How to Apply Indonesia Visa from Pakistan in 2024

If you want to go to Indonesia, you must apply for an Indonesia visa from Pakistan. I just returned from a trip to Indonesia, a beautiful country in Southeast Asia. I will talk about what I did to get an Indonesian visa from Pakistan.

Indonesia Visa from Pakistan
Indonesia Visa from Pakistan

How to Apply Indonesia Visa from Pakistan?

If you live in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, or Kashmir permanently, you must go to the Indonesian office in Islamabad to apply for a visa.

You can apply at the Indonesian consulate in Karachi if you live in Sindh or Balochistan full-time. I live in Karachi, so that is where I went to get a visa.

The Consulate of Indonesia is located in Karachi at the below address:

Address: Block 5 Clifton, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75600
Phone: (021) 35874619 Email:

Website: Click Here

The embassy of Indonesia in Islamabad is located at below address:

Address: Gamal Abdul Naseer Rd، Ramna 5 Diplomatic Enclave, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan. Phone: +92 51 2832017 Website:

You can also type “Indonesia Consulate Karachi” into Google to find this consulat address and Google Maps location. In Clifton, it is not hard to find. In the same way, you can type “Indonesia embassy in Islamabad” and easily find the address and location of the Indonesian embassy in Islamabad.

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Indonesia Visa Requirements For Pakistani Citizens

Now, the strange requirements for an Indonesian visa are what makes getting one hard. First of all, when you go to the consulate to turn in your application, the woman behind the counter is not very good at helping people who want visas.

Update: The woman has now changed, and the new woman seems to be doing fine. She will ask you simple questions about why and how long you want to stay in Indonesia. the end.
They do have a website, but I do not think it is been changed in 200 years. So, it is best to call them and ask about the most recent needs.

Update 2: Indonesia is now letting tourists use evisas. The only way to get this evisa is through a sponsor in Indonesia. It will cost almost three times as much as the fee for an Indonesian visa in Pakistan right now. If you need an evisa directly from Indonesia, send us an email or use WhatsApp to get in touch with us, and we will take care of it from there.

When I visited the consulate in 2022. The following are the exact requirements to apply for an Indonesian visa in Karachi. 

  • Two filled-out visa forms with two white-background photos
  • A cover letter asking for a visa and giving all the details of the trip and your job or business. This letter must be on the letterhead of the place where you work or do business.
  • A bank account from the last six months and a certificate of upkeep
  • A hotel reservation for every day in Indonesia
  • A ticket for a round-trip flight (I made a reservation)
  • First passport and all other papers
  • A copy of the first three pages of the passport (A4 size).
  • A copy of your CNIC (size A4)
  • NTN and Registration for a Businessperson
  • The $50 USD fee for a visa must be paid in PKR at a bank.

Note: After you send in your visa application, they will give you a payment voucher to pay the needed fee in the bank. They will tell you which bank to go to, and you will pay the fee there and bring the payment slip back to the consulate.

Best Tips for Getting Indonesia Visa in Pakistan

I was asked to give an “Undertaking Letter,” but I did not know what it was. It turned out that the travel agent who booked my flight had given me this letter that I needed to take to the port. I told the woman that I had bought the ticket myself, and she let me get a visa without that stupid letter.

When people from Punjab apply for a visa in Islamabad, they must also bring a “Police Character Certificate” along with the other documents mentioned above.

In Islamabad, this is a must. I do not know why the same country needs it in Islamabad but not in Karachi, but visa rules are always weird and strange. You can get this document from your city’s police station.

If you are only going to be in Indonesia for 5 days, they will only give you a visa for 6 days. This means that you can only stay in Indonesia for 6 days. So, be smart about where you stay.

I put on my application that I would only stay for 8 days, but I was only given a visa for 10 days. Here is a picture of my Indonesian visa, which shows that I can only stay there for 10 days at most. So, if you want to stay longer, list more days.


How much is an Indonesian visa from Pakistan?

Based on the current USD exchange rate, the cost of an Indonesia visa is Rs.13,700. This is because they will charge you PKR, which is equal to $50 USD, on the day you submit your visa application.

Can a Pakistani visit Indonesia?

Yes, please! With a valid visa, any Pakistani national can go to Indonesia. So that is why I am giving you this guide to visas.

How can I get a Bali visa from Pakistan?

Yaar! To go to Bali, which is in Indonesia, you will need to get a visa for Indonesia in Pakistan. A lot of Australians travel to Indonesia to visit Bali, which is a beautiful island.

Is Indonesian visa open for Pakistani?

Yes! Pakistani card holders can now get an Indonesia visa at the Indonesian consulate in Karachi or the Indonesian embassy in the country’s capital, Islamabad.

Can I go to Indonesia without a visa?

No, you can not go to Indonesia without a visa because Pakistani people need to get a visit visa before going there.

How much bank balance is required for an Indonesia visa?

There is no exact answer, but if you have around 3 Lakh PKR in your Pakistani bank account, you should be fine. I had something similar, and it did not hurt my bank balance in any way.

How can I apply for an Indonesia visa online?

Indonesia does have an online evisa, but Pakistanis can not use it. As a Pakistani national, you have to go to the Indonesian embassy in Islamabad or the Indonesian consulate general in Karachi to get a visa.

How Expensive is Indonesia for Pakistani Citizens?

Rupiah is another name for Indonesian money. When I was there, $1 was worth $14,000. That means you can easily become a millionaire there. It is not that expensive for people who live in Pakistan because most of the things that are important, like transportation, housing, and food, are not that expensive.

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