How To Sell Shoes Online And Make Money 2024

How To Sell Shoes Online And Make Money: Are you looking to set up your business and earn profits by selling shoes? If so as a viable option, you can find an entire guide on selling shoes and the most suitable sites to sell shoes on the internet.

Shoes are not just to cover and protect your feet with them, they are the ultimate fashion statement. The style of shoes you wear reflects what kind of person you are and, in general, you are earning a profit.

How To Sell Shoes Online And Make Money
How To Sell Shoes Online And Make Money

This is why many always have to search for shoes wherever they see them. If you are an associate of a business and love all things related to shoes, be aware that shoes for marketing are available despite being uninitiated with the field.

If you are interested in how to earn money by selling shoes on the internet In this post, we have discussed a few strategies that can help you in selling shoes online for a profit.

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Create a Business and How to Sell Shoes Online and Earn Money

Selling shoes online does not mean simply listing them on your website, but waiting for bids. You will visit the various websites selling shoes online and upload your listings there.

It is essential to recognize that the use of these websites is the best way to win the most competitive shoes feasible, and in the shortest amount of time so that you can be ready to earn a decent return.

Here are the ways you can sell your shoes online and earn revenue and profits. 

Be aware of the latest trends

Certain types of shoes sell faster than other types. You should try to conduct your research to find these types of shoes so that you do not remain in the same position with your inventory for weeks after the end.

In the beginning, it is to recognize that when the appearance of the shoe is decent the shoe is beginning to be sold quickly. Thus brands like Aetrex, Alegria, Aravon, Dr. Comfort, Drew, European Comfort, Rockport, SAS rack Sandals, Vionic, etc. You have to be brave enough to raise the price of your footwear.

If you are ready to conduct your study, you will be able to walk the extra mile to the bazaars, charities, and second-hand markets and also offer bulk items in the hope that you will be prepared to sell your product via eBay or other related sites.

However, you must ensure that, besides the shoe brands you are experienced in, you have a stock of the latest styles and colors of shoes that are trendy today.

Attraction Of Keywords

In terms of web-based search, you can not reach a great height without the proper usage of keywords. It is essential to ensure that the description of your product matches the most searched-for phrases. If you are not familiar with these terms, then you will need to do some investigation. 

Select an Account

There are many sites where you can sell your shoes online and receive an excellent experience, as well as earn a profit. Now is your turn to determine the most appropriate platforms for the shoes you are selling in the form of women’s, men’s, or children’s shoes.

It is worth noting that certain platforms cater to specific segments, so make sure you pick the one that will offer you the best. You might need to talk to online users to determine which areas they are using the most.

Create A New Account

The next step in selling your shoes online is to create your account on one of the shoe-selling platforms that you have selected.

If you are a big enthusiast of the listings for free that are available in your first account, you might want to create one. 

Take Good Pictures

The only way for sponsors to recognize the shoes you selling is through your images. If you would like your shoes to be the most lightweight as possible bear this in mind to confirm any flaws in the item featured in the photo so that the buyer does not have a reason to complain.

Take front, back, and overhead pictures of your shoes, as well due to the soles so that the customer can see what they are buying. Also, make sure you improve the look of your shoes and appearance, which could increase the value of your shoes.

You may also want to attach a few pieces of cardboard to create a non-distracting background.

Advert Content

If you are listing your product on the internet take note of the fact that you are advertising the item. Be sure to provide as much information as you can. With the additional information that you give, you can educate your client.

A knowledgeable customer can develop an understanding of whether or not they will purchase the item. If you publish a joke for example “nice sneakers” then you will provide your potential buyer with many questions.

You should then write an outline that summarizes the best features of your shoes and their condition.

Low Cost

If you are just starting it is ideal for you. You might want to start with a low price but not so low that you will lose credibility. You should set an amount that people are more comfortable with. This may not be the best option when you are wearing excellent-quality shoes. Here it is suggested to determine the best price. Keep in mind that you are not making a sale on the Crown Jewels of the world, so you must be fair when it comes to the price you add to your footwear.

It might be beneficial to do some research to determine what comparable objects are sold before you decide your mind about the price. Another method to determine the price is to look at the price you purchased the item for. That is, assuming that you purchase shoes from others on sale. If you can add a small mark-up to cover the cost of inconveniences and profits, you have got your sale price.

Contact Information

You must choose an avenue for your customers to reach you regarding the items that you offer in your store. You may choose to provide your email or phone address. If you are extremely concerned in regards to your private information, you could create an email address for your company. You can choose to offer your contact information to the buyer in the future. It is an excellent idea to include a brief sentence instructing users to use the email address to reach you.

If you do not wish to reveal your email to clients, you can create a temporary Gmail account that you will only use to conduct transactions. Because after you have replied to an email sent by them they will be able to see your actual email address.

Everything Is Marketing

It is important to concentrate on building an audience for your social media. You might need to develop your followers across multiple popular social networks. In terms of shoes related, Facebook is your best option. Facebook provides a variety of posts and ad types that you can choose from, as well as the possibility of targeting particular groups of information.

You can choose to target users based on their gender, age, location, as well as their preferences, and so on. Facebook behavioral targeting lets you target people who will be more inclined to buy from you based on their previous actions.

Your success on social media will depend upon your capacity to reach out to audiences who are in a specific niche and offer them something they cannot receive from big suppliers.

This involves creating engaging social media posts and delivering them to your chosen audience via Facebook posts and ads. For organic exposure, your best bet is to look into profiles, pages, and hashtags that relate to your target audience.

Spend the time to discover what type of content your target audience is most interested in. When you are building your audience you need to provide them with an incentive to stick around.

If you are selling footwear with videos or images of your products being used is fantastic, but they need to be entertaining enough to draw people to see. Test various types of content to see which ones appeal to your customers.

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are just one of the expenses that could eat to the core of your profits. The shipping costs would include the cost of purchasing packaging for your shoes as well as the cost you will have to cover to ensure that the item is delivered to the customer. It is possible to modify packaging to protect your buyers’ purchases as well as your profit margins. Cut envelopes and boxes to the size you require, and reuse recyclable packing materials from the curb.

Attention to Listing Fees

Listing fees are a different cost that could impact how much you earn. Make sure you use a cost-effective listing strategy or you can quickly reduce your earnings. Beware of add-ons such as Launch Scheduler or Listing Designer which each adds 10 cents to the listing fee when you use eBay.

As per ECommerce Weekly, Using your design templates and entering listings manually can save you between $520 and $1,200 each year.

If you do not, you will have to pay an insertion fee for both items, in addition to the final value fee, which eliminates the value of the 50 free listings per month that eBay provides.

Platforms to Sell Shoes Online and Earn Money

Alongside, we will give you suggestions for selling shoes online to make money, we would like to inform you about the top locations to sell your shoes on the Internet so you will be able to get discounts. 


The marketplace iOffer operates online selling used and new shoes, as well as other products. There are no fees for listing on iOffer and it is easy to set up stores.

It is a less expensive option, particularly for those who are just beginning. However, you will have to be charged a commission of 8.5-10 percent after your item sells.

You can also pay “premium” listing costs to increase views. Being the owner, you are accountable for establishing the shipping method and payment methods.


Although eBay charges fees for selling and listing, however, it remains one of the most sought-after sites for selling brand-new and second-hand shoes as well as other kinds of clothes.

When you are deciding on the price of your listing consider shipping charges as well as eBay listing and selling costs into account. Therefore, you must be mindful of these fees to ensure that your earnings do not be absorbed by them.

You must make sure that you earn enough money to cover the costs you are paying for them, which includes your time and the materials needed for putting them together and shipping them out.


Poshmark offers a free application that makes it simple to sell and list your footwear and other things. The site claims that it takes only 30 seconds to post your items to sell.

If you decide to sell your footwear on Poshmark they will provide you with a pre-paid shipping label that you can use for shipping your shoes and then you can put them in a box to drop off the shoes at a designated location.

For any sales less than $15, they will charge a flat rate of $2.95. For listings priced at $15 or greater, the seller will be charged 20% of the commission and retain 80 percent of the sale cost for you.

When the item is accepted by the purchaser, you can make a direct deposit into your bank account or Poshmark will mail you an invoice.


Grailed specializes in selling brand-name men’s shoes as well as other kinds of clothing for men. It is possible to sell brand new shoes as well as used ones, so long as they are in a good state of repair.

Simply list the shoes or other products on their website and wait for offers to be made. You can also accept multiple offers.

The first person to pay you will be the one to win. Costs for shipping are part of all offers, therefore it is crucial to know the cost when you make an offer.

When you have sold the item, you will pay an additional commission of 6% plus any applicable PayPal costs to Grailed, and the rest is yours. Your payment will be distributed via PayPal. 


BuyMYHeels is an online store for purchasing or selling high-end designer footwear to and from customers around the globe.

There is no commission fee to sell on this website however they charge an entry fee of $5 which equals $7.

There are also strict rules on the site that say there are no duplicates.


Kixify is a website that lets you sell new and used shoes and other sneakers. You must set up an online store for selling on Kixify however, the setup process is free.

There are no listing costs with Kixify however, you will receive a commission of 8% on shoes you have sold. It is not poor when you look at it with other sites.

Kixify will take the cash from your sales via PayPal instant billing, and then cut their slice right from the top. The store’s owner has the power to determine your return and shipping guidelines. 

Facebook Marketplace

Alongside being a highly-rated online social network, Facebook has been expanding its capabilities to incorporate the virtual marketplace. What happens is that you can simply put your products online and then meet local customers.

After you have agreed on the price with an interested buyer and you have agreed to a price, you can arrange to hand over your shoes on the spot. This is a convenient method of connecting with local buyers.

If you are already an active Facebook user, you can visit your newsfeed. There should be an entry to the Marketplace on the left side of the column.


Craigslist is a fantastic website for selling almost everything, even shoes. It is possible to sell your old or brand-new shoes, and you do not have to pay any selling or listing fees. Make sure you take high-quality photos when you sell your items on Craigslist. Also, a clear description of the item helps too.

Prepare to meet with your buyer in person or deliver the goods if they are willing to pay in advance of time using PayPal.

Make sure to follow other safety tips in addition to refusing to accept personal checks and letting loved ones know where you are headed and when you will return. The internet is not all secure, as you have probably guessed. 


If you have noticed that your footwear is not selling, you need to conduct a study. You must determine whether the price you have listed is higher than what comparable models have sold for in the past. If so, you must reduce your price.

If you have checked your cost is in line or lower than the other This means you must wait until sales start to show up.

You must make sure that your shoes are displayed to the right people who are interested in the products you are selling. If there is not, you might not be able to make a significant amount of sales.

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