How to Use Facebook Business Manager: A Complete Guide 2024

How to Use Facebook Business Manager: A Complete Guide – Do you want to begin using Facebook Business Manager? Do you want to know how it functions for companies?

In this post, you will find out how you can make use of Business Manager to manage pages securely with admins, ad account accounts, and more.

How to Use Facebook Business Manager: A Complete Guide 2022
How to Use Facebook Business Manager

Why Use Facebook Business Manager?

The most important reason to make use of Facebook Business Manager is to help you stay focused on your task.

If you log in to Facebook Business Manager and sign in to Business Manager, you will be immediately taken to your business resources on Facebook. From there, you will be in a position to browse your business pages, your Ads Manager, as well as other business-related assets, without accessing any personal information feed, or notifications.

The third and most important reason to use Facebook Business Manager is that it helps ensure everything is safe and organized. If you have multiple Facebook pages an ad account or other assets you manage for your customers or yourself There is a lot of switching and rearranging to transfer information from one source in one place to the other. Also, it is hard to keep track of everything you and your colleagues can access.

Facebook Business Manager lets you quickly view all of your Facebook pages, ads accounts, users with been assigned roles, and more. This is particularly useful in situations where you must revoke access to some of your company’s Facebook assets for people who no longer work for you. Instead of going to your entire assets for your business to get rid of that individual, simply access the People section of Business Manager and remove their access to everything with one click.

For those who are not familiar, with the Business Manager, you do not have to be Facebook acquaintances with the people with whom you assign roles to your pages, ads accounts, etc. Simply use Business Manager for assigning roles. They are not required to view your profile, and you do not need to look at theirs.

After you have figured out the reasons Business Manager is a must The following are the ways you can accomplish it.

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Create New Business Assets in Facebook Business Manager

If you are new to Business Manager, first set up your account at If you do not have any assets from your business (pages or ad accounts or catalogs of products) at the time you sign up then you can make them.

Once you have set up Facebook Business Manager, go to Business Settings.

When you create assets using Facebook Business Manager, you will not be guided through the typical setup wizard right away. To create, for instance, Facebook pages it is necessary to select Pages from the right navigation.


  • On the left, you will see the Add button, and select Create a brand new page by selecting the drop-down menu. Once you have done that you will go through the normal wizard to set up your Facebook page. You can follow the same steps to create additional assets (such as ad accounts and catalogs) through the Business Manager.
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Claim Your Assets in Business Manager

To claim any business assets that you have (pages ads accounts, pages, and apps) click on the appropriate tab (Pages or Ad Accounts and Apps) for the asset from the navigation left.

Click the Add button to the right, and select an option for adding the page, an ad account, or any other asset. The assets you choose to add will be added to the Business Manager as soon as they are added because you control the full use of them.


  • It is best to only add the assets that you own personally to the Business Manager since there is only one business manager who can be able to claim the asset. Therefore, if you take over the Facebook page of your client and your client is the only one to be permitted to access the page; they will not be allowed to claim it for themselves. You must instead ask for access to the page, ad account, or some other assets.
  • It is crucial to remember when you claim ad accounts. While pages can be deleted completely from the Business Manager, ad accounts cannot be removed. So, you should not take over an account that is not owned by you.
  • If you are interested in connecting your personal Instagram account as an ad or page You can do it in your Business Settings by clicking Instagram Accounts. Select the Connect your Instagram Account button on the right side of the screen to start the process.

Request Access to Business Assets Owned by Others

If the asset you own is not yours (page ad account or catalog of products) You may request to add the asset to your Business Manager.

The approval of the owner or administrator is required prior to the assets can be added to the Business Manager. Make sure you are aware of the fact that Facebook often limits the number of assets you are able to request until the admins and owners approve your requests.

Make sure to choose this method you should choose when you manage client assets or any other assets that you do not own. Check out this video tutorial to learn ways to join the Business Manager account you have created to your Business Manager account to your client account and share access with your team members:

  • Manage Your Business Assets in Business Manager
  • Once you have established, claimed, or requested business assets and assets, you will be able to manage them with the Business Manager.


Go to Pages in order to display the list of all Facebook pages you can access within Business Manager. Select a particular page to view more information and options for the page.


  • You can see which users or partners have been assigned roles and add them or assign members to the pages (I will explain more about this in the subsequent sections) Also, you can remove the page from the Business Manager.
  • Click View Page on the top right of the screen. You can access your page and modify it. From here, you are able to add posts to your page, check your messages, check notifications, check your Insights and schedule posts using Publishing Tools, access your page settings, promote your page, post more of your posts on your wall, alter tabs, and more.

Ad Accounts

  • If you are only using one Facebook advertisement account within your Business Manager You can open Ads Manager by clicking the nine dots icon on the top left, and then choosing Ads Manager on the menu that opens up.


  • If you own multiple ad accounts within Business Manager or you want to assign individuals or partners to your account, click on Ad Accounts on the left navigation. Then, select the ad account that you wish to manage from the right.
  • Utilize the buttons to see which partners or people were given roles by the Business Manager. You can also add individuals or assign partners on your site (both are topics I will cover in the next sections) or deactivate the advertising account in Business Manager.

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  • Apps
  • Have you developed applications in the Developers section of Facebook for your company? Include them in the Business Manager in your organization and control the apps from there.
  • Simply copy the app ID from your My Apps page to create an app.
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Commerce Accounts

You can grant or modify the permissions for your commerce account in Business Manager. In Business Settings go to Business Settings, then click Commerce Manager in the left navigation, and then choose Commerce Manager. Select the Commerce Manager account on the right.

Then step, then click Add People and then select the appropriate permissions you wish to grant to this individual.

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Data Sources

In the section called Data Sources in the left navigation, you will see a variety of data sources that are listed in the left navigation, including catalogs for products, Facebook pixels, offline event sets, custom conversions, and many more.

If you have got Facebook pixels installed on your advertising accounts you will see that information in the section called Pixels. Edit the associations of each ad account and partner as necessary.

Click Catalogs to open the catalogs of products you have created for your company. You can design new catalogs of products and manage existing catalogs using this view too.

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  • Add people and assign partners, create an item feed, connect the source (Facebook pixels), and then delete catalogs of products when needed.

Assign People or Add Partners to the Business Manager

If you grant others access to your company items (such as pages or ad accounts) you can choose to assign them to a person or include partners.

Here is how to comprehend the distinction:

  • People are the people you allow access to assets of your business. For instance, if you are working with an expert Facebook advisor, then you have assigned the consultant a particular job to have access to your pages, ads accounts, and other assets to manage them. This is done by including them through email.
  • Partners are the businesses that allow access to your business assets. For instance, if it is an agency you work with, you will assign the agency a particular responsibility to have access to your web pages, ad accounts as well and other resources. You can add the agency using its Business Manager ID. The agency will then assign employees roles for access to your pages, ads accounts, and other assets, in order to manage the assets.

Assign People

To assign individuals to be assigned, click on People in the Users section of the menu on the left. Click to add on the right.

The pop-up will appear, and you can enter your email address for the individual you would like to allow access to your company assets. Utilize the definition of the role to determine if they are added as an employee or an administrator.


  • If clicking Next, users will be asked to select boxes on the right side of the pages, ads accounts as well as other assets you would like them to manage. You will be able to assign distinct roles.
  • Once you are done you can click Invite, and then send your invitation to the individual you are inviting.
  • To see who has access to your company assets, go to People on the menu on the left. From there, you can remove invites, transfer assets, and even remove individuals.

Add Partners

To join Business Manager with partners Go to the asset of your business that you wish to assign them (such as your Facebook profile) and then click on the Assign Partners button. Then, you will be asked to enter the Business Manager ID of the partner that you must obtain from them.

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  • You can specify the role of your partner on the next screen.
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  • Once a partner has been added, click Partners on the right navigation area to view which partners can access the company assets. This is where you can take them off if needed.
  • To edit roles for partners and individuals visit your company asset. Select the Assigned People or Partners tabs for the option to modify their roles. 

Organize Business Assets Into Groups

If you are a huge user of pages or other assets in Your Business Administrator, then you might need to create groups to group the assets. To accomplish this, simply click Business Assets Groups in the left navigation. From there select Create the Business Asset Group. You can then add pages, ad accounts as well as other assets of the business for the Group.

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  • Be aware that each page and advertising account can be part of one group. If you want to organize the group, you can take assets from one group and then add them to another group.
  • Groups of assets for business are not necessary however they do help when you have a lot of pages or advertising accounts to look through when assigning partners or individuals as you can include them in the group.

Browse Additional Options in Business Manager

We have gone over the primary functions of a Business Manager. Here are some additional features to look into.

Pay Methods: click Payment Methods on the left navigation menu to add credit cards for use in conjunction with specific ads accounts.

Requests: If a person makes a request to access or claim any of your assets it will appear in the Requests.

Notifications: To be notified via emails for specific Business Manager-related events, set the settings under Notifications.

Info Information: Visit Info where you can edit your company name or primary page. discover the Business Manager ID, and give its partners access to other people or request access via security code and set other options. 


If you are looking to find better methods for managing the management of your Facebook business assets Business Manager is an ideal alternative to think about. It allows you to control and assign access to Facebook pages, ad accounts, as well as other important assets from one location.

Do you have a thought? Do you utilize Business Manager for your pages or ad accounts as well as other assets? Let us know your experiences in the comments section below.

“How to Use Facebook Business Manager: A Complete Guide”

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