Tip to Start Shopify Drop Shipping From Pakistan in 2024 (Complete Guide)

Tip to start Shopify Drop shipping from Pakistan? Shopify drop shipping is a popular online business concept. This method is used by e-commerce entrepreneurs to sell products without having to keep any inventory. When a company receives a customer order, it simply contacts the supplier. The supplier distributes the things to the customer door.

Tip to Start Shopify Drop shipping From Pakistan
Tip to Start Shopify Drop shipping From Pakistan

What Is Drop Shipping? Tip to Start Shopify Drop Shipping From Pakistan

Tip to start Shopify Drop shipping from Pakistan? Drop shipping is a business model which enables you to sell products without having to carry any inventory. Especially, starting drop shipping in Pakistan is the perfect business model for new eCommerce entrepreneurs.

It is simple to set up and manage, and it does not require a large up-front investment. You can also run your drop shipping business in your spare time, you do not need to quit your job.

What is the Difference Between Shopify and Shopify Plus?

Tip to start Shopify Drop shipping from Pakistan? What is the difference between Shopify and Shopify Plus? Shopify and Shopify Plus are two distinct methods to use Shopify to develop an online business.

You do not have to quit your work to create a successful drop shipping business, you can do it in your spare time. You may also use many drop shipping methods to increase traffic to your business.

Working of Shopify

Tip to start Shopify Drop shipping from Pakistan? Shopify is an e-commerce platform that provides entrepreneurs with the foundation they need to launch and build their businesses, as well as a robust back-end administration system. You will not have to pay any hosting expenses with Shopify.

You will need to pay Shopify reasonable monthly fees, and then your e-commerce site will function smoothly, enabling you to focus on growing your business and earning sales.

It is the same with drop shipping the only difference is that you will have to source things yourself rather than having a service provider do it.

Drop Shipping Business Models

Drop shipping businesses come in two main models:

The first model is where the store owner finds a supplier who will dropship products for them. They set up an online store and market the products to consumers.

When someone orders from their store, they simply contact the supplier, who will then ship the product directly to the customer door.

The second model is where the store owner functions as the supplier. They find a manufacturer who will produce products for them, and then they set up an online store to sell those products.

When someone orders from their store, they simply contact the manufacturer, who will then ship the product directly to the customer door. Tip to start Shopify Drop shipping from Pakistan?

Steps How to Start Shopify Drop Shipping

Choose a Good Store Name

Tip to start Shopify Drop shipping from Pakistan? Begin by naming your drop shipping business. This is the first step in getting your Shopify store up and running. It should be easy to say and remember because it will impact how you showcase your items.

Make certain the name you chose is one-of-a-kind. A solid rule of thumb is that none of your keywords should appear in your domain name.

Amazon offers a variety of alternatives for small company owners like you, whether you are selling eBooks, physical things, or both. This guide will provide you with all of the newest Amazon business tips, methods, and news.

There are many free solutions accessible if you do not have a logo for your Shopify drop shipping shop. You have a few options to pick from. After you have come up with a few names for your Shopify drop shipping business, double-check that none of them are already taken.

In fact, with a firm like NameCheap, you might be able to obtain your domain and make it official. This will aid in the prevention of future issues.

Create Your Shopify Account

Tip to start Shopify Drop shipping from Pakistan? Setting up a Shopify drop shipping store account is a straightforward and quick procedure. To get started, go to the Shopify site and select “Start free trial.” On the following screen, fill in the blank area with your email address.

You will need to set a password for your Shopify account and input the name you have selected for your business when you first start. After that, you will be asked a few questions about your e-commerce expertise as well as some personal information.

Your Shopify account will be up and running once you finish this step. Then you must finish the Shopify configuration.

Optimize Settings According to Your Needs

Tip to start Shopify Drop shipping from Pakistan? This stage is critical for setting up your business to accept payments from consumers, writing store policies, and determining shipping prices. Let us start with Shopify Payments. To get started, you will need to accomplish that first. After it is complete, you may begin selling and expanding your company.

You will need to go to your Shopify account Settings page if you wish to enter your payment details. Simply go to the left-hand Payments tab and enter your payment details.

We recommend adding a PayPal account to this page so you do not have to type it in again. To sell on Amazon, you do not need an account; simply select a policy that suits your needs. Shopify is one of the most popular platforms for drop shipping companies since it is simple to set up and contains a variety of tools to help you get started quickly.

You may also quickly edit the default policies, ensuring that all policies and information in your store are consistent with your brand. These tools may be found by going to your Shopify settings.

Shipping costs They are necessary for a successful e-commerce venture. Your items should always be free to ship, and your shipping choices should be clearly stated so that customers know precisely what they will be spending when they place an order with you.

If consumer purchases from your Shopify dropshipping business, consider giving them a gift. You may offer them a review of your e-commerce store or send them a sample of your new product to test. Giving your consumers something useful will encourage them to tell their friends and family about their positive experiences.

Access the Shipping option in your Amazon preferences to enable free shipping on your Amazon storefront. Delete all domestic shipping zones and replace “Free International Shipping” with “Free International Shipping” in the Rest of World section.

At this point, in the lower left-hand corner, select the “Choose your shipping choice” link. Then, depending on whatever works best for you, choose either your Free Shipping Rate or your Standard Rate. Tip to start Shopify Drop shipping from Pakistan?

Launch Your Shopify Drop Shipping Store

Tip to start Shopify Drop shipping from Pakistan? You have filled in all of the essential details to establish your Shopify drop shipping store. Simply go to the Sales Channels tab on your Shopify admin dashboard to get started. We will integrate the site with Amazon in the final stage of this tutorial so you can start selling things right away.

Create Your Store Design

The design of your Shopify drop shipping business is crucial since it will determine how your store and brand are presented. Having a visually appealing e-commerce business is equally as vital as having an appealing shop display in a physical store.

It is a user initial impression of your company, and first impressions are everything. Do not forget to check out these simple e-commerce shop design tips to boost your sales.

Theme for Your Shopify Store

Shopify includes a theme shop where you may find a large number of different themes. There are both free and paid choices available. Take a look around and choose the best theme for your business based on your budget, if you are starting on a shoestring budget, we recommend going with a free theme. We realize how difficult it may be to determine which theme to use.

We have produced a guide to assist you in picking which choice is ideal for your Shopify drop shipping store to make it easy for you. It includes information on things to consider when choosing a theme, as well as information on free Shopify themes, and how to alter Shopify themes.

Create a Logo for Your Shopify Store

Customers will remember your Shopify drop shipping store if it has a logo. Consider how you want your logo to appear and how it will blend in with the rest of the design of your shop.

Creating a logo may appear to be a difficult and time-consuming undertaking. However, you may create your desired logo in less than a few minutes with Shopify free online logo builder. All you have to do now is play with fonts, colors, symbols, and placement to create the ideal logo for your company.

If you want to make your logo, you may utilize graphic design tools such as Photoshop or Canva. You may also get high-quality graphic designs at a reasonable price from freelance marketplaces like Upwork or Fiverr. Your store will start to take shape once you have decided on a theme and a logo.

Promote Your Drop Shipping Store

Tip to start Shopify Drop shipping from Pakistan? Now that you know how to get started with a drop shipping business, let us discuss marketing your new business.

When developing your drop shipping business plan, you may want to put more effort into your marketing and advertising efforts to stand out in your market.

Incorporate Paid Advertisement

If you are just getting started with advertising on the social media platform, this is not bad at all. Facebook advertising is scalable, and products may thrive on them. They also appeal to customers desire to buy on the spur of the moment. Tip to start Shopify Drop shipping from Pakistan?

Shopping Ads can be used to promote products on Google and target long-tail keywords where consumers are more likely to buy. With Google advertising, you may expect greater price competition, but it is worth a try.


You now have your own Shopify drop shipping business. This Shopify drop shipping tutorial has covered a lot of territories, but you will learn even more if you get your hands dirty operating your own business.

Do not restrict yourself to Amazon and other huge e-commerce platforms. Dropshipping is a cost-effective method to sell your items online. Shopify and third-party technologies make it easy for you.

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FAQs: Tip to Start Shopify Drop Shipping From Pakistan

What is Shopify dropshipping?

Shopify dropshipping is a business model where you, as a store owner, do not need to keep products in stock. Instead, you partner with suppliers who handle inventory and fulfillment. When you sell a product, the supplier ships it directly to your customer.

Can I start dropshipping from Pakistan?

Yes, you can! Shopify is a global platform, and you can run a dropshipping business from anywhere in the world, including Pakistan.

How do I find suppliers for my dropshipping store?

Look for reliable suppliers on platforms like AliExpress, Oberlo, or other similar dropshipping marketplaces. Research and choose suppliers with good reviews and a track record of reliable shipping.

What products should I sell?

Research trending products using tools like Google Trends, and consider your target audience. Choose products with a reasonable profit margin and low shipping costs.

Do I need a business license to dropship from Pakistan?

Check local regulations, but generally, you can start dropshipping without a formal business license initially. However, it is advisable to consult with a local business advisor to understand legal requirements.

How do I set up a Shopify store?

Sign up for a Shopify account, choose a domain name, customize your store, and add products. Shopify provides step-by-step guidance throughout the process.

How can I handle payments and transactions?

Shopify provides integrated payment gateways. You can use services like PayPal, Stripe, or other payment options available in Pakistan.

What about shipping and delivery?

Set clear shipping policies on your store. Most dropshippers use ePacket shipping for faster and more affordable deliveries. Communicate estimated delivery times transparently.

How do I market my dropshipping store?

Utilize digital marketing strategies such as social media advertising, influencer marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). Create engaging content to attract your target audience.

How do I handle customer service?

Provide excellent customer service by promptly responding to inquiries, addressing concerns, and being transparent about shipping times. Use Shopify apps for automated customer service responses.

Remember, successful dropshipping requires continuous learning and adaptation. Stay updated with industry trends, customer preferences, and e-commerce best practices to grow your Shopify dropshipping business from Pakistan.

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