Duck Loan in Pakistan – How To Get Duck Loan

Duck Loan
Duck Loan

Product introduction

Loan amount: up to PKR 10000 To 60000
Loan period: 91 days to 365 days
Review time: 5 minutes to 30 minutes
Annual interest rate: 5%~26%

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Product advantages

Simple process
Low interest rate
No collateral

Documents required for instant loan

National ID Card
Photo of holding CNIC

What qualifications are needed?
Pakistani residents over 18
Valid Pakistani ID
Have a stable source of income

Loan Steps
1. Download Duck Loan and register to log in.
2. Use 5 minutes to fill in personal information.
3. Upload the CNIC file.
4. Submit information and apply for a loan.

Trial calculation of loan fees

For example: if the loan amount is PKR5,000, the loan period is 91 days, and the annual interest rate is 24%, the total repayment amount is PKR5,299, and the interest payable is: PKR5,000 * 24% / 365 * 91 = PKR299.

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The reasons why we recommend you to use Duck Loan

-Lovely interface: The faint blue interface provides a comfortable experience for your eyes.
-Flexible repayment: Repayment can be done through a variety of repayment methods, and it supports 40+ banks for transactions.
-Fast and timely: review and release the money quickly, and the sheep can help you in a short time.
-Professional services: Cooperate with professional financial institutions recognized by the state, you can trust our strength.

Safety of DuckLoan

We provide protection for your data security. DuckLoan encrypts the data you choose to share with us to protect your privacy. We attach great importance to your privacy and promise to never share your information with third parties. For information, please check the privacy policy.

Contact us anytime

1. We have been very happy to receive your letters. If you have any feedback, questions or doubts, you can click “Feedback” in the APP to contact us, or send an email to
2. Address: Bukhari Market,House No 2,Shop No 3,Wahdat Link Rd,Karamabad,Muslim Town,Lahore,Punjab,Hajveri Traders,54600

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