Jobs in Turkey for Pakistani 2023

Jobs in Turkey for Pakistani 2023 – Turkey is a country located in both Europe and Asia, with a small portion of its territory in southeastern Europe and the majority in western Asia. This country has a diverse and emerging economy, and is classified as an upper-middle-income country by the World Bank. It has a mixed economy with a strong industrial and services sector, and the main sources of its income include manufacturing, automotive, machinery, electronics, construction, textiles, agriculture, and tourism. As for the population, Turkey is among the most populous countries in the world, ranking around 18th in the world by population, with an estimated population of over 82 million people, and a sizeable portion of approximately 2.7 million expatriates.

Turkey is famous for its historical culture, captivating landscapes, ancient architecture, and culinary delights. A salient feature of this country is the high standard of living, providing excellent infrastructure, quality education, universal healthcare system, growing economy, and a diverse range of amenities for its residents, including the international individuals. This land is filled with work opportunities in various sectors, especially in the fields such as manufacturing, teaching, construction work, sales and marketing, accounting and finance, hospitality and tourism, healthcare, and information technology.

Jobs in Turkey for Pakistani
Jobs in Turkey for Pakistani

Jobs in Turkey for Pakistani are one of the best options for those Pakistanis who are wishfully looking for job opportunities abroad. This country offers a strong job market with a varied range of employment options across various sectors. One of the key advantages of the Turkish job market is its relatively low unemployment rates compared to many other countries, which is a positive sign of favourable environment for Pakistani job seekers, as there is a higher likelihood of finding jobs with ease.

This progressing country welcomes foreign professionals as well as entrepreneurs by offering several incentives and conducting support programs to encourage their participation in the Turkish job market. Moreover, many companies in Turkey prioritize employee development and promote training programs, mentorship opportunities, and career progression pathways. In addition, this nation has a developing startup ecosystem, which can be attractive for Pakistani people searching for job in innovative and entrepreneurial environments.

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Types of Jobs in Turkey for Pakistani:

There are various types of jobs in Turkey for Pakistani individuals in different sectors. Here is a brief overview of each sector and the potential jobs in Turkey for Pakistanis:


Turkey has a strong manufacturing industry, particularly in sectors like automotive, textiles, electronics, and machinery. There are many jobs for skilled workers, engineers, technicians, and managers from Pakistan in manufacturing companies of Turkey.


Turkey has a well established education sector, with jobs for both local and foreign teachers. English language teaching is particularly in demand, and there are also opportunities in international schools, private language institutions, and universities.

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Construction Work

Turkey has undergone significant infrastructure development and construction projects in recent years. There is a great demand for construction workers, civil engineers, architects, project managers, and skilled labour.

Sales and Marketing

With a growing consumer market, sales and marketing professionals are needed in Turkey. Companies in various industries, including retail, consumer products, and services, offer opportunities in sales, marketing, and business development.

Accounting and Finance

Turkey has a prominent financial sector, and there are opportunities for accountants, financial analysts, auditors, and professionals in banking and insurance.

Hospitality and Tourism

Turkey is a renowned tourist destination, and its hospitality sector has a rapid growth. There are opportunities in hotels, resorts, restaurants, tour agencies, and travel companies, especially in major cities and coastal regions.


The healthcare sector in Turkey is expanding, and there is a demand for medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and healthcare technicians. Private hospitals, clinics, and medical tourism facilities offer potential job opportunities for the foreign nationals.

Information Technology

Turkey has a fast growing information technology sector, with potential job prospects in software development, website development, database management and data analytics, programming, and IT support.

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Requirements of Jobs in Turkey for Pakistani

To work in Turkey as a Pakistani citizen, you will need to focus on certain requisites. Here are some of the general guidelines and requirements regarding jobs in Turkey for Pakistani applicants:

Valid Passport

To apply for jobs in Turkey for Pakistani, you should have a valid Pakistani passport with sufficient validity.

Work Visa

To work legally in Turkey, you need to acquire a work visa. The prospective employer typically initiates the application process on behalf of the employee.

Job Offer

To apply for a work visa, you will need a job offer letter from a Turkish employer, with details about your post, salary, working duration, job responsibilities, and other related information.

Education and Qualifications

Depending on the nature of your job, you may need specific educational qualifications or professional experience. Employers in Turkey often prefer candidates with prior experience as it proves their ability to perform the job effectively.

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Language Proficiency

Turkish language proficiency may be required for some job positions, particularly those involving direct interaction with Turkish-speaking individuals or organizations. However, in certain sectors or multinational companies, English competence may be enough, especially in sectors such as tourism and hospitality.

Labour Market Check

Before hiring a foreign worker, Turkish employers are bound to check that there is no suitable Turkish candidate available for the position. This is done through a labour market check conducted by the concerned Turkish Employment Agency.

Medical Examination

Some employers may require Pakistani candidates to undergo a medical examination to ensure that they are fit for the job.

Health Insurance

Having health insurance coverage is often advisable to meet any healthcare needs during your job period.

Financial Stability

Applicants should be able to prove their financial stability to support themselves during their stay in Turkey. This may involve providing proof of sufficient funds, such as bank statements, to cover living costs there.

Residence Permit

After obtaining work visa and entering Turkey, you will need to get a residence permit within 30 days. Such permit will allow you to legally live and work in this country.

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Best Websites to Find Jobs in Turkey for Pakistani

While looking for Jobs in Turkey for Pakistani, it is recommended to explore several job portals that facilitate job seekers. Here is the list of some most relevant websites that can help you find Jobs in Turkey for Pakistani:

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