Is Getting “Google Guaranteed” Worth It? What Is Google Guaranteed?

Is Getting “Google Guaranteed” Worth It? Google has launched an innovative consumer protection program known as Google Guaranteed. Businesses that advertise using Local Services Ads can apply to the program, which provides additional assurance to consumers.

Google Guaranteed could be an effective lead-generation tool that can aid you in standing apart from your competition.

Google Guaranteed

The program allows services that are home-based and have been screened. With a visible green badge that has a checkmark, these advertisements might catch the attention of customers more than others.

And it is not because of the badge’s attractiveness, but the fact that they know how to select a company that has been accredited by Google.

What are the things you should know before applying? Let’s look at the details of what Google Guaranteed is how it can benefit you and the reasons you may think about the program for your company.

What Is Google Guaranteed?

Google Guaranteed is a certification program designed to boost trust in local companies. People who conduct a thorough search for businesses online can check at the badge of Google Guaranteed which provides security in case there is a problem.

A lot of businesses are already using Google’s Local Services Ads to generate leads for their businesses via paid search strategies. The Google Guarantee assists companies who wish to attract more visitors from organic sources instead.

Services booked via Local Services Ads are automatically protected for a lifetime limit that varies based on the location. Anyone who makes a booking through this method can rest assured that they can claim the cost of the bill should they be dissatisfied with their service.

How to Tell If a Business Has Been Google Guaranteed

The program places a green checkmark “badge” underneath the names of companies that are eligible. If a consumer opts to use an audio search with Google Assistant or Google Home instead of using an actual screen it will give an audio confirmation of this promise.

How Does Google Guaranteed Work?

If your business is using Local Services Ads, you could apply for the program by enrolling with Local Services Ads and applying. If the service is offered in your region and you are granted certification with a logo or badge, the badge will be displayed on the ad.

If you submit your application, Google will verify your business license, insurance, as well as online reviews. They conduct background checks on employees for no cost. The backgrounds of owners are regularly verified, while other background histories are scrutinized by specific aspects of the company.

If your business passes this exam, you will get an official badge that shows customers Google has qualified for you.

If a client is dissatisfied with your service, they may make a claim with Google to be reimbursed the amount they paid for. Google will follow up with you to find out more about the issue and request further details from the customer.

You will be able to discuss the issue by talking to your client. If this does not work, Google will decide on the most appropriate resolution, by its discretion and its findings.

What Does the Google Guaranteed Program Cover?

Google Guaranteed will cover customers the cost of the invoice subject to dispute up to $2000 in the US and Canada but with different limitations in different countries, as the service grows.

Limits on life expectancy in various regions are as follows:

  • United States: $2,000 USD
  • Canada: CAD $2,000
  • United Kingdom: PS1,500
  • Germany: EUR1,500
  • France: EUR1,500
  • Ireland: EUR1,500
  • Italy: EUR1,500
  • Spain: EUR1,500
  • Belgium: EUR1,500
  • Netherlands: EUR1,500
  • Austria: EUR1,500
  • Switzerland: FF2,000

What Is Not Covered by Google Guaranteed?

There are limitations on the coverage, which should be noted by both the company and its customers. For instance, the customer must have booked the service by using Local Services Ads itself and request reimbursement 30 days after the service has been completed.

The claim must be made for the amount shown on the invoice for the initial service rendered, with a lifetime limit. It is not allowed to include any further additions to future projects, damage, or cancellations. Also, a customer’s dissatisfaction over the cost is not a valid reason to claim a refund.

Is My Business Eligible for the Google Guaranteed Program?

If you are looking to sign up for the program, you are in the right place! Google Guaranteed has rolled out across a variety of areas over the past few years, with a focus specifically on services for homes. The categories of industries eligible for the program differ from region to region and could evolve as the program grows.

The first step is to verify eligibility to determine if the program is accessible to you.

What Industries Are Eligible in the US?

In the USA The following industries are qualified to receive Google Guaranteed repair of appliances Auto glass and auto repair cleaning of carpets and upholstery electrical, event planning financial planning garage door installation house cleaning HVAC (heating, air conditioning, and ventilation) junk removal, landscaping Locksmith services, pest removal photography, pet grooming plumbing, roofing tree services, restoration of water damage window cleaning, as well as window repair.

What Industries Are Eligible in Canada?

In Canada, The program is available for HVAC businesses as well as locksmith services and plumbing companies.

Does Google Guaranteed Cover All Professional Services?

The program will only cover services that are available for home use at the moment. In the meantime, Google has a program known as Google Screened, which covers professional services such as financial planning law, legal, and real estate.

How Are Local Service Ads Related to Google Guaranteed?

This Local Services Ads program already allows you to market prospective customers in your local area using paid search.

Google Guaranteed is a feature in Local Service Ads intended to build confidence in local companies. It allows businesses to increase the amount of organic traffic, without the time or money required for paid search marketing.

If you are a business owner, you will find it easier to use it to target organic traffic and charge a clear flat fee.

Is Google Guaranteed Worth It?

It is dependent on your company’s requirements. You will have to decide whether it is worth the expense for your company, by weighing the costs associated with the program as well as the time it takes to attain and keep the certification in comparison to the potential benefits.

It is also important to consider the level of competition you face for your services. If you typically need to compete against many different businesses, you will be more successful by getting your advertisements highlighted.

How Does Google Guaranteed Benefit Businesses?

This Guaranteed Ads program of Google Guaranteed Ads program provides an exclusive way for companies to be at the highest search results since they are displayed higher than the usual pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

Ads. Be aware that the format of the ads allows you to display your business name, location, phone number hours of operation, and customer ratings.

What Does Google Guaranteed Offer Customers?

Google Guaranteed works to cut the amount of confusion that people have when comparing local companies by establishing confidence in the companies they trust.

The program functions as an online consumer protection program and provides a great way for customers to purchase money without worry. The process of evaluating potential suppliers can be faster and simpler as customers are aware that they are getting Google backing for their choice of quality of service.

Are There Any Drawbacks to the Google Guaranteed Program?

It is not instant acceptance. Rather, it is essential to keep your status in the program. There are additional costs when using the program, and businesses should anticipate some kind of learning curve to determine how to evaluate outcomes.

There is a comprehensive screening process for certification that includes background checks for a portion of the employees. Based on the size of the business it can take a significant time, so interested companies should apply as early as possible and remain patient as Google examines their applications.

It is worth noting that it is a source of revenue for Google and they are expected to increase their use of the program in the future. While it might provide some advantages now, it will be fascinating to see what happens shortly as more businesses join.

Is the Google Guaranteed Program Right for Your Business?

Small businesses that struggle to navigate the complexities of pay-per-click marketing could have an important difference. It will let you take a break from the research of keywords and bidding strategies which means you will be able to spend more time running your business.

Although paid search is an effective tool many companies have not yet been able or willing to invest the time or funds required to realize a profit from their investment. Although there is an expert in digital marketing accessible, those who are just beginning their journey might want to test the process first.

How Much Does Getting Google Guaranteed Cost?

The program is priced at an initial fee for each month of $ 50 with an annual price of 600 dollars. There are, however, charges for each lead.

Google Guaranteed differs from pay-per-click. The only time you pay is when a potential customer connects or calls to use your services, instead of paying every time a potential client clicks an ad.

Costs can vary based on the industry and market and the industry, but the cost per lead appears to be between $25 and $30. Businesses can dispute lead that is not genuine such as if the client is not part of the area mentioned that you advertise or the contact information of the customer is not given, which prevents the company from making contact.

Similar programs have been launched by other businesses, for instance, the Yelp Verified License. Google’s latest certification may look similar to Yelp’s in appearance however, Google Guaranteed is a different story. Google Guaranteed program comes with an impressive quality assurance that Yelp does not.

How to Set up Google Guaranteed for Your Business

Begin by submitting your application to be considered by Google.

Then, you will need to specify the is the country in which you are located, what sector of business you operate in, as well as your postal code or zip code. This is a way to confirm that it is accepted in your region as we mentioned earlier. After that then you can complete your application.

How to Get Ready for Google Business

If the program is not accessible in your area at the moment there are actions you can take to prepare for when it becomes available. Check that your license for business and insurance is up to the current.

Also, you should be sure to check your Google reviews and encourage your customers who are happy to leave reviews for your company online and to address any negative reviews.

Maintain Your Google Guaranteed Standing

When you have been accepted into the program, congratulations! But your work will not end there. You will have to keep up with the standards you set to get the certificate at all.

This is a requirement to keep your insurance and business license current. Keep an eye on reviews on your Google reviews to resolve any issues, and keep trying to urge your customers to leave reviews from the beginning.


Google Guaranteed may be a potent source of leads for companies looking to expand. It can assist small and mid-sized businesses to gain more organic visitors and compete with other companies without having to resort to paid search engines.

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