17 Ways To Make Money With A Box Truck

It can seem overwhelming to think of all the ways you can make money from a truck. Here are some of our favorite ways to make money with a box truck.

It is easy to turn your truck into a money-making business if you are familiar with the services you can offer your customers.

A box truck is a cuboid-shaped cargo container with an instant cabin opening. This gives you a wide range of options.

You can start by working with companies to load and unload products.

The most in-demand commercial vehicle type is the box truck. You can make money in any way you want if you can find the right hustle.

17 Ways To Make Money With A Box Truck

  • Home Moving Services
  • Become A Independent Contractor
  • Delivery Services
  • Food Delivery
  • Retail Delivery
  • Hauling Services
  • Towing Services
  • Mobile Billboard
  • Junk Removal
  • Mobile Wedding Services
  • Mobile storage
  • Moving
  • Towing
  • Courier service
  • Construction equipment rental
  • You can buy and sell used box trucks
  • Hauling Services
  • Be an independent contractor
  • Truck advertising
  • Transportation Company

Home Moving Services

Your box truck’s cabin is an ideal place to store household items. It is large enough to transport heavy items such as furniture and appliances.

It is possible to get another person to assist you in the job, as families are often looking for help with moving items. This is a great opportunity to expand your services, as logistics will be added.

You can list your service online, or on a trusted site that lists box truck packages for families moving. Moving in is usually more common at the end of the beginning of the month. These seasons might be a good place to start preparing your offers.

Because you are familiar with setting a price because you have been in the transport business for a while, you can help families move by determining the distance and maximum load your truck can carry.

It is important to be aware of the items your truck will transport. Ask your family members which items are most fragile and which ones are more sturdy. It will make it easier to identify items that require extra support or protection. They wouldn’t be able to blame you if they break pieces or lose chair limbs.

The items that are not suitable for hot containers would be another thing. Special temperament control is not something that box trucks often have. If you don’t have one you should warn your customers.

Ways To Make Money With A Box Truck

Become A Independent Contractor

Independent contractors have more options when it comes to closing deals with companies that need your services. Trusted companies will give you a clear description of what they are looking to purchase from you. This could include providing loads or serving as their head operator.

Independent contractors can sometimes be treated unfairly by companies, particularly if they are taking advantage of deals or if there is no transparency.

You need to ensure that you only do business with trustworthy companies who will respect your rights and cooperate with you. This could be a great way to make a lot of income if you choose this route.

Businesses, particularly large distributors, require constant support to run their operations smoothly and effectively.

They will see you as a trustworthy partner and be more likely to give you the contract. They will continue to trust you with their loads, and they will contact you in the future for more deals.

This industry is highly competitive because many independent contractors offer better services or lower prices than you.

This will allow you to understand the needs and potential solutions of your target customers.

You will be transporting their products and other resources. This is a great opportunity to learn a lot about how to safely transport items, particularly within your industry.

Delivery Services

E-commerce is growing at an alarming rate. This is great news for businesses that are part of the economic cycle such as delivery services. Delivery services are one of the most lucrative and in-demand ventures today.

This service is not available for large retailers, but small businesses require it to help them transport their products to customers. These are the top two delivery services in the industry.

Food Delivery

You don’t have to lift heavy weights from household items if you are not a fan of cooking, then you can bring food much easier.

For example, pizza chains are food shops that will likely require your services. Although it is unlikely that you will be driving a large truck to deliver pizza boxes to customers’ homes, you are still available to take orders in bulk for events, and large gatherings, and to make regular deliveries to other branches.

Groceries delivery can be offered as an option. This would take the strain off families who have to transport goods from the market. Box trucks are great for food items because they provide solid protection against bad weather and polluted air.

You can make a lot of money if you are consistent and hardworking.

Retail Delivery

You can make a strong hustle selling retail products by responding quickly to companies that need you without prior notice. Many retailers require you and your truck to deliver hardware, appliances, or similar items to their customers.

Before you start looking for potential clients in your local area, make sure that you have adequate insurance to cover any losses or damages that may occur.

Hauling Services

Local stores and companies use transport services to get new goods as well as items that are no longer needed. These are likely to be the items that need to be disposed of or delivered directly to recycling agencies.

If you can present your offers, hauling services can make a lot of money. Companies who are looking to get rid of outdated inventory and furniture, as well as office filing cabinets, will be in high demand.

These items can hinder the services and operations of stores. The perfect transport vehicle to move such items is a box truck.

This is a great opportunity for you to provide your services as most companies need to keep track of their stock. They will also be able to save time searching for the right recycling outlets.

Other than companies, neighboring homeowners can also purchase hauling services if they are looking to expand or remodel their homes. It is possible to offer your service to them and inquire if it suits their needs.

Small businesses that specialize in building and construction are great clients. Their cargo vehicle cannot carry the weight of many materials. You are their best option for such requirements.

Even better, you can make more money if your service is offered until the cleaning process. This will allow these companies to get rid of any leftover material. If you don’t know what to do, these services can be problematic.

Towing Services

Towing services can be handled by box trucks. This is another way to make extra money. Before you make the move, check that your vehicle is capable of towing heavy loads or has a tow hook.

People who need to tow boats, trailers, or other large items that are difficult to transport without the proper equipment and vehicle are in high demand.

The following steps will help you to get started if you are not familiar with towing services.

Some people may find it difficult to move their cars. They need to park in a safe place and not call a tow company that can take several hours to attend to them.

For faster transactions, you might offer your service to nearby businesses and neighbors. Your towing service could also be of interest to auto repair shops. They might need your assistance in towing customers’ cars to the garage.

If you know where to look, there are many opportunities to tow vehicles.

Mobile Billboard

Advertisers and marketers are increasingly desperate to find mobiles that will allow them to promote their products.

Traditional marketing is still effective for some businesses. A mobile billboard is a great way to display your ads. You won’t face any problems with other companies if you don’t have your branding.

You don’t have to put in a lot of effort so it is an easy way to make money while you are lazy. You can earn an additional $452 monthly by wrapping your truck. This amount can help you pay some of your bills.

You can also continue to do your errands while driving your truck. In this way, it is a win-win for everyone. To ensure that your truck’s paint is in good condition, you might look into whether the posters or wraps they use are paint-safe.

Traditional marketers may find it difficult to market in this day and age, but if they are willing to create vehicles to help them showcase their products on the roads, you will have an excellent source of passive income.

Junk Removal

If you are willing to transport other people’s trash, go all-out and offer junk removal. If you have some terms for your customers, this is no problem.

To avoid any unfavorable situations, you may agree to the event. You may be able to tell junk removal companies about the preparation required before they tow the bags to your truck.

Proper segregation is one of these conditions. For example, tell your neighbors to separate their garbage according to the components it contains: biodegradable recyclable, or non-biodegradable.

They are safer to be kept in safe cellophane so that dogs don’t get it scattered on the roads.

You can store non-biodegradable items in a box with scratch paper. These guidelines will help you execute your job safely and without putting your health at risk.

You will need to coordinate your junk removal services with the government’s trash control office to ensure that you have a place to dump the garbage and where to deliver recyclable items.

This is a great way to make money and also establish garbage disposal in your locality.

Mobile Wedding Services

Planning and gathering all necessary items for a wedding is essential. Families and couples would benefit greatly from your assistance in planning their wedding.

Flexible services can be offered by your box truck, which can transport food, tables and chairs, and decorations.

These services are not guaranteed to bring in a steady income. However, quality service will allow you to get more clients at any time of year.

Mobile Storage

Another great idea for a truck is to rent out space. You have space you can rent or lease out to others, so why not use it as a business idea for your truck?

It takes only a few hooks, a sturdy, durable bench seat, padding around the truck’s bed, and shelving with strong straps. It can be done in a matter of hours. It looks much better than a mobile storage company using ugly shelving from a big box store.

It can be customized to your specifications with your logos and colors. You can then rent out additional space and make a profit by selling the vehicle.


Many moving companies don’t even own a truck. Their grip truck may be used occasionally. Companies that provide their equipment will be more profitable when it comes to making money with a truck.

Moving is expensive and time-consuming. Moving can be expensive and time-consuming. There are ways to make money from a truck such as by being a mover.

To make your load move efficiently, you must be able to use the equipment properly. This takes practice, and practice makes perfect.

Many moving companies can be found on websites such as Thumbtack or You can also get assistance from friends and coworkers if needed.


You could make a lot of money if you have the equipment you can tow. It is possible to help clients who need their vehicles towed.

You will be able to fulfill many customers’ towing needs, which could make this a great way to make money from a truck. This is a great way to make money with your box truck if you are good at customer service and managing people.

Courier Service

This is a great way to make extra money. This saves time, gas, hassle, and effort because you can drop off packages and pick them up right at the client’s doorstep or at their business.

Although this is done in the same way as a courier service, there are key differences. You could charge significantly more for your services than a courier company.

High-profile clients such as government agencies and military agencies need to be on time. They will pay for your time if you deliver packages on time. You can also work from home.

Construction Equipment Rental

If you are a contractor or businessman, this is a great way for you to make extra money from your truck. Equipment or tools such as saws, drills, and job site lighting could be rented out.

You can also rent safety equipment such as eye protection, gloves, and masks.

This is a great idea, as it is ideal for new construction businesses that want to get started in the business of construction before becoming major corporations.

If you drive your truck directly to the Jobsite, you can transport safety equipment at no cost. If your client chooses to purchase a larger box truck or loader, you can then sell it to him from your inventory.

You Can Buy and Sell Used Box Trucks

A great way to make some extra cash with a truck is to buy used boxes. Because they are used and may have some damage, box trucks can be more expensive than newer models.

This can help you save a lot of money, as long as you can cover the costs of maintenance and repairs. If something is wrong with the units, you could also sell them.

Hauling Services

A hauling company could be started by purchasing the equipment and offering this service to several clients in your locality.

You can make a lot of money by hauling for many customers in your local area.

Be an Independent Contractor

Independent contractors are individuals who work for a particular business. These people own their businesses and work online. Although you can work for yourself without having to invest money upfront, it is more difficult to start a business.

Independent contractors should take good care of their trucks. This will make your potential client more interested in you.

Truck Advertising

Advertising could be a way to make money if you have a truck. You could use it to expand your business, depending on the space available.

Many companies will allow you to advertise on their vehicles. Truck owners can make extra cash by putting your logo or website on their trucks.

The best companies will pay you upfront, and later when they get customers through their advertising.

Transportation Company

You might be able to start your own transport company if you have a truck. It is not difficult to start one and could prove very lucrative over time.

It can be time-consuming to find clients. You might end up trying to make money by operating a truck. This could be a great way to make money as a driver of a box truck if you are good at customer service.

Ways To Make Money With A Box Truck

Here Are Some Tips on Ways to Make Money with a Box Truck a Profit

  • Find the right insurance coverage
  • You need to ensure that your load is secure and safe
  • Learn what makes a load profitable
  • Respect the rules and avoid accidents
  • LoadCentral is an online service that allows you to locate loads in your area
  • Have a clear destination in mind for all your loads
  • Once you have loaded the cargo, be ready to drive the truck
  • Get a GPS to ensure you know the fastest routes
  • Make sure you know your routes so that you can avoid the worst-case scenarios
  • When driving, always use a dashboard camera

Find the Right Insurance Coverage

You won’t be surprised to learn that trucking companies will often cut your insurance and insist that you use theirs. Although it is cheaper, it will not cover the same amount. You can be secure and safe by adding your insurance policy to the company policy. Please read the terms.

You need to ensure that your load is secure and safe

Your trucking career is not complete without loads. Make sure you have a safe, secure load every time. Earning an extra dollar? Is the risk worth it? Truck accidents can cause damage to not only the truck but all surrounding vehicles and any other property that belongs to the owner. Make sure your truck is safe and secure.

Learn what makes a load profitable

When looking for profitable loads, the best advice is to search for specialty loads. These loads are also known as commodity loads. They are often more profitable. Once you have delivered your load, the owner of the truck will know how much he can pay for it.

Respect the rules and avoid accidents

Rotating shifts seven days a week is the best way to maximize your earning potential. However, speed limits, traffic jams, and road conditions are all important considerations. Before picking up a load, make sure you ask the truck driver about local laws.

LoadCentral is an online service that allows you to locate loads in your area

LoadCentral, an online service that helps you locate loads in your local area and keeps you informed about what’s happening around you, is powerful. It takes just two minutes to load a truck and you can find new loads in a matter of seconds.

Have a clear destination in mind for all your loads

You will lose money if you travel back and forth between different destinations each day. Plan and find the best way to reach your destination first.

Once you have loaded the cargo, be ready to drive the truck

Most novice truckers make the biggest mistake: they don’t feel comfortable asking for permission to take control of the truck while they are at a new location.

Many people worry about their licenses because they can’t drive semi-trucks. It is important to plan so that you are prepared for any eventualities.

Get a GPS to ensure you know the fastest routes

Driving your truck requires you to be aware of where you are when you are driving, what time it is, how long you have been driving, and how much fuel you use.

To ensure that you have all the information at your fingertips, always keep a GPS in your truck.

Make sure you know your routes so that you can avoid the worst-case scenarios

It is not wise to trust one driver in most cases, especially if you are hauling a lot. Always ensure that there is another driver and that he knows the route.

If you have an accident or other problem during your trip, and the driver has not returned for any reason, then you must get help.

When Driving, Always Use a Dashboard Camera

Install a dashboard camera in your van if it is not already. This is a good investment, especially if you need to prove you weren’t at fault for an accident or your truck was attacked.

There are many cameras on the market. Choose the one that best suits you and then buy it. Make sure to follow the instructions, and record and charge it every day before you leave for work.

Ways To Make Money With A Box Truck


These are the best ways to make money with a truck. However, you need to be creative to make it work.

Please let us know if you have any other ideas for ways to make money with a box truck.

If you are willing to look at all the possibilities and offer multiple services, your box truck can be a great way to make money with a box truck.

  • You are on your way to making your truck a profitable business.
  • It is crucial to take action. Without action, ideas are worth nothing.
  • We wish you all the best and we had love to hear how it goes.
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