How to Get Book Typing Jobs in Pakistan 2024 ( Complete Guide)

How to get book typing jobs in Pakistan? Book Typing Jobs in Pakistan include typing manuscripts for publishing companies or bookwriters. In some book typing jobs in Pakistan, you type the handwritten text of authors or editors into a document program.

Some companies hire book typer to convert printed books into eBooks. Also to correct typing the document on the computer, you may need to format the text to meet publishing requirements.

The demand for book typing jobs in Pakistan from home is increasing and it is not likely to end anytime soon. There are also plenty of Book Typing Jobs in Pakistan available from which you can earn online.

How to get Book Typing Jobs in Pakistan
How to Get Book Typing Jobs in Pakistan

How to Get Book Typing Jobs in Pakistan? What is Book Typing Jobs?

Book typing can be classified into the larger scope of data entry, where information is reproduced from one format to another. In book typing, he is converting traditional books into digital text files.

How Can I Get Book Typing Jobs in Pakistan?

The qualifications you need to get book typing jobs in Pakistan include excellent typing skills and attention to detail.

Employers may ask you to type a certain number of words per minute, and some ask applicants to take a test to measure typing speed and accuracy.

No formal education is required to get book typing jobs in Pakistan, although some in this career take typing and administrative courses at vocational schools to make them more competitive in the job market.

Many positions also require candidates to be proficient in layout software, such as Adobe InDesign. As well as standard Office programs, including Microsoft Word. Book typing jobs in Pakistan are not limited to commercially published fiction and nonfiction books.

It can also include typing out personal documents such as handwritten magazines, manuals, text in images, old manuscripts, speeches, and letters.

You do not need special training, nor do you need expensive software and equipment to excel at it. Instead, you need a reliable PC or laptop and a work area conducive to productivity.

As far as skills are concerned, you will need above-average typing speed and a lot of hard reading material. It also helps to have proficiency in proofreading and some technical background depending on what you are working on.

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Ways to Find Book Typing Jobs in Pakistan from Home

Almost all legitimate data entry companies can accommodate book typing requests and may be known by many names, such as copy typing, book transcription, and many others.

Searching for book typing jobs in Pakistan will yield page-upon-page results for common online typing jobs.

To exclude overlapping results for transcription and data entry jobs, you will need to try other keywords to narrow down the search results.

Here are some tried and tested websites to help you start your search.

Flex Jobs

This job board is a must for any work-from-home freelancer.

If you are interested in book typing jobs in Pakistan, enter typing on the search bar to see what opportunities are available. Bookmark this site and check regularly for new job postings.

You need to experiment with keywords because exact-match results for the phrase book typing jobs in Pakistan, getting a job is quite rare.

Do not forget to tick 100% remote work on the remote work level filter to further narrow down the results.

Quick Transcription

This US-based company provides various transcription services in several states. One of the services offered is book typing.

They employ part-time and full-time transcription service providers from anywhere in the world. Although they do not disclose payment terms for employees, the published rate for clients for the book typing job is $2.63 per page.

This will give you an idea of ​​how much you can earn by book typing jobs in Pakistan for this company.

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This website has been around for years and is still incredibly popular. It is home to almost every job request you can imagine. As such, you are bound to find book-typing jobs here

Note that is a bidding job site, so competition for work is always high, especially for entry-level jobs.

While past clients can give you first-hand information on future projects, landing your first job at can take some time. The payment for the book typing job will also depend on the client. The project budget will be posted with the job description, so apply only if the fees are acceptable to you.

Fiverr is a better alternative to, especially if you are looking for more control fee-wise.

That is because lets freelancers post the services they offer, including details and pricing, that are visible to all. If a client wants to hire a certain freelancer, the order button is right there.

It is up to you to find ways to stand out, showcase your skills, and promote your data entry, transcription, or book typing services.


Upwork is one of the most popular and established global job boards for freelancers. Anyone can post a job advertisement for free.

Also to job specifics, these ads usually include a project budget. Job seekers can send offers along with rates. It is not open bidding like Freelancer as the offers are not public.

One of the best things about Upwork is its proactive anti-fraud measures that protect both freelancers and employers.

For example, payment will be put into escrow once a contract is initiated and released only upon completion of the project or a milestone.

Start Your Book Typing Business from Home

Here is the thing, book typing jobs in Pakistan from home job opportunities are hidden in plain sight. Almost all businesses in all sectors use some sort of book typing service.

How do PDF and image-scanned books, and other paper documents become available as digital copies?

Not all businesses will have the manpower to handle this task in-house.

They may want to outsource this service to an independent contractor or to an agency that provides book typing services. Unfortunately, if you are looking for book typing jobs in Pakistan, you may face two types of people:

Scammers prey on people and look for data entry jobs and typing jobs. This service is in great demand and many freelancers want to join, so it is full of opportunism.

The clients or agencies that cost these job requests are far less than the time and effort it takes to fulfill them.

The surest way to avoid book-typing scams and bad deals is to set up your book-typing business and offer this exclusive service to potential customers.

As a business owner, you have control over every aspect of your business, from pricing, and promotions, to the types of projects you accept. Setting up a business website is easy; Even newbies can build a business website in a day, thanks to ready-made templates.

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How Much Can You Earn from Book Typing?

For this type of job, you are likely to get paid for your output, not on an hourly basis. The amount you earn from typing old books depends on many factors.

If you join a company as a freelancer, you can probably earn anywhere from $1 to $5 per page of the typed book. The rate largely depends on the length and complexity of the content. If you offer your typing services to sites like Fiverr, the rate is entirely up to you.

This is also the case for those who are planning to start a book-typing business. You will determine the fee you are willing to work for. Payment terms also vary.

For example, jobs posted on Freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork get paid after the task is completed, while transcription companies may pay contractors on a weekly or bi-monthly basis.

Future Digitizing Books

The quality of retyped books is higher than that of OCR scanning, but as technology catches on to the need to digitize older books and manuscripts; you might want to learn how to type books.

Learn how to categorize and organize books digitally so that publishers and authors can easily access them. Study how to handle fragile vintage books and scan microfilm so you can offer your services to libraries and expand your pool of potential target customers.

Familiarize yourself with the latest developments in digital publishing, indexing, metadata implementation, and cataloging so that you can convert physical books into electronic ones that are easily accessible and searchable via keywords, whatever eBook format the reader uses. is.

The more you know about digitizing books, the more clients you can get and the more you can expect to make per hour from your additional expertise.

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Different Ways to Increase Performance in Book Typing Jobs in Pakistan

Here is a list of different ways to increase performance in Book Typing Jobs.

  • Make a plan
  • Plan the cover design
  • Write
  • Create a Plan
  • Read
  • Edit
  • Publish
  • Projection

Make a Plan

The first step in writing a book is to create a plan for how you will do it. This is where many potential writers fail. They state intention to write a book but never plan to sit down and finish it.

How often will you write? When will you write daily or weekly? How would you organize your day to weave in your writing?

The day you get stuck, what will you do? Writing a book is like a business and every big business starts with a plan.

Plan Cover Design

I usually hire a cover designer before I write the book. Why? The cover of the book inspires me. This makes the book real.

I hang copies of cover designs around my house as inspiration for me to write, even when I do not feel like it. Then if I fall behind in my plan, I have the cover design staring at me.


Once you have a plan, start writing. The first book I self-published, The Playbook to Healthy Time Management, took me three years to write. I wrote a little bit each week until I finished it. I thought it would take me a long time to write a book.

Then I met John Gordon, author of amazing books like The Energy Bus, and asked him how long it took him to write his books.

He said it usually takes a day or two for him to write but the editing process is a bit long. It changed my whole mindset about writing books.

My second published book, Tuned In, was written on a plane ride from Las Vegas to Boston. I wrote my most recent book, Reach, in one day. It is amazing what you can accomplish when you put off your email, voicemail, and contact with the world for a day.

For each of these books, I started with a complete outline of the chapters. Then I started writing down my thoughts and stories one chapter at a time.

Blogging is another great way to write your book. If you are blogging regularly, those articles can eventually be compiled into a book-worthy whole.

Create a Plan

I prefer to write all my content myself. I have many friends who are writers and who chose to hire ghostwriters.

You can hire ghostwriters on sites like or You put your work up for bidding and let writers around the world make pitches.

Ask a potential ghostwriter for a sample of the work and make sure you have the rights to the published work. Then make a plan to share your story with the ghostwriter so he or she can write your book for you.


Once you have written your book, read it. As you read this, you will think of additional chapters, stories, or lessons to share. Add them up before hiring an editor.


Do not edit your book. I edited my first two books and now I can not stand to read them because I make mistakes. I read books every single day and I find that spelling and grammatical mistakes distract from the narrative.

Hire someone who will read the book, suggest edits, proofread, and make it professional. Editors are not 100% perfect, but in many cases, they can do a better job of editing a book with fresh eyes than you.


Do a quick web search to locate a ton of companies that can assist with self-publishing. You may find using Amazon CreateSpace cost-effective because you can sell your books on Amazon.


Plan some fanfare around the release of your book. A launch party is one option. Create special plans for your customers and employees so that they have some incentive to order the book. Offer a complimentary speaking gig to organizations that order in bulk. Provide free coaching calls to those who order copies in advance. Give people a reason to order.


At the end of book typing jobs in Pakistan, I would like to tell you that above I have listed some tips and websites which will help you how one can type a book with the best-ranking ways and how one can get book typing jobs in Pakistan. This article will be very helpful for you to find the best jobs.

FAQs – How to Get Book Typing Jobs in Pakistan

What are book typing jobs?

Book typing jobs involve the conversion of physical or digital copies of books into digital text documents using a computer keyboard. These jobs require fast typing speed, accuracy, and attention to detail.

How can I find book typing jobs in Pakistan?

There are several ways to find book typing jobs in Pakistan:
Online job platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and PeoplePerHour often have book typing jobs available.
Contact publishers, authors, and printing companies in Pakistan and inquire about any book typing jobs they may have available.
Join Facebook groups or online forums dedicated to freelancing in Pakistan, where you can network with other professionals and potentially find job opportunities.

What skills are required for book typing jobs?

The main skills required for book typing jobs are fast typing speed, accuracy, and attention to detail. Other skills that may be helpful include proficiency in word processing software, familiarity with document formatting, and the ability to work independently.

What tools do I need to get started with book typing jobs?

To get started with book typing jobs, you will need a computer or laptop with a reliable internet connection, word processing software such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs, and a comfortable keyboard that allows you to type quickly and accurately.

How much can I earn from book typing jobs in Pakistan?

The earning potential for book typing jobs in Pakistan varies depending on the employer and the complexity of the task. On average, book typing jobs can pay anywhere from Rs. 10 to Rs. 50 per page or more, depending on the project and the experience level of the typist.

Are book typing jobs legitimate?

Yes, book typing jobs are legitimate, and many companies and individuals require this service for various purposes, such as converting printed books into digital formats or transcribing audio recordings into text documents. But, as with any job, it is important to be cautious and do your research before accepting any job offers to ensure that they are legitimate and not scams.

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