How to Apply for South Africa visa from Pakistan 2024

For people with Pakistani passports, getting a South Africa visa is a pretty easy process. For a South Africa visa from Pakistan, you have to make a list of the papers you need. But I just did this process myself, so I will walk you through it step by step. Pakistan is not visa-free.

South Africa visa from Pakistan
South Africa visa from Pakistan

The South African High Commission is in Islamabad, and the visa application will be sent to them by Gerry’s, which is a third-party service in Pakistan that helps with visas. You can also apply for a South African visa at Gerry’s visa application center if you live in Sindh or Balochistan province. I used to live in Gujranwala.

Required Documents for Applying for South Africa Visa From Pakistan

  • Valid passport
  • Previous passports
  • Visa application
  • Two photographs
  • Covering letter
  • Bank statement for the last six months
  • Bank maintenance certificate
  • Employment letter (if doing a job)
  • Business documents (if doing business)
  • Study letter from University (If student)
  • Hotel booking
  • Flight reservation
  • Yellow fever certificate
  • CNIC & passport copy
  • Visa Fee: Rs.3700

This is a short list of the most basic papers you need to get a South African visa in Pakistan. If you have been to Kenya, Tanzania, or Uganda, three African countries where Yellow Fever is popular, you will need to show a Yellow Fever certificate. If you have not been there, you do not have to.

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The process to Apply for South Africa Visa From Pakistan

The process is pretty easy to understand. You have to start by going to the VFS website, which works with Gerry’s to handle visa applications for South Africa in Pakistan. You have to pay $50 USD online to make an appointment for a South Africa visa. It is funny that the visa fee is less than the appointment fee.

After you have made the appointment online, simply print it and take it along with your documents to Gerry’s office on the given date. Your application will be processed by Gerry’s either in Islamabad, Karachi or Lahore, etc.

Please visit the VFS official website for South Africa by Clicking Here.

Gerry’s Office address in Pakistan
Islamabad Office: South Africa Visa Application Centre Park Road,
Chattha Bakhtawar Chak Shahzad, Islamabad
South Africa Visa Application Centre
Bahria Complex IV, 4th Floor, Main Chaudhary
Khaliq UZ Zaman Road. Gizri, Clifton, Karachi

Lahore Office: 20 Ex American Centre Building Opposite, Ganga Ram Hospital Queens Road, Lahore, Pakistan

South Africa Visa Processing Time in Pakistan

Typically, the visa application procedure takes 10 to 15 days. Although I paid them Rs. 2500 for a fast-tracked application, it took 22 days in my case because my application was delayed owing to Gerry’s inconsistencies. They did nothing but defraud me by charging me Rs. 2500 for extra services when none were provided.

Actually, if you want to have them check your paperwork before submitting the application to the embassy, they would charge you Rs. 2500. They claimed that the application would be expedited. Although I opted for that service, Gerry’s never called my office to verify. It is just a lie, therefore that is a major fraud from them. Avoid using that additional service.

How much is a visa from Pakistan to South Africa?

A South Africa visa in Pakistan costs a total of Rs. 13,700. You must pay Rs. 3700 for the embassy fee and $50 USD for the visa application center on the day your application is submitted.

How long does it take to get a South African visa from Pakistan?

It takes roughly 15 business days. In my instance, when it took 22 calendar days, it may occasionally take longer than 15 days.

How much bank balance is required for a South African visa?

No specific sum is needed in the bank. However, it ought to be plenty to pay for your South African tour’s expenses.

Is South Africa safe for tourism?

Travelers can feel quite safe visiting Cape Town and Durban. Although Johannesburg carries some risks, you should always use caution. I will advise not investigating after night and only doing it throughout the day.

How Expensive is South Africa?

Compared to Europe and North America, South Africa is not very expensive. But, compared to other things in Southeast Asia, it is pricey. Even if you have to pay $50 per day for food and lodging, you can still get by. We did it with ease for $50 a day. We were both in one room together.

How much hotel room will cost in South Africa?

In big towns like Cape Town and Durban, you can find hotels and hostels everywhere. There are also hostels that cost as little as $10 per night. I use Agoda to book cheap rooms everywhere in the world.

What About Food in South Africa?

If you want to eat Indian or Pakistani food, you can find it in tourist towns like Cape Town and Durban. We even found a restaurant in Johannesburg called Lal Qila that asked us to dinner.

What to Visit in South Africa?

You can visit a lot of interesting nature and historical places in South Africa. But it will all depend on how long you stay in South Africa. If you only have a week, you will only be able to see Cape Town. If you have at least 10 days, you should definitely visit Cape Town and Durban as well. If you like animals, you have to go to Kruger National Park. The same goes for people who like jungle games.

Top tourist attractions in South Africa

In Cape Town, you should not miss Table Mountain, Cape of Good Hope, Bo-Kaab, Castle of Good Hope, and the Penguin Colony. Nelson Mandela lived and worked in many places in Johannesburg. South Africa’s city, Pretoria, is also a nice place to visit.

Conclusion of South Africa

In Cape Town, you should not miss Table Mountain, Cape of Good Hope, Bo-Kaab, Castle of Good Hope, and the Penguin Colony. Nelson Mandela lived and worked in many places in Johannesburg. South Africa’s city, Pretoria, is also a nice place to visit.

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