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Barwaqt Loan App Information

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About Barwaqt

Barwaqt Loan App Information is an online loan application, you can obtain fast, safe, low-interest loans through Barwaqt, and you can choose a variety of payment methods and withdraw cash. You only need to provide a Bank Account information, there is no hidden fee collection. We will protect the security of your information and determine the loan amount through the risk assessment of your information. 

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What can Barwaqt provide to you?
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24-hour loan service,you can apply at any time.
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Quickly review your loan and release.
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A varlety of methods to receive money,convenient cash withdrawal.
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Flexible and optional duration and amount.
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Relatively low interest.

How to borrow money in Barwaqt?
Sign Up
Get Verified
Select Amount And Duration
Waiting For Review
Get Loan

24-hour loan service, you can apply any time.
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Get instant loans.
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Variety of methods to receive money.
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Flexible loan amount and duration.
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Relatively low fees.

Overview Of Barwaqt

Barwaqt is an online money loan app based in Pakistan and is an unsecured mobile credit cash loan app under the financial category. The Barwaqt application is a high quality financial app that can help consumers get easy loans online for a flexible period. Barwaqt uses big data to evaluate user’s credit, without credit mortgage, flexible money can be obtained safely and quickly, can get money online, secure and reliable, and pay in installments can do. Barwaqt is licensed by the SECP (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan) .

Barwaqt Loan App Information

Login To Your Barwaqt App by using your login details.


Choose Repayment via Mobile Wallet from the options to repay.

We Choose Mobile Wallet for the Repayment Method and click on “PAY NOW”.

If you are a Telenor user.

You will see a pop-up message. Confirm your payment by entering the 5-digit PIN.

You will see a pop-up message with information that your payment has been made.

If you are not a Telenor user.
There are two situations.

If you are not logged in to Easypaisa.
Sign in to your Easypaisa account by entering the 5-digit PIN.

Tap menu button on the top left corner.

Go to ‘My Approvals’ from the menu list and approve your payment!

Approve the payment here.

If you are logged in to Easypaisa.
On EasyPaisa Wallet, Loan Amount Can be seen where the repayment needs to be done.

From EasyPaisa Wallet Confirm your Repayment by tapping PAY NOW option. Make sure you confirm your payment within 60 seconds.

Transaction Successful Receipt will be received from EasyPaisa when the amount is transferred from Easypaisa Mobile Wallet.

Repayment Confirmation SMS can also be received on your mobile phone from EasyPaisa.

Finally, you can see your Order has been setlled on Barwaqt App.

 Office Address:
1st Floor situated at Plot 360 Street #05, Sector I-9/3, Islamabad


Barwaqt Loan App

Barwaqt ek Aala miyaar Loan App hai jo awaam ko qarz haasil karne mn madad karti hai. Hum Sa’aarif ki maalumaat ka andaza lganay k liye big data use kartay hain.

Loan App ki maalumaat darj zail hain:
1. Qarzay ki miyaad: 91-180 din
2. Qarzay ki raqam Rs. 1,500 se Rs. 25,000 tak hai
3. Ziada se ziada salana feesad sharah (APR): 24% fe saal

91 din ki miyaad mn PKR 6000 k qarz ka hisaab lganay k liye charges darj zail hain:

Mahana Interest ki sharah: 24%/12 = 2%
Mahana Interest ki sharah: PKR 6000*2% = PKR 120
Qul Mahana Adaigi = PKR 6000/3 + PKR 120 = PKR 2120

Qul Interest: PKR 6000*(24%/360)*91 din = PKR 364
Qul Adaigi: PKR 6000 + PKR 364 = PKR 6364

Barwaqt APK Download that can get you money. Now you can get credit for instant online cash money loan in Alva Bank account of Mobile Wallet. Get a loan for financial support and improve your wealth. Now when you need, get finance, free money and open the door of financial difficulties through financial help and prove your wealth. With timely instant online cash money easy loan you will not only get credit for financing in your mobile wallet but also you will get installments to the loan amount from your wallet. Your business needs financing to grow or someone needs finance to repay money or to help someone financially or to do justice to the homeless in their bank account and finance and wealth without a wallet.
If you have any problem while downloading this Application leave your comment below or mail us at . Visit our home page to download Android and Windows Apps which you need.

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