How to Apply for Azerbaijan eVisa from Pakistan

How to Apply for Azerbaijan eVisa from Pakistan? has a full guide. Together with VFS Global, Azerbaijan has launched a new evisa website. People with a passport from Pakistan can apply for an evisa for Azerbaijan. I will tell you everything you need to do to get an Azerbaijan visa from Pakistan because you can do it all online. If you want another country to visit a visa see world say online.

Azerbaijan eVisa from Pakistan
Azerbaijan eVisa from Pakistan

What is the eVisa Policy of Azerbaijan for Pakistan?

In 2017, Azerbaijan started the evisa system, and Pakistan was added to the list of countries whose people can apply for an evisa to Azerbaijan. After the COVID pandemic in 2022, Azerbaijan and VFS Global worked together to make a new official website for evisa. Now, you have to use this new page to apply for an evisa for Azerbaijan. Pakistan is one of the 71 countries that can get an evisa to go to Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is on the list of countries where Pakistanis do not need a visa because the process is simple and easy.

Azerbaijan eVisa Requirements for Pakistani Citizens

Even though Azerbaijan lets people with a Pakistani passport apply for an evisa online, there are some things you have to do to get this visa. Here is a list of the exact papers you will need to apply for an eVisa for Azerbaijan online.

  • A printed copy of a passport
  • The hotel’s address in Azerbaijan
  • Local address in Pakistan

The evisa method in Azerbaijan does not ask for a lot of documents. You will only need to share a scanned copy of your passport and the address of your hotel in Azerbaijan. If you have not bought your hotel yet, you can just go to and add the address of any Azerbaijan hotel.

Types of Visas Available

Any kind of evisa can be applied online. Which visa you need to apply for through the online visa system will depend on why you want to visit. Here is a list of all the cards that you can apply for online.

  • Tourist visa
  • Business visa
  • Student visa
  • Science visa
  • Personal visa
  • Official visa
  • Humanitarian visa
  • Labor visa
  • Sports visa
  • Cultural visa
  • Medical visa

The online evisa method lets you apply for these kinds of visas. When you fill out your application, you can easily choose the type of visa that matches the reason for your trip.

Can I Apply for an Azerbaijan Family eVisa?

You can visit Azerbaijan with your family if you get an eVisa. But you have to fill out a different application for each person in your family. Even babies and small children need to fill out their own eVisa applications. You will need to type all the information for each applicant. Visa fees are also the same for everyone, no matter how old they are.

Azerbaijan eVisa fee for Pakistani Citizens

The eVisa for Azerbaijan is not free for people with a passport from Pakistan. If you want to get an Azerbaijan evisa online, you have to pay a fee. You can only pay with a credit card or debit card that can be used to pay online. Here are the fees for both an urgent visa and a normal visa.

  • Normal visa handling costs $25 USD and takes three business days.
  • $60 USD for a visa to be processed in three hours.

If you are not in a hurry, you can just apply for the normal evisa. The decision will be made within three business days, and it only costs $25 USD for people from Pakistan. You can get an urgent visa if you need to leave the country quickly.

Validity and Processing Time of Azerbaijan eVisa

Normal visas take 3 business days to process, but in some cases, it can take up to 7 days. Urgent visas take 3 hours to process, but in some situations, they can take up to 24 hours. The eVisa for Azerbaijan is good for 90 days, and you can stay there for up to 30 days. This visa lets you stay in Azerbaijan for a short amount of time. You can ask the Republic of Azerbaijan’s relocation services to let you stay longer in the country.

Why My Azerbaijan eVisa is Rejected?

In very few cases, an Azerbaijan evisa can be turned down for security reasons. If you have been to “Nagorno Karabakh” or any other part of Azerbaijan that has been held by Armenia since 1991 without permission from the Azerbaijani government, you will probably not be allowed to get a visa or enter the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Your evisa can also be turned down because of your health. If you have ever had tuberculosis or the hepatitis B virus, you might not be allowed into Azerbaijan. If you were wrongly turned down for an evisa, you can try to get one again through the online method.

Can I Track My Visa Application?

Yes, it is easy to follow up on your eVisa application. Usually, it only takes 3 working days, which is not long, and you do not have to check on your evisa application. But if you are still in a hurry and want to check the progress of your evisa, you can do so by going to the link.

Click to check to track your evisa application

Can I Get My Money Back if My Visa is Turned Down?

No, you can not get your money back if your Azerbaijan evisa is turned down. This is how most visa requests work, not just in Azerbaijan. However, visas are rarely turned down.

Best Tips for Azerbaijan eVisa

If you want to get an eVisa for Azerbaijan, I suggest that you carefully fill in your personal information. If you made a mistake on the form and the information on it did not match what was in your passport, your application will be turned down. If you got a visa with wrong information that does not match up with your passport, the border police might not let you into Azerbaijan. So, it is very important to add the right details.

Second, choose the right type of ticket. If you are going to Azerbaijan to see the sights, choose the “tourist” passport. If you need to do business in Azerbaijan, choose the business visa.

Do not stay too long in Azerbaijan because it will make Pakistan look bad and Azerbaijan might stop letting Pakistan get an eVisa. Many Pakistanis try to stay in Azerbaijan even though their visas have run out. This is bad, and you should not do it.


With a Pakistani passport, getting an Azerbaijan evisa is one of the easiest visas to get. With this visa, I have been to Azerbaijan a lot of times. Compared to other evisa schemes, the fee for this visa is also very low. The people of Azerbaijan are very nice, and they love Pakistan a lot. The country is very beautiful. From Pakistan, there are many ways to get to Azerbaijan by plane. Have fun while you are in Azerbaijan.

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