It was a great way to make extra money and improve my reading and grammar at the same time.

Your child can put up ads for your teaching services anywhere online, or they can tell their family and friends about it. They can give help at school, in the library, or even through Zoom talks.

There are some things your child must do before they can start training with BookNook. They must be at least 18 years old. This is great for when your kid grows up and goes to college.

9. Social Media Manager

Does your kid use social media all the time? So why not help them turn their hobby into a business that makes money?

As a social media manager, their job is to make content like ads, pictures, and videos and to oversee accounts on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

At first, it might sound hard, but anyone can become a great social media manager with enough experience!

10. Dog Walking/Pet Sitting

If your child loves animals, starting a dog walking business can be a fun and enjoyable way for them to make money.

Pet sitting is another good choice; they can take care of cats, birds, and other small animals.

To get the word out about their business, your child can use social media, a website, and handouts. To get a feel for the business, they can start close to home by walking the dogs of your neighbors.

Once they turn 18, they can use a service like Rover to list themselves as a dog walker or pet sitter in their area so dog owners can find them. It is quick and easy to find clients!

11. Pet Groomer

Pet grooming could be a great job for your child if they are good at making animals look their best.

They know how to bathe, wash, and brush dogs as kids. It is one of my least favorite things to do, so I am glad to let my kids do it!

While younger children should not be able to cut animal fur just yet, you could teach your teen how to do it for extra cash.

12. Candy Maker

Candy Maker

You can make and sell candy as a creative and fun way to make money. The internet is full of easy recipes for sweets.

You can help your kid get started by letting them sell candy they made at a store near them or online.

I would have bought candy from my school friends too, so they should always remember that their buyers could be their own friends!

13. Baker

One of the best business ideas for kids is to start a bakery. A lot of kids love baking.

They can make sweet treats like brownies, cookies, cupcakes, and cakes. Younger children can use the oven with an adult help.

Your child might even be able to make unique orders or decorations just for events like bachelorette parties.

14. Music Instructor

Teenagers and young adults who play music can share what they know with others and make extra money by teaching music.

For some kids, learning an instrument can be a great way to make money. This may seem crazy, but some kids are already great singers.

They can give music lessons online through Skype or Zoom, or they can meet with students in person.

15. Party Planner

Party planning can be a super fun and profitable business idea for kids. It is perfect for creative people who love to organize special events.

Whether it is a birthday party, baby shower, or graduation celebration, there is always a need for good party planners to make it all come together.

Brittany helped many birthdays in the family when she was younger, and it is a great chance for your kiddo to get creative and do something special for other people.

16. Party Entertainer

Party Entertainer

Is your kid the life of every birthday party? If so, they could become a party artist and start their own business!

Your kid could hire people to paint their faces, twist balloons, or even put on magic shows. Many things are fun to see at birthday parties, so your kids can choose from a lot of things.

To start their business, they could make flyers and put them up in public places like parks, playgrounds, and schools. They could also make social media pages to market themselves online.

17. DJ

Is there a child in your life who loves music and wants to make money from it? DJing could be the best choice for them!

Your child can begin by providing DJ services for family and friends at events such as birthday parties, weddings, and school dances.

To play at local events, all they need is a laptop or tablet with DJ software on it and a basic understanding of how to mix music.

If not, they can play music from a Spotify mix like they normally do for parties where people want background music or easy dances for their guests.

18. Photographer

Starting their own photography business is another great idea for kids who are artistic. They can photograph people, animals, scenery, or anything else that interests them.

Your child will need a camera (a camera on a smartphone will do) and a basic idea of how to light and compose a picture.

After that, kids can sell their pictures online or at art shows and markets in their area. You can also make an account on stock picture sites and sell your photos to bloggers and online media, like us!

19. Book Seller

A great way for kids who love reading to make money on the side is to start their own bookselling business.

At a nearby flea or farmer market, they can set up a small booth and sell used books from garage sales, thrift stores, or online stores like eBay. also makes it easy and quick for them to sell books, and they even pay for the shipping!

20. Book Writer Or Illustrator

Book Writer Or Illustrator

Kids can express themselves and let their ideas run wild by writing their own books.

If your child is good at telling stories or drawing, they can make their art into real things by becoming an author or artist.

As well as drawing and writing stories and songs, they can self-publish their work and sell it online or at library events in their area.

21. Greeting Cards

Cards are a great idea for a kids business that does not cost much to start up.

People would be interested in getting greeting card business cards that are made just for them and have unique designs and messages.

Things that are looking for a special touch should be put up for sale on Etsy.

22. App Inventor

Smart kids who love coming up with new ideas can make some money by coming up with app ideas.

The best part is that they do not have to know how to code or create the whole app; all they have to do is write up plans for apps and sell them online.

23. Personal Shopping

If your child knows a lot about fashion and shopping, they could offer special shopping services in their area.

Personal shoppers help people who are busy find clothes that are in style and do not break the bank. Your child will need to know how to dress well, keep up with fashion trends, and be great with people.

This kind of business does not need a lot of overhead—just some goods and maybe some transportation costs—so it is great for your kid who wants to start small and save money.

24. Cleaning Houses

Cleaning Houses

You can help your kids make money by having them clean houses. If they know how to do it or are ready to learn, it would not cost them much to start.

Cleaning people homes is an open business idea for kids because they only need basic tools like mops, brooms, and buckets.

25. Event Vendor

At events, vendors are often needed to sell things like food, drinks, clothes, gifts, and more.

Kids who want to make money while having fun can set up shop at school fairs, farmer markets, neighborhood festivals, or anywhere else there are a lot of people.

26. Bicycle Ads

Another unique idea that kids can look into as a possible business idea is bicycle ads.

Putting ads (like flyers) on bikes with magnets or Velcro strips in return for money from nearby businesses that want to be seen more in the community is the simple idea behind this one.

27. Graphic Designer

Graphic design is the skill of making things that look good. It includes making graphics like logos, pictures, layouts, and other visuals that can be used on different digital devices.

If you like art and want to make money with it, graphic design could be the right online business for you.

You could do things like create logos or make graphics for websites and apps as a service. All you need is a computer and some simple programs, like Canva Pro.

28. Sewing Clothes

Sewing Clothes

For kids who are really into fashion and have a good sense of style, they could start their own business by making clothes.

Some people I know have been since they were 5 years old. It is a great skill for kids of all ages to learn!

You need patience, imagination, and attention to detail to sew clothes, which are all important traits for business owners.

29. Costume Creator

Allow your child to use their artistic skills. A costume designer makes outfits and other clothes that are unique to each customer.

They can even start by making custom Halloween costumes for other kids. If they want to specialize, they can make costumes for middle school plays, theater shows, or other special events.

30. Voice Actor

Would your child rather talk into a microphone or perform in front of a crowd? If so, becoming a voice actor might be a great chance for you!

speech actors do speech work for TV shows, commercials, video games, and audiobooks. To start their own business, all they need is a microphone and some speeches.

31. Car Wash

Starting a car wash early is a great way to teach kids about being responsible, dealing with customers, managing money, and other things.

You only need water, tools for cleaning cars, and a lot of hard work. Your kid might be able to make this their full-time job if enough people buy from them.

32. Elderly Aide

Elderly Aide

Do you have elderly friends that need your help? A lot of older people need help with things like laundry, yard work, and going to the store.

These services are provided by a senior aide business, which is a great way for kids to learn important lessons about kindness and helping people who are in need.

33. Laundry Service

For your child to make money, a laundry service is a great idea. Many families and friends are too busy to do their own laundry.

They will need to be able to use a washer and dryer, as well as soap, fabric softener, bleach, and other things like ironing boards and hangers. Then it is time to get people to use the services by advertising them!

34. Farming

Grow food and sell it at the farmer market is another great business idea.

Kids can learn important skills like duty, self-sufficiency, and how to solve problems by growing their own food.

They can also learn about sustainability and how to take care of the earth. And they can make a lot of money if they sell their food at farmers markets or online.

35. Babysitter

Teenagers and young adults love babysitting because it is open and does not require a lot of skills. All you need is some experience and a desire to learn.

Kids who babysit can make extra money and learn useful life skills like how to be responsible and handle their time.

36. Lawn Care

Lawn Care

For younger kids who want to make extra money and learn useful life skills, lawn care can be a great business plan.

It includes cutting grass, picking up leaves, and watering plants, all of which are necessary to keep a lawn looking nice and healthy.

37. Snow Shoveling

Many people are willing to pay kids to shovel snow off of their driveways and paths, even though it can be hard work.

Kids need to make sure they are dressed right for the cold weather and take the right steps to keep from slipping!

38. Lemonade Stand

A lemonade stand is a classic way for kids of all ages to make money that will never go out of style.

You do not need much to start a lemonade stand—just fresh lemons, sugar, water, and cups and straws, if you already have them.

Making your own recipes for drinks like strawberry lemonade or limeade is also fun. The options are endless!

39. Newspaper Delivery

For young people who want to make extra money, delivering newspapers can be a great business idea.

That means your kids can still start their own businesses and make money because many newspapers still offer delivery services.

Delivering newspapers to subscribers in a certain area is what a newspaper service is. Kids can check their local newspaper to see what routes are offered in their area.

40. Lifeguard


Teens and young adults who love the water and want to make extra cash might want to become lifeguards.

Lifeguards watch over users at public pools, beaches, and water parks to make sure they stay safe.

Kids who want to be lifeguards have to take a course that certifies them and gives them important skills like CPR, first aid, and how to save people in the water.

41. Odd Jobs

Kids who want to get paid can offer their skills to family, friends, neighbors, or neighbors.

Kids can do things like mow the lawn, take care of pets, clean the house, wash cars, and even go food shopping for elderly neighbors.

Young kids can make extra money and learn important skills like responsibility, time management, and how to talk to others at a young age.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of great business ideas for kids that can help them make money and learn useful skills.

You can babysit, walk dogs, write independently, or plan parties. There is something for everyone.

Kids can learn about the value of hard work, responsibility, and managing money through these activities that are also fun and exciting.

FAQs: 41 Creative Business Ideas For Kids

What are some creative business ideas suitable for kids?

Kids can explore various ventures such as handmade crafts, tutoring, pet sitting, gardening services, and more.

Are these business ideas safe for kids to pursue?

Yes, these ideas are designed to be safe and age-appropriate, with parental supervision and guidance.

Can kids start an online business?

Absolutely! Online businesses like selling handmade items, creating digital content, or offering online classes are great options.

How can kids turn their artistic talents into a business?

Kids can sell their artwork, offer art classes, or create custom crafts for customers.

Are there opportunities for kids in the pet industry?

Yes, pet sitting, dog walking, or creating handmade pet accessories are excellent choices.

What educational business ideas are suitable for kids?

Kids can offer tutoring services, create educational YouTube videos, or start a blog about their favorite subjects.

How can kids use technology in their business ventures?

Kids can explore coding, app development, or creating digital content like animations and videos.

Are there eco-friendly business ideas for kids?

Yes, kids can start eco-friendly initiatives like recycling services, creating reusable products, or organizing clean-up events.

Can kids start a gardening business?

Absolutely! They can offer gardening services, sell homegrown produce, or create and sell potted plants.

How can kids make money through baking or cooking?

Kids can start a small baking business, offer cooking classes, or sell homemade snacks.

Are there opportunities for kids in the fashion industry?

Yes, they can design and sell custom clothing, and accessories, or even start a small fashion blog.

Can kids start a book or movie review service?

Yes, they can share their opinions on books or movies through a blog, YouTube channel, or social media.

How can kids use social media for their business?

Kids can promote their products or services on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or create a business page on Facebook.

Are there opportunities for kids to provide entertainment services?

Yes, they can offer magic shows, puppetry, or even start a storytelling service for events.

How can kids offer unique experiences to customers?

They can create personalized scavenger hunts, organize themed parties, or offer guided nature walks.

Can kids start a photography business?

Yes, they can offer photography services for events, and portraits, or even sell their photos online.

How can kids turn their love for animals into a business?

Kids can offer pet photography, create handmade pet products, or organize pet-themed events.

Are there opportunities for kids in the tech repair industry?

Yes, they can offer basic tech support, device troubleshooting, or even start a small gadget repair service.

Can kids start a podcast?

Absolutely! They can share their interests, interview guests, or create storytelling podcasts.

How can kids offer creative writing services?

Kids can write personalized stories, create poetry, or offer editing and proofreading services.

Are there opportunities for kids in the fitness industry?

Yes, they can offer fitness classes, create workout routines, or even start a kids’ yoga class.

Can kids offer gardening or landscaping services?

Yes, they can help with lawn care, gardening, or even designing small outdoor spaces.

How can kids provide technology assistance to seniors?

They can offer basic tech tutorials, help with setting up devices, or provide troubleshooting assistance.

Can kids start a YouTube channel for their business?

Yes, they can create content related to their business, share tutorials, or vlog about their entrepreneurial journey.

Are there opportunities for kids in the event planning industry?

Yes, they can offer event planning services for birthdays, small gatherings, or themed parties.

How can kids use their language skills for business?

Kids can offer translation services, teach language classes, or create language-learning resources.

Can kids start a music-related business?

Yes, they can offer music lessons, create and sell original compositions, or start a small band.

How can kids provide organization and decluttering services?

They can help organize spaces, declutter homes, or even offer virtual organization consultations.

Are there opportunities for kids in the virtual assistant industry?

Yes, they can offer virtual assistance services, help with administrative tasks, or manage social media accounts.

Can kids start a subscription box service?

Absolutely! They can curate and sell themed subscription boxes with handmade items or curated products.

How can kids offer personalized gift services?

Kids can create and sell personalized gifts, such as custom artwork, handmade crafts, or unique gift baskets.

Are there opportunities for kids in the science and experiments niche?

Yes, they can offer science experiment kits, create educational science videos, or even host science-themed parties.

Can kids start a graphic design business?

Yes, they can offer graphic design services for logos, and social media posts, or create custom designs for clients.

How can kids offer computer programming services?

They can create simple websites, offer coding lessons, or even develop basic software applications.

Are there opportunities for kids in the DIY and crafting industry?

Yes, they can sell handmade crafts, offer DIY workshops, or create crafting tutorial videos.

Can kids start a blog about their hobbies or interests?

Absolutely! They can share their passion, experiences, and tips with others through a blog.

How can kids offer virtual art classes?

Kids can host online art classes, teaching drawing, painting, or other creative skills to interested participants.

Are there opportunities for kids in the tutoring industry?

Yes, they can offer tutoring services in various subjects, helping their peers or younger students.

Can kids start a fitness challenge or workout program?

Yes, they can create and lead virtual fitness challenges, promoting health and wellness.

How can kids offer digital marketing services?

They can help small businesses with social media management, content creation, or even basic digital marketing strategies.

Are there opportunities for kids in the upcycling and repurposing industry?

Yes, they can create and sell upcycled products, offering environmentally friendly alternatives.
Remember, parental guidance and support are crucial for kids undertaking any business venture. Encourage them to explore their interests and develop valuable skills while ensuring a safe and positive experience.

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