Jobs in Sweden for Pakistani 2024

If you are looking for jobs in Sweden for Pakistani? Sweden could be your next destination. In this blog post, we will talk about jobs in Sweden for Pakistanis. How much salary can you get for jobs in Sweden? What documents will be required for a work visa and what benefits will you get with the job in the country?

Jobs in Sweden for Pakistani
Jobs in Sweden for Pakistani

Description of Jobs in Sweden for Pakistani

Posted on24th July 2024
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Introduction of Sweden

The Swedish job market is known for its openness and diversity. Employers in Sweden actively seek international talents to enrich their workforce. The country values skills and expertise, making it an attractive destination for skilled Pakistani professionals seeking new job experiences.

Types of Sweden Jobs

There are countless jobs in Sweden. If you do not have any skills you can still get a job in Sweden. There are many other jobs in Sweden such as teacher, laborer, agriculture, cleaner, housekeeper, construction worker, and many more jobs which are not included in the list, you can easily find these jobs in Sweden can get along and get good salary.

Information Technology (IT)

There is a lot of IT work in Sweden, with professionals skilled in software development, cybersecurity, and data analysis in high demand. If you know IT work then this can be the best opportunity for you.


Sweden is renowned for its engineering industry. Whether it is mechanical, electrical, or civil engineering, your expertise will be highly valued in this innovative country.


The healthcare sector in Sweden is known for its quality and accessibility. Medical professionals, nurses, and specialists from Pakistan have good prospects here.


Sweden places a strong emphasis on education. There are many jobs out there for teachers. Sweden is a great opportunity for teachers.

Requirement of Sweden Work Visa

Before starting a job in Sweden, let’s know what you will need to get a Sweden work visa.

Visa and Work Permits

To work in Sweden, you will need a valid work permit. Check with the Swedish embassy or consulate in Pakistan for detailed information on visa applications and work permits.

Language Proficiency

While English is widely spoken in Sweden, learning Swedish can significantly improve your job prospects, especially in sectors requiring direct interaction with local clients or businesses.

Research the Job Market

Research is key to finding the right job. Explore industries that match your skills and qualifications. Connect with online job portals and professional networks to get an idea of the demand for your expertise.

CV and Cover Letter

Ensure that your CV and cover letter highlight your skills and experiences. Tailor them to suit each job application and demonstrate how you can contribute to the prospective employer’s success.

How to Apply for a Work Permit

The principle is to apply for and be granted a work permit prior to entering Sweden. When you submit your application online, you’ll be given clear directions on how to fill out your application as well as the documents you need to include with your application. This will help applicants to fill out the application correctly and improve their chances of getting a fast decision.

Employment contract

To be able to obtain a work permit you must be in employment contract in Sweden. It is necessary to have an employment contract which you have to attach with your application. The employer must have advertised for the job in Sweden and the EU/EEA, as well as Switzerland at least 10 days prior to when the contract of employment was signed.

The employer initi­ates the appli­ca­tion

Employers in Sweden start the application for a work permit by giving information regarding the job. Employers require information on your name, birth date, birth date of your citizenship, education, and email address.

It is essential it you can access the email that you have provided to your employer until you have been given a decision on your application. It is important to note that the Swedish Migration Agency will use the email address to communicate with applicants throughout the application process.

You receive an email

If your employer has given information regarding the position you will be sent an email with details regarding what you need to do in order to get an employment permit.

In your application, you should include details about your personal details. Also, you should ensure that the information regarding your employment conditions that you have provided regarding your employment is in line with the terms employers and employees agreed upon.

If your family is traveling along with the trip to Sweden you must apply for permits for them simultaneously. You will be subject to an obligation to maintain your family members are accompanying you to Sweden.

Pay and submit your application

In the majority of cases, you have to pay an amount. You can pay by Visa as well as Mastercard. Once the fee has been paid, you can submit your application. Both you and your employer are sent an email confirmation that your application was accepted. It is expected that the Migration Agency will contact you to obtain additional details.

The Migra­tion Agency processes the appli­ca­tion

In order to allow the Swedish Migration Agency to make an assessment of an application information must be completed and all documents required to be included. This implies that the time for processing will be less in the event that all of the information needed is submitted at the beginning as opposed to if the details are added later. Keep in mind this: the Migration Agency could in certain circumstances require a further review of your application even though you have provided all the necessary details and documentation.

If you change your mind and no longer want to apply

If you wish to cancel your application, you have to declare it in a written letter addressed to the Swedish Migration Agency. In your letter, you must include your name, birth date your personal identification number (if you have one), and your case number. Include your phone number and address to ensure you can ensure that the Swedish Migration Agency can reach you in case we have queries. The letter must be signed by you. If you’ve given authority to someone else, the person may cancel the application on behalf of you.

Infor­ma­tion needed for resi­dence permit card

If you’re granted a permit that lasts longer than 3 months, you’ll be issued a residence permit card. It proves that you are allowed to live in Sweden and also contains details like your fingerprints as well as a photo.

If you require an entry visa to travel to Sweden then you must go to the Swedish consulate or embassy at the earliest time possible to have your photo taken and your fingerprints taken if you haven’t done this when you presented your passport. This is required regardless of whether you previously held the residence permit card because the information has not been stored. If your family members are trying to obtain permits family members must be photographed and get your fingerprints taken by the consulate or embassy. Always call the consulate or embassy prior to your visit.

If you don’t need an entry visa in order to travel to Sweden you can apply to obtain a residence permit through the Migration Agency after arriving in Sweden. You must, however, apply for and get your work permit approved prior to traveling to Sweden.

Receiving the deci­sion

If you are unable to apply online, fill out the Application for a Swedish work permit, number 149011, and turn it into a Swedish embassy or consulate-general in the country where you are living. The application form indicates the documents you need to enclose.

If there is no possibility to apply in your country, you should apply at the embassy or consulate-general nearest to the country where you live. Before you submit your application you should contact the embassy or consulate-general.

Each member of your family who plans to accompany you to Sweden must turn in an application of their own to a Swedish embassy or consulate-general.

Passports are required.

The Swedish Migration Agency must check your passport prior to making a decision. Therefore, you may need to show your passport to a Swedish consulate-general or embassy in case you’re outside Sweden or at one of the migration agency’s service centers when you’re situated in Sweden.

In some instances, it is not required to present your passport, for instance when we’ve already examined your passport on an earlier visit.

If you have to present your passport, we’ll inform you of the best way to present your passport.

If you require an entry permit or a residence permit card for travel to Sweden the majority of times get your fingerprints taken and photographed when you present your passport to an embassy or consulate general.

If your family members also apply for a residence permit and a residence permit, you and the Swedish Migration Agency must check their passports, too. The requirement to present that you have a passport doesn’t apply to children younger than five years old and it is only required that parents bring their child’s passport along for the visit. However, if a child requires the residence permit card and is required to bring it along to have it photographed.

Sweden Culture

Moving to Sweden means embracing a new culture and lifestyle. Swedish society values equality, work-life balance, and nature. You need to take some time to learn about Swedish traditions.

Sweden Jobs Salary for Pakistani

Salaries in Sweden can vary depending on factors such as industry, job role, qualifications, experience, and location. Generally, Sweden is known for its high salary levels compared to many other countries. However, it is important to note that the cost of living in Sweden is also relatively high.

To give you an idea of salary ranges in Sweden, here are some approximate average monthly gross salaries (before taxes) for common professions:

IT/Technology: The average salary for IT professionals in Sweden can range from around 35,000 to 60,000 SEK per month.

Engineering: Salaries for engineers in Sweden can vary depending on the field and level of experience. As a rough estimate, the average salary for engineers can range from 35,000 to 55,000 SEK per month.

Healthcare: Salaries in the healthcare sector can vary depending on the specific role. For example, doctors and specialized healthcare professionals can earn higher salaries, while nurses and other healthcare staff may have lower average salaries. On average, healthcare salaries can range from around 25,000 to 50,000 SEK per month.

Finance and Banking: Salaries in the finance and banking sector can be quite competitive in Sweden, especially in larger cities like Stockholm. Salaries for finance professionals can range from around 35,000 to 60,000 SEK per month.

Teaching and Education: Salaries for teachers in Sweden can vary depending on the level of education and experience. On average, teachers can earn between 25,000 and 40,000 SEK per month.

These salary ranges are approximate and can vary depending on various factors. It is important to research specific job roles and industries to get a more accurate understanding of salary expectations.

How to Find Jobs in Sweden for Pakistani

The process of securing employment in Sweden for Pakistani citizens can be approached through various avenues. The Internet and specialized job portals are frequently utilized to find suitable positions. Recruitment agencies also play a crucial role in assisting individuals in their job search.

The initial step involves crafting a compelling curriculum vitae (CV) that highlights qualifications, work experience, and skills. Professional CV writing services can be enlisted to ensure the CV’s effectiveness.

Once a strong CV is in hand, the next step is to apply for desired positions. Job search engines such as Indeed or thelocal, as well as job boards like Sweden, and europ portal sweden prove invaluable in this regard.

When expressing interest in a specific job, a well-crafted cover letter and a tailored application should accompany the CV submission.

If shortlisted for an interview, thorough preparation is essential. This entails researching the prospective company and familiarizing oneself with the role being applied for. Practice responses to common interview questions are highly recommended.

Upon receiving a job offer, it is crucial to engage in salary and employment condition negotiations before signing the employment contract.

The process of finding jobs in Sweden for Pakistani citizens may pose challenges. However, following these steps significantly enhances the likelihood of success.


In conclusion, Sweden offers promising job opportunities for Pakistani professionals across various sectors. The key is to research, prepare, and adapt to the Swedish work culture. By showcasing your skills, qualifications, and willingness to embrace a new adventure, you can make your mark in this enchanting Scandinavian nation.


Is it challenging for Pakistanis to find jobs in Sweden?

While it can be competitive, there are ample opportunities for skilled professionals from Pakistan.

Do I need to learn Swedish to work in Sweden?

While English is widely spoken, learning Swedish can enhance your job prospects.

What are the thriving sectors for Pakistanis in Sweden?

IT, Engineering, Healthcare, and Education are some of the thriving sectors.

How can I secure a work permit for Sweden?

Your employer can assist you in obtaining a valid work permit.

What is the work culture like in Sweden?

Swedish work culture values work-life balance and equality, creating a conducive environment for employees.

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