How to Make Money with a Box Truck 2024

Have a box truck? Make money as fast as a week by choosing the right type of industry. Find out what one!

The options for making money from your box truck vary from high-risk investments with high rewards like starting a complete company with it or careers that have less risk like working with a business or securing jobs across various industries.

LoadUp, a world-class logistics company, wouldn’t be as successful as it is today without independent owners of box trucks we cooperate with across the United States.

You may be a well-established service provider trying to make a living on behalf of yourself, someone else or even a sweet combo Learn how to make serious cash with the box truck.

Ways to Make Money with a Box Truck:

  • Owning a Box Truck vs Working for Someone
  • Industries to Make Money With a Box Truck
  • Make Your Box Truck More than a Side-Hustle
  • Box Truck Owner Operator / Contractor Salary
  • Start a Business with Your Box Truck
  • Join LoadUp’s Exclusive Loader Program

Owning Your Box Truck vs Working for Someone

If you are uncertain about obtaining an agreement on a truck to try your hand at the field, be aware that there is always a need to move heavy, large objects, and the lease of a box truck is an excellent business decision.

If you do not have your vehicle, you will be working for another person, observing their hours and strict guidelines since you do not control the operation of the truck you are working on.

A box truck can allow you to start an enterprise, such as setting up a junk removal business and transforming it into a food truck, offering relocation services, or creating something that fits your work schedule by becoming an independent contractor.

The benefit of Leasing Your Box Truck

Begin to make money right away! Because leasing your box truck will mean you do not need to pay as much upfront, you will be able to view the payoff of leasing the truck from the moment you begin working. You will have the money to pay for the rental of the truck.

Find a reliable box truck leasing business that has flexible payment options that will help you maintain a healthy cash flow for your truck.

It is possible to take out a box truck lease to build your fleet to a fully-fledged enterprise, but it is a risky option. The more money you invest into your venture the more potential you stand to risk losing due to errors made as you learn or when the economy suffers an unexpected turn.

Be aware that you can use the lease on your box truck to become an independent contractor which is similar to running a business but with less risk and more security.

But, am I not employed by someone else?

Simply put the owner-operators of box trucks can take or refuse jobs as they choose.

  • You can set your hours.
  • There is no need to explain why you did not accept this job.
  • You can decide which type of cargo you want to put inside your truck.
  • The benefits of having your boss.

The ownership of a box truck is like releasing yourself from the tightly controlled 9-5 working hours.

Whatever you decide to do, having the truck of your dreams is a fantastic way to make a career very rewarding, pays well, and has the advantages of owning your own business.


Industries to Make Money With a Box Truck

Box trucks are the most popular commercial vehicle to transport freight It is the fastest method to make money with a box truck. You can be employed by reliable companies that require to expand their driver pool or join forces as an independent operator to expand their fleets.

Here are a few different industries that you could today join to make money with a box truck.

Box Truck Delivery Jobs

The pros to being a driver for deliveries

Due to their small size, box trucks can be extremely beneficial to small and online businesses like furniture restoration or hardware retailers. They require drivers who can handle and transport large items that the customers cannot carry without the proper equipment.

Pros and cons of being a delivery person

The disadvantages are that it is only for small-scale companies, as larger ones depend on larger transport. The demand for small-sized business items can also fluctuate and you will probably need a lot of customers to make a profit.

Box Truck Driver Mover/Moving Jobs

Benefits of being a house moving company:

Moving businesses require drivers and trucks to relocate commercial and residential properties. Numerous apps and companies provide the prerequisites to become an operator of a box truck and moving company. You could also promote and even start a business in the field by yourself.

Pros and cons of being a house mover

As you are moving entire homes and buildings, the amount of physical exertion that is often needed for the job is not something to be considered lightly. Additionally, the demand for moving services can be sporadic, so they make money is not always guaranteed.

Alongside your truck, you will require other equipment and tools including dolly cargo straps and blankets, tarps, and much more.

Rent Out or Advertise On Your Box Truck

The benefits of renting out your box truck

Renting or advertising is an easy way to make a passive but it is a small amount of money. If you are not bound to a specific company, consider offering the sides of your box truck for advertising an alternative business. You may also rent your truck to anyone who requires it and then use the profits from your passive income to pay off your rental on the box truck.

The disadvantages of renting your box truck

If you are renting the unit as part of a moving service, make sure you are adhering to the strict guidelines for moving. A lot of states have strict rules about the transport of personal belongings. Renting and advertising are simple methods to make money, but not enough to cover the costs of running the lights.

You can make your Box Truck more than just a Side-Hustle

Everyone who runs a business knows that demand fluctuates throughout the time of the year and a reliable 3PL (third-party logistical) firm helps its independent contractors adapt to the fluctuating demand.

Being an independent contractor for a box truck for a reputable logistics firm quickly becomes a steady income. Furthermore, the more you do, the better work you will be able to access.

But, finding a reliable logistics company that can task for you is challenging.

All logistics firms are not made in the same way. Do you remember the impact that Uber has done in the world of taxis?

The most competitive logistics companies such as LoadUp give independent contractors a great deal of satisfaction with their work and a fair wage and respect their total independence as contractors.

LoadUp was the very first company to remove junk to partner with independent contractors and utilize the latest “Uber-like” app technology to give leads to drivers, with the expected payouts, providing drivers with instant and easy control over their time, their cargo, and money.

Being a driver with LoadUp gives you instant access to jobs as well as daily cash flow.

There is no cost upfront to be a Loader so you have equipment and tools including a truck and one person to assist you with your heavy lifting.

The benefits of joining this biggest independent contractor network:

A reliable income. Weekly payments. Pay in a matter of hours. Our clients pay in advance and the full amount. As long as the work is completed to their satisfaction, they get promptly paid!

No price haggling. We are honest, upfront, and transparent about the amount you will make at the beginning. We give you an outline of what your payment will be before you accept the job.

Choose your schedule. Make sure you only take on jobs that are compatible with your schedule. You can work as much (or as less) as you like. We do not force you to perform any task you do not wish to take on.

Box Truck Owner Operator / Contractor Salary

If you own a box truck, you are in complete control of the amount you money. Selecting the business that has the greatest advantages (and cargo) the amount you make and how long you are on the road is completely dependent on you.

According to ZipRecruiter according to ZipRecruiter, the median annual wage for drivers of box trucks in April 2020 was between $19,500 to $47,000, or $15/hour. Based on the number of time drivers spend on the road and what communities they are in, figures for owners-operators are higher!

With LoadUp you can make $72 on average per task, with each comprised of hauling away between three items. The more work you perform, the better your make-money potential. In the case of a complete office cleanout, the top single pay was $5,000!

Cleaning up junk using LoadUp are rapidly growing without an end in sight since the year 2014. The demand for our quick and experienced Loaders to complete small and large cleanout jobs is on the verge of exploding on a national scale. We do not care.

We are looking for your help and your box truck to assist us in taking the next step in this wave of almost unlimited jobs.

Start Your Business & Make Money with a Box Truck

If you have got a business concept for your box truck, you may be possessed by a desire to lead and a built-up ambition you are waiting to implement. Perhaps you have got a bit of saving and are thinking about investing in a business plan and you realize that having a truck is not as bad an idea.

If done correctly When done right starting a company with the aid of a box truck could be lucrative. But when you jump into an idea for a business usually means there is no ROI for at least one year. But, If your products and services fulfill a need in your area, you could have the chance to be successful.

Let’s examine the first steps to beginning a new company and decide whether it is the right choice for you.

  • Legal Filing
  • Run Your Business
  • Grow Your Business

Legal Filing

The first piece of equipment you will need is a truck, which you can purchase by leasing to reduce the financial burden. You can then put on your work gloves and submit legal documents to establish your business as a sole proprietorship or limited liability company as soon as possible.

Once it is approved a few months later, start going!

Run Your Business

Well, congrats! You have got a business and, a business that is just starting is as dependent as a newborn baby.

You are the boss, which means that you are the one who decides You are the owner of your own company You also get to create everything! The name, the tone, the services, who you will serve, etc.

No experience? There is no problem! Wait for a moment.

Add up the amount of cost and time you will be spending in the learning and application process, constructing an online presence, and marketing to your customers, and the time it will be to make a profit.

Time wasted is money wasted. If you are not in the public domain, you could not get any work until you have a well-thought-out marketing strategy, which is a time-consuming process that requires… also money. In this highly competitive market, there is a lot of it.

Grow Your Business

If you are successful over a year, you can expand your business by leasing, renting, or purchasing more trucks.

Fun? Indeed, the average cost to begin a business for the removal of junk using one truck can be as high as 90kor more.

LoadUp's Exclusive Loader Program
LoadUp’s Exclusive Loader Program

LoadUp’s Exclusive Loader Program

Do you want to control the amount of demand in your community while preserving your truck’s autonomy?

We have snatched the most efficient method of building an established career using your box truck. This is for people who are looking to establish an unofficial team, make more money, have the first access to any junk jobs that are in your area, and eliminate the usual dangers that are associated with a truck.

The new Exclusive Loader Program is a program that grants you access to junk removal work within a particular zip code you manage on your own, thus removing competition while providing you with more revenue and business.

If you invest in specific ZIP codes you will be the right to work on your market and avoid the hassles associated when starting a company, like customer service and marketing.

The benefits of using your vehicle as an independent contractor in LoadUp are:

  • We provide jobs, not leads! If we offer you an opportunity, it is already been paid by the client. This means there is no estimate on site or haggling for the work done on time when you arrive.
  • Not only will you have the first choice and instant access to job opportunities, but, but you will also get paid every week for work you have finished and you do not have to ask where that money is.
  • We allocate time and funds to further marketing, advertising, and communication for your team to ensure that the first access service area is expanding rapidly without having to pay an additional penny.

Work from wherever and whenever you had like to and be the owner of any area you had like to be a part of. This is yours for the doing.

Although our ELP requires a certain amount of work for branding, marketing and dispatch, customer service, and much more, we put in the effort to ensure that you too can benefit.

If you are looking to start a company or establish the discipline to manage an entire team, arranging your working hours do not be a problem, especially because the more hours you put in at it, the more money you make.

Exclusive Loader Program is perfect for people who are:

  • Are you driven to pursue a career not just jobs
  • Professional and fast, yet welcoming
  • Dependable, self-motivated, and punctual

This is the closest you will get to owning and operating your own business using a box truck without the fear of losing the company, your money, your life or the home… your wife, etc.

And, once you are done and are ready to put on your cape, you will leave fairly unharmed if you decide that it is not your thing.

What do you need to know to start?

To become a member of the Exclusive Loader program, purchase rights to at minimum five zip codes each year. Prices vary based on the location, ranging between $100 and 1500 dollars per ZIP code. You can always buy more zip codes to boost your make-money potential and grow your business by taking on more positions and growing your workforce.

What would a day that is successful for an Exclusive Loader take?

Jobs in junk removal involve moving, lifting, and loading large items, or lots of them. Certain jobs can require cleaning out storage units, garages, and basements filled with garbage that hasn’t seen the light of day for decades. A lot of members of Exclusive Loaders are on days that they pick up only returns!

Once you have collected the items that you want to recycle or to be disposed of decide what you will do with the item and decide on the most eco-friendly solution for your location.

But, you do not need to take on every job. You can only accept those that you can handle.

When you become an Exclusive Loader As an Exclusive Loader, you will have the first choice of the highest paying jobs and the first choice of jobs that you love the most!. On average, you will carry anywhere between 1 and 3 things for each job.

Benefits of being a part of this Exclusive Loader program:

  • Insurance Covered
  • Independent Scheduling
  • Fast and Reliable Dispatch
  • Reliable Work, Reliable Pay
  • No-Hassle Customer Service
  • Limitless Growth Opportunities
  • Guaranteed First Pick of Jobs in Your Area

Make Money With a Box Truck Today

You can choose to be a driver for LoadUp or join the brand new Exclusive Loader Program, or choose your path There is a myriad of opportunities to make money with a box truck.

If you have your vehicle and van you could begin your business today. Why wait? Eliminate the burden of having others schedule your hours and payments to let LoadUp make money according to your schedule. It is as simple as opening an app now.

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How to Make Money with a Box Truck
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