How to Apply for Uzbekistan Visa from Pakistan in 2023

Uzbekistan is not a visa-free nation for Pakistani passport holders. However, it is possible to get a Uzbek visa by receiving an invitation from a person who lives in Uzbekistan. I will provide an easy-to-follow guide on how to apply for a Uzbekistan visa from Pakistan in 2023.

Uzbekistan Visa from Pakistan
Uzbekistan Visa from Pakistan

How to Get an Invitation Letter for Uzbekistan Visa in Pakistan?

Pakistani passport holders typically require an invitation letter in order to get a visa application to Uzbekistan. They may not require this document if they obtain an invitation letter through a tour agency in Uzbekistan. However, this will cost more. But, I got the visa by using a very simple invitation letter that I bought at a travel agency in Uzbekistan. It took about 10 days for my invitation letter to be delivered.

The invitation letter is priced at $80 USD for processing normally and it will take between 7-10 working days. Also, there is an emergency invitation that is a bit more expensive. First, make the amount of $80 to the travel agency in Uzbekistan, and then they will apply for an invitation letter.

The Uzbekistan government agency Uzbekistan has asked us to process invitation letters for applicants from Pakistan due to difficulties in sending money to Uzbekistan in order to pay Pakistani applicants. This is why we will pay them on behalf of you.

It is necessary to submit your passport along with a cover letter on corporate letterhead in order to get this invitation letter to get visas to Uzbekistan visa. Additionally, you must pay the invitation letter cost of $80. It is necessary to pay via a bank transfer to convert the PKR equivalent to USD on the due date. If you are also in Kazakhstan you could apply for a Kazakhstan visa invitation which is more costly than Uzbekistan.

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How to Apply for Uzbekistan Visa from Pakistan with an Invitation Letter

When you have received the invitation letter It is a breeze to get the visa sticker to your travel document. On the invitation, it is necessary to include the Embassy of Uzbekistan in which you wish to apply for an application for a visa. In my case, I picked the Uzbek Embassy located in Tehran, Iran, because that was the time I was in Tehran for a visit. I visited the embassy and was granted a visa in just 30 minutes. I just had to fill out a simple form and submit two photos at the Embassy.

If you live in Pakistan and would like to get a visa in Pakistan, then you will need to visit the Uzbek Embassy in Islamabad and be required to present a handful of documents like hotel reservations and flight booking. There is a $55 USD fee for a visa at the Embassy. So the total cost for the Uzbekistan visa is $135. But it is definitely worth it.

Before going to the embassy, make sure to take a printout of the invitation letter and a printout of completely filled visa application form which you can fill out online on this website, and then just take a printout of it:

This is what the Uzbekistan visa will look like. I obtained it through the Tehran Embassy and later another one in Islamabad located in Pakistan. The process is quite simple and does not require any trouble. I would suggest that you mention an additional country on an invitation letter in case taking a trip together since in Islamabad the people are somewhat difficult. If you are not planning a joint trip, you are able to get a visa in Islamabad as well, and this is not a problem with your invitation card.

Do Pakistani passports need visas for Uzbekistan?

Yes. Pakistani passport holders must have a visa for Uzbekistan. If you are a Pakistani citizen, you will require an invitation letter prior to submitting to apply for an Uzbekistan visa to Pakistan. It is also possible to apply for the visa without a letter of invitation However, they will need additional documents and ask questions during the interview.

Is Uzbekistan visa on arrival for Pakistani?

No. Uzbekistan visas are not available at the time of the arrival list for Pakistan however if you possess an invitation letter, you can apply for the Uzbek visa upon arrival at a major air terminal in Uzbekistan.

How much is a Uzbekistan visa from Pakistan?

The total cost for the Uzbekistan visa to Pakistan is $115. This is inclusive of the invitation’s cost of $80, as well as the fee for a sticker visa of $55.

Is Uzbekistan good for tourism?

Yes. Uzbekistan is a great country for tourism with a lot of cultural activities and historical places such as Bukhara and Samarkand. The capital Tashkent is also a beautiful place to see the modern life of Uzbekistan. It is a must-visit place in Central Asia.

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