Germany 3 Years Work Visa for Pakistani

Germany 3 Years Work visa for Pakistani

Germany Working Visa Process 2024 – The first step prior to traveling in another nation is to get an employment permit, work visa permit, or work permit from the company you will have to work with. It is best if you also have an German work visa, and/or a German Employment permit to work in Germany. There are many jobs available in Germany in the government and public sectors. Thus, for all kinds of job, the federal government of Germany gives various work visas.

Germany is open to all candidates who are looking for jobs no matter if they are German citizens or foreign candidates. If you hare not an German citizen, you will need to have an German Working visa that allows you to perform work German. You will be issued an employment permit from your employer after you have been given a job. There are various types of work visas that allow you to carry out certain tasks in Germany. We will go over every aspect and the type of work visa here. Continue reading.

The majority of international applicants are looking for job opportunities in Germany However, they have to be aware of the German work visa. Therefore we have decided to create an article in which we will provide all the details that are required for Germany Work Visa. We recommend all those who are looking for work in Germany to read this article and go over the entire information contained in this article.

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Germany Work Visa Process Details

Country: Germany

For: International Applicants

Program: German Work Visa Procedure

Different types of German working Visa Permits.

You can get a an employment visa to work in various kinds of jobs or positions similar to how you will be provided with a variety of work visa permits , for example;

German permanent settlement work permit

German Blue Card

German temporary settlement work permit

Long-term EC work permit

Job Finder Visa of Germany

Let’s discuss how each of these allows it to work .

#1. German Permanent Settlement Work Permit.

This German permanent work permit for settlement is referred to as the settlement permit issued by Germany. The permit for work is issued to non-EU international candidates who have been in Germany for a period of more than five years.

#2. German Blue Card.

It is the German Blue Card is provided to highly educated and experienced candidates who are enthusiastic about research and working in Germany. Candidates are provided with a residence license in Germany. Candidates who earn up to EUR56,400 or more are issued an German Blue Card work permit.

#3. Germany temporary settlement work permit.

These permits are given to those who wish to visit the country for a short time. Candidates who are employed on a temporary basis or on contract basis are issued in the form of a Germany working permit for temporary settlement.

#4. A long-term EC working permit.

A long-term EC permits is the most popular work and study visa. It permits individuals to travel to Germany to study or work reasons. The permit is given to international students and the other EU Members States.

#5. Seeker Visa of Germany.

Anyone who wants be employed in Germany but do not have an offer of employment and/or work permits from an company can apply for Job Seeker Visa permit. This visa permit allows the applicant to enter Germany by seeking or looking for an employment.

Conditions to apply for Germany Working Visa Permit.

Every applicant seeking a work permit in Germany must meet some of the legal conditions:

All candidates should have legitimate passports.

Candidates require access from a resident.

Candidates must be able to prove that they have a clean criminal history.

All candidates need to prove their German german language.

Candidates need to provide the proof of their job offer.

All applicants should be covered by travel insurance in Germany.

Who is Eligible for a Germany Work Visa Permit?

International applicants are eligible to make an application to get this Germany Work Visa permit except the countries that are banned under German legislation.

The countries excluded from Germany Work Visa are;

EEA/EU members



United States of America


New Zealand


The Republic of Korea


How Do I Apply to Get a Germany Work Visa Permit?

When you have a job offer within Germany It is necessary to apply for an Germany Work Visa permit. For that, take a look at the following information;

Select the kind that you want to apply for. Work Visa permit; for example, if employed on a long-term program, you need to apply for an extended EC work permit. And If you’re going to be doing temporary or contractual job, then you must apply for Germany Permits for Temporary Settlement Permit.

Collect all the required and necessary documents for an employment visa.

Set an appointment to attend the interview for a work visa.

Additionally, you will need to pay for a German Visa fee for employment work.

Participate in the interview session.

Watch for the reply.

Then, you will be issued an Germany Work Visa permit after all the procedures required.

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