Where to Sell Feet Pics and Make Money 7 Easy Steps

Where to Sell Feet Pics and Make Money? Sometimes you have to think of all possibilities when it comes to earning money. You will be surprised at what people are willing to pay for. Although it may sound like a strange way to increase your income, selling feet pics is an incredibly lucrative side hustle.

Where to Sell Feet Pics and Make Money
Where to Sell Feet Pics and Make Money

Provided you put your safety first and follow this comprehensive guide on how to sell feet pics online you could be making money in no time.

Selling feet pics has been given a huge boost of late by many declaring their fortunes online; Let us proceed to the details you need to know about selling feet pictures online.

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Best Places To Sell Feet Pictures Online

Finding the best places to sell your feet pics is straightforward. Aside from these legitimate sites, you can also consider selling feet pics to people with a foot fetish or just fond of looking at feet pics.

Remember to keep an open mind when you plan to make money this way.

It is not illegal to sell your feet pics only, but with limitations, just like religious practices. Keep in mind that selling pictures of only your feet is, in fact, legal.

Where to Sell Feet Pics Online: 7 Actionable Steps

Can not wait and want to start making money today?

FunwithFeet is a user-friendly website for people interested in buying and selling feet pics and videos. A marketplace for foot lovers and content creators, you can join hundreds of other sellers making money off this side hustle.

All you have to do to get started is create your user profile and share it with eager buyers! You will need to provide some general information like age, gender, ethnicity, and country. You will also be asked to upload a profile picture and add some info to your bio. Once your account is verified you can start uploading your best feet pics and videos.

Some of the most popular categories trending on FunwithFeet right now include:

  • BDSM
  • Boots
  • Dancer
  • High heels
  • Sandals
  • Tattoos

You can also create themed collections on this platform. For example, a collection of videos of you pampering your feet, pictures of your feet in different colored high heels, or a collection of pictures that show your feet and other body parts.

Choose between showing some content for free and blurring other content until the buyer makes a purchase. Use these free images to entice buyers and save your hottest content for paying customers.

FunwithFeet also lets you chat directly with buyers to negotiate other sales and custom content. Buyers also can tip you.

Buyers on the site can easily search for feet pics and videos using specific keywords and categories. This makes it easy and convenient for them to find your quality content so you can make the sale and make money. FunwithFeet charges sellers a minimal fee for using the platform.

  • $9.99 for 3 months of selling
  • $14.99 for 6 months of selling

All payments go through the platforms private wallet after which you can withdraw your funds and transfer them directly to your bank account. Click here to get started.

Where to sell feet pics online: Dedicated Sites to Sell Feet Pics
There is a multitude of platforms to start selling pictures of feet. So let us start with;

Feet Finder

FeetFinder is a dedicated foot photography website, and probably one of the best and most authentic of the lot.

However, you must be over 18 and be able to produce a verifiable ID to sign up.

FeetFinder markets itself as a safe, legitimate site for selling feet photos and has a 4.8 rating out of over 1000 reviews on Trustpilot.

Buyers are looking for all manner of feet pics including painted toes, high heels, tattooed feet, and more. To keep your IP safe, FeetFinder blurs the photos and offers a preview for interested parties.

They do charge a seller free of $3.99 a month or $14.99 a year and charge 20% on all sales, but it is worth it for the safety, security, and reputation of this website.

This is probably one of the best-dedicated foot photo websites with the highest potential to make money from your feet pics directly.

To get set up simply;

  • Create an account
  • Get verified
  • Pay your fees
  • Upload quality photos
  • Create a keyword-rich bio

Another website dedicated to selling feet photos, is more of an eCommerce style website.

You will set up a page to showcase your feet pics and have the opportunity to promote your page on or off the platform.

With only an initial $5 setup fee, you will only pay feet pics if you want to promote your page within their platform. Promoting your page on your other social media accounts is free.

To get set up on feet pics, simply;

  • Create your account
  • Choose your page name
  • Add listings in applicable categories
  • Upload your feet pics
  • Promote your page on site (for a fee) or on social media
  • Accept payments via Bitcoin or PayPal & usual payment channels
  • feet pics website example


Instafeet is a dedicated subscription-based foot photography site. Your goal as a creator is to attract subscribers who will pay a monthly fee to access your foot photos!

The site recommends you price your monthly subscription at around $10/month.

Although it is free to get started, Instafeet charges 10% on your subscription fees. So for every $10 subscriber, you will earn $9, which is not so bad!

To get started on Instafeet simply;

  • Create your account
  • Get verified
  • Choose your monthly subscription price
  • Upload a minimum of 5 photos & continue to upload more each month to encourage your subscribers to continue paying
  • Promote & sell
  • Never reveal you are true identity and do not show your face or other body parts.

Feet Lovers Only is what it says on the tin. It is for feet lovers only, However, if you are looking for some good clean fun, this probably is not the site for that.

The fact that pics are bought using ‘kinkcoins’ pretty much gives you a clue as to what the site is really about.

It is free to sign up as a seller, although you will need a premium subscription costing $14.99/month to communicate with potential buyers. But once signed up you can upload and sell an unlimited number of photos and keep 100% of the sale price.

To get started simply:

  • Create your free account
  • Upload your photos
  • Be active daily
  • Upload photos consistently
  • Become a premium member
  • Connect with buyers


Feetify has a 4.6 trust pilot rating with over 200 reviews. It is a subscription-based platform dedicated to feet pics.

You can earn money rewards from the site itself just for being particularly active on the site, or you can become a premium member by paying $49 in crypto which means you keep 100% of all sales made through the platform.

Sales are made directly between you and the buyer via private messaging.

To get started simply:

  • Create your free account
  • Upload your photos
  • Be active on a daily basis
  • Upload photos consistently
  • Become a premium member
  • Connect with buyers
  • feetify homepage


OnlyFans has built up a reputation as a site for sex workers and pornography, so I am hesitant to include it. However, these days a lot of other types of influencers are starting to build platforms there including celebs such as Cardi B & Bella Thorne.

A subscription-based social media platform with over 130 million users, feet are a popular category on the site and therefore you could potentially generate a decent income!

It is free to join and you charge a subscription fee for fans to access your content starting from $4.99.

All you need to do to get started is:

  • Create an account
  • Add verifiable ID
  • Add your social media accounts
  • Uploading content

Dollar Feet

Dollar Feet is another marketplace where you can sell photos and videos of your feet. However, there are a few things you must be aware of.

They will ask you to fill out a model form where they will ask for your height and weight. You are also required to send a sample video. They state that they accept only athletic models. Thus, if you are not athletic, you cannot sell.

Also, they will review your video, and only when they accept it, you will get paid. This means that you may not get paid for your work.

Dollar Feet expects you to reveal your face and possibly your entire body. This may not be ideal for everyone. On top of that, they are not US-based and they resell videos on

If you want to sell through this platform, do that at your own risk, because they will ask various personal questions like birth date, address, phone number, etc.

To get set up simply:

  • Fill out the model application form
  • Attach photos
  • Attach video
  • Wait for approval

FAQs – Where to Sell Feet Pics and Make Money

Can You Legally Sell Feet Pics Online?

Yes, it is legal to sell feet pictures online. As long as you are 18 years old and above, with full ownership of the images, you can transact online. This job is legal in countries like the U.S., U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and many more countries.

However, some religious beliefs may find selling feet pictures immoral and illegal, particularly for women.

Where Can You Sell Feet Pics in the USA?

You can post ads to classified sites like Craigslist, Free Ads Time, Gigantic List, Finder Master, or Advertise Era. If you are in the U.S., you can also make a living out of your pic feet on companies like OnlyFans, Feet Finder, Etsy, or Shutterstock.

Still, it does not mean that these sites are the only place to sell your feet pics. You can go beyond these companies and look for other platforms like Adobe to boost your selling potential.

Social media apps like Facebook and Instagram provide you with a larger audience, thus making the chance to sell feet pics even higher.

How Much To Charge For Feet Pictures?

The price of your feet pics can vary depending on the quality of the photos taken.

You can charge a minimum of $5 and go up to $100 for the images. Remember that everything depends on the client needs, how they will use it, and your experience selling feet pics. If you are a beginner, you will charge lower than the experts. You can raise your foot pic prices as you gain more knowledge and experience.

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