How to Apply for Singapore Visa From Pakistan in 2024

If you have a Pakistani passport and want to visit Singapore, which is one of the “Asian Tigers” in Southeast Asia, you will need to apply for a visa. Singapore no longer gives out sticker visas. Instead, they only give out e-visas. A Singapore visa is not as easy to get as a Thailand visa or a Malaysia visa in Pakistan. If you have a Pakistani card and want to go to Singapore in 2024, read this guide.

Singapore Visa From Pakistan
Singapore Visa From Pakistan

Things to Know Before Applying for Singapore Visa in Pakistan

First of all, let me explain how the visa is processed so you do not have any more questions. The honorary office in Karachi does not give out visas. Instead, they just take in visa applications. Singapore immigration takes care of the visa. Processing times and decisions about moving to Singapore are hard to predict.

The way things are going now. Most of the time, it only takes 3 to 4 days to get the visa. It takes a lot of time to put a case on hold. When your case takes longer, like 10 to 20 days, to finish. This means that the visa will not be given. In very few cases, the visa was still accepted even though it took longer to process. They look into your past a little bit.

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This is how things are going with Singapore visas in Pakistan right now. One strange thing about getting a visa for Singapore is that you do not have to show proof of where you have been or how much money you have. They just use a LOI and a scanned copy of your visa to make a decision. So, the result of the visa is hard to tell.

If both a husband and wife want a visa, sometimes they will say no to the wife but say yes to the husband. The same thing happened to me when my family and I tried to get in. They did not give me a visa, but they did give my wife and kids visas.

How to Apply for Singapore Visa from Pakistan?

From Pakistan, there are two ways to get a visa to go to Singapore. You can apply in person at the honorary consulate general in Karachi or through a friend in Singapore. Your contact in Singapore is a friend or family member who can help you get a LOI (Letter of Introduction). This is a type of welcome letter in which the person inviting you to Singapore will write their name and address, as well as yours.

Besides the letter of intent, all you need is a picture, a filled-out visa application form, and a photocopy of the biodata page of your passport. Here is the page for Singapore Immigration, where you can find this information. You will also have to bring a copy of your CNIC.

If you apply for your own Singapore visa (with a letter of invitation from a friend or family member in Singapore), the fee is Rs. 10,000. If you apply through a travel agent, they may charge you a different fee because they will set up a LOI for you. We can also help you get a LOI.

Address Of Singapore Consulate in Karachi:
Lakson Square Building No 2
Sarwar Shaheed Road Karachi, Pakistan
TELEPHONE(+92) 21 3568 8243 / 6419
(+92) 21 3568 5308
FAX(+92) 21 3568 8067
(+92) 21 3568 0093
Singapore Immigration Website

After you apply for a Singapore visa in Karachi, you will have to wait to see what happens. Most of the time, you will hear back in 3 business days. In some cases, it will take a long time, and you will have to wait. Your passport is kept by them, but I think you can get it back if you need it for something else. Because they have no reason to keep the passport with them (the visa is applied for online).

My Best Tips for Singapore Visa in Pakistan

I am going to tell you some important things you need to know about a Singapore visa. I just went to Singapore and have gotten a visa there twice. My first piece of advice is to put a few days into the application. Singapore is a small country that is easy to see in 3–4 days. If you say 10 days, that does not make sense, and they will probably deny your visa.

I will say that you should spend 5 days in Singapore. The second step is to ask a friend or family member in Singapore for a LOI. Find someone who knows someone in Singapore if you do not have a friend or family member there. If you can not find anyone, please call us so we can set up a LOI for you in Singapore as a last resort.

The LOI and visa both cost between Rs.15,000 and 20,000 these days, and if your application is denied, you lose all that money. Chances of success are 50/50, so be ready to lose between 15K and 20K PKR if your visa is turned down. I am saying this because a lot of people who had a legal letter of introduction (LOI) from Singapore had their visas turned down. Not everyone gets a ticket.


How much money is required for a Singapore visa?

As I said before, the total cost of an eVisa for Singapore is around Rs.15,000 because the exchange rate between USD and PKR is very high right now. The real cost of a Singapore visa is less, but travel agents charge different amounts for setting up the letter of introduction (LOI).

Can a Pakistani travel to Singapore?

No doubt. With a legal visit visa, it is easy for people from Pakistan to go to Singapore. Singapore is in Southeast Asia, close to Malaysia, and it is one of the best places for people with a Pakistani passport.

How much does it cost to go to Singapore from Pakistan?

Singapore is expensive because it is a developed country with a high standard of living. So, a trip to Singapore for vacation will cost a lot. The least you will have to pay is $150 USD per day.

Can I Visit Singapore on a Budget?

That is very hard to do, but it is not impossible. There are places in Little India where you can easily find a room for $20 per night, and you can get a meal at a Dhaba restaurant for $10. So, yes, you can spend $50 a day in Singapore.

What language do they speak in Singapore?

They can talk more than one tongue. Singapore has four main languages that most people speak. Most of the people speak Mandarin Chinese, Malay, or Tamil. But almost everyone in Singapore speaks English and understands it. People in Singapore live in peace and treat each other with care.

Is it easy to get a Singapore visa in Pakistan?

Even with a letter of reference, the chances of getting a Singapore visa in Pakistan are 50/50. I say this because that is how things are going right now.

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