45 Easy Crafts That Make Money: Make Thousands From Home

If you like making things, you could make a lot of money from your skills and interests. You could use a craft business as a side job or as a reason to quit your full-time job. But there are a lot of ideas out there. What kinds of hobbies would sell well and make you money quickly?

45 Easy Crafts That Make Money: Make Thousands From Home

You love making things by hand, just like I do. Because there are so many hobbies that can make you money, it can be hard to choose the ones that will pay off the most.

We know what you need to know. We’ll show you the best handmade items to sell to make extra money while doing what you love.

So, whether you want to sell crafts to make a little extra money or want to make them your full-time job, keep reading to learn more about the 45 crafts that make money!

Crafts That Make Money

You can use these projects if you like to be artistic and want to make crafts that will sell well.

Get your art and craft tools ready, and let’s begin!

1. Writing

Writing for money might be one of the best hobbies you can do. You can start your own crafty blog to help people learn new skills, write for other crafters, or even write for other creators.

Writing about different types of crafts that make money is possible. These range from easy crafts that anyone can do to more difficult crafts that only a few people know how to do. You could write for social media sites, blogs, magazines, and more.

Make your craft business great by writing about things you like and know a lot about.

2. Printables

One of the best ways to make and sell money online is through Etsy printouts. There are many things you can make and sell with printables, like gifts, invitations, stickers, and more.

That you can make printables from home is the best part. All you need is a computer, an easy-to-use tool, and some creativity.

I really think you should check out the e-Printables class if you want to start an online printables business. Everything you need to know to make handouts and sell them will be taught to you.

3. Stickers

You can have fun and make money at the same time if you choose the right craft ideas. You can start making money right away by selling stickers.

Stickers can be used to make a huge range of art projects. You can make your own art with your own characters or ideas, or you can make fan art stickers in your own way that look like cartoon characters or movie actors.

You can easily open an Etsy shop and start selling stickers as a business. You can use Canva to make drawings, and then you can either print the stickers yourself or hire a company to do it for you.

4. Photos

Don’t look any further than selling photos online for craft ideas that are both fun and rewarding.

If you have a lot of high-quality pictures that people could use for blogs or magazine pieces, selling stock photos is a great way to make money online.

Most of the ones we use are about making money like people working or making things, but I see a lot of pictures of the scenery.

You can also make money by opening your own website or online store and selling prints, digital files, or even real items like calendars or photo books.

To your surprise, some people are making a lot of money every month with feet pictures they sell on Fun With Feet.

5. Scented Candles

One great way to make money is to sell things you’ve made yourself. If you want to start your own business, selling scented candles might be the best idea for you!

There’s a big market for these projects online because candles make great gifts and home decor items. You can make them in any scent, color, or design you can think of.

Making candles is an easy skill that you can do yourself, and after some practice, you can turn it into a hobby that makes you money.

6. Soaps

Making soap at home is one of the most profitable projects you can do and one of the things that people buy most often on Etsy.

Making your own soap is not only fun, but it also has lots of natural products that people love.

And since each bar of soap is made by hand, they are all different. Your customers will be glad that you put thought and care into making their soap, and they’ll come back for more.

7. Body Scrubs

Do you want to try making your own body scrubs? Not only is this a fun way to unwind and treat yourself, but you can also sell them online and make money.

When it comes to scrub recipes and materials, there are a lot of options. Rich oils and relaxing plants can give your skin a luxurious, indulgent feel.

Or, you can choose something more refreshing by adding essential oils that smell like lemon. There are many recipes for you to pick from, no matter what you like.

8. Bath Bombs

If you want to make extra money, bath bombs are great to sell online. If you’re feeling crafty, you can make projects that are different and fun.

Bath bombs are simple and easy to make. All you need are a few simple materials and some time.

You can try different scents, colors, and shapes to make your bombs stand out and appeal to a bigger range of customers once you get the hang of it.

9. Face Masks

Face masks are great crafts to sell that turn DIY projects into fast money!

Masks are a lot of fun to make, plus you can make easy batches with a good variety so you can quickly make and sell different styles.

10. Makeup

If you love makeup and want to make money from it, the best way to do it is to open an online shop and sell your own makeup.

There is a big market for makeup because it makes a great gift. But be careful to follow the rules and health limits. A company that is safe and healthy can do well, but makeup that has trouble spots can kill your business.

11. Lip Balm

All year long, lip balm can help keep lips soft and moist. You could sell your own lip balm online and make money that way.

To get more customers, you can buy lip balm kits or change the flavor, color, and packing of a lip balm recipe.

12. Paper Flowers

Flowers are a great way to start making and making money because they can be used in so many ways. Because they are cheaper and more useful when made from paper, you can make more of them and make more money.

Paper flowers are one of the best crafts to sell because they can be used for many things, like picture shoots, wedding bouquets, and more.

13. Silk Bouquets

As a way to grow your shop, you could sell silk flowers if you like the idea of making bouquets and flowers and are good at sewing.

There are many shapes, sizes, and colors of silk bouquets, so you can make silk bouquet craft ideas that will work for your customers and make them look more expensive than paper bouquets.

14. Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are a meaningful and sentimental craft to sell. When you make wedding rings, you can be sure that the quality is top-notch and the design is unique.

You’ll need some basic jeweler’s tools to get started, but it’s easy to find everything you need online or at a crafts store.

15. Greeting Cards

With the growing popularity of digital crafts, this is the ideal time to start making money from these crafts.

A low-cost business concept that you can design on Canva, greeting cards are the ideal way to showcase your artistic and design talents.

Alternatively, you might go old school and create cards by hand using stickers, card paper, and scissors.

16. Party Favors

Making distinctive and eye-catching party treats is an excellent way to earn extra cash. For people who wish to launch their own craft company, there are many possibilities accessible, ranging from easy paper crafts to digital crafts.

Party goodies are frequently included in printable lists by craft companies or offered as digital downloads. You can create amusing icebreakers and scavenger hunt worksheets, or stick with traditional treats like small lollipops with adorable tags.

17. Gift Baskets

Making distinctive and eye-catching party treats is an excellent way to earn extra cash. For people who wish to launch their own craft company, there are many possibilities accessible, ranging from easy paper crafts to digital crafts.

Party goodies are frequently included in printable lists by craft companies or offered as digital downloads. You can create amusing icebreakers and scavenger hunt worksheets, or stick with traditional treats like small lollipops with adorable tags.

18. Jewelry

Jewelry-making is a creative and profitable pastime that may be entertaining. The fact that the materials are reasonably priced is one of the best aspects of creating jewelry.

To put the pieces together, you just need a few simple tools (like pliers and wire cutters) and materials like wire and beads. From basic necklaces and earrings to intricate bracelets and rings, you may create a wide range of items with it.

19. Jewelry Stands

Money can be made from do-it-yourself projects, and there are some really creative ideas out there like jewelry stands.

You may use any kind of creative media to make lovely items, from wire stands that resemble trees to adorable clay hearts that hold rings.

20. Personalized T-Shirts

Making customized t-shirts is a fantastic way to monetize your craft abilities. Online crafts are huge since you can produce almost anything for people and a variety of occasions.

We used to make bespoke t-shirts for our wedding party back in the day, and they were a big hit! We also love making them for family gatherings!

Create an Etsy store to reach a large audience of potential buyers, or utilize a service like Spring to assist you with designing and selling your shirts.

21. Phone Cases

Making customized t-shirts is a fantastic method to monetize your craft skills. Online crafts are huge since you can produce almost anything for people and a variety of occasions.

We used to make bespoke t-shirts for our wedding party back in the day, and they were a big hit! We also love making them for family gatherings!

Create an Etsy store to reach a large audience of potential buyers, or utilize a service like Spring to assist you with designing and selling your shirts.

22. Handmade Purses

Handmade purse sales are a fantastic small business venture! Purses are a great gift for any occasion and are always in vogue.

You can be creative with this purse because there are countless patterns and styles to choose from. I haven’t seen any dew variations of tote-styled bags, but if you are an expert sewer, you could make some really nice stitched bags.

23. Plushies

One of the most sought-after products to sell online is plush toys. You can purchase patterns for plush toys you believe would sell well, or you can create and produce your own.

To begin with, you will need a sewing machine, cloth, and stuffing. Plush crocheting is another option, though it can take more time if you’re just starting out!

24. Keychains

Another fantastic craft to sell online is keychains. They work well as party favors or gifts, and businesses can use them as promotional merchandise.

Keychains can be made from a variety of materials, including leather, beads, string, yarns, and metal links. What you use and what DIY crafts you know how to do or want to learn are the only limitations.

25. Bows & Hair Accessories

Making bows and other hair accessories is a fantastic side business to get started on. For mothers who wish to earn extra money while still being at home with their children, this is a fantastic business concept.

For bows and headbands, there are no-sew alternatives as well as machine and hand-sewing options to create them faster. I’ve also noticed that hair clips with clay pieces attached are common costume and cosplay items.

26. Scarves & Hats

People enjoy purchasing hats and scarves in any season! These are excellent products for an Etsy shop because the online market for them is always growing.

If you’re not into the whole yarn thing, you can also make your own scarves and hats by sewing. You can knit or crochet things yourself.

On Etsy, Pinterest, or even your own website, you may discover patterns for hats and scarves online. you ensure that your items survive many winters, just be sure you utilize high-quality materials!

27. Nail Polish/Stick-On Nails

Stick-on nails and nail paints are really popular right now, especially because the holidays are quickly approaching.

You can purchase imitation nails to paint and decorate for clients, or you can make lovely colors to sell in bottles.

Since I don’t always have time to paint my nails, applying fake nails allows me to feel lovely and have a little fun without having to wait for the paint to dry.

28. Wall Decor

Because so many different kinds of wall décor may be made, wall decor is a popular craft to produce and sell. There is something for everyone, ranging from straightforward prints to intricate 3D patterns.

When designing wall décor, it’s critical to take your target audience into account. You may paint landscapes, design digital downloads using geographic forms, or engage in any other do-it-yourself hobby.

29. Picture Frames

Making picture frames is an excellent method to monetize your creative talents.

You can easily produce a lot of frames, which enables you to sell your designs for a healthy profit. They can also be produced using a variety of materials, sizes, and styles.

I’ve witnessed individuals cutting down free wood, such as palettes, to create lovely picture frames. More money in your pocket when you use free materials!

30. Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows are rather simple to produce and sell, and they can offer a distinctive touch to any room. Making something adorable and sturdy requires some sewing ability, but I’m sure you guys are a bit

Most craft stores and home stores (yes, even Target!) provide bare or naked pillows. All you have to do is sew a cover for them using various colors and design patterns.

31. Snow Globes

During the winter, creating original snow globes is a terrific way to earn additional cash. They can be as easy or complex as you choose to make them, and your friends, family, and neighbors will love them.

Snow globes can be sold at craft fairs, online, or in neighborhood stores. To get started, all you need is some bank globes and some time!

32. Bookends

Making bookends is a fairly simple activity that may be done for extra money.

Almost anything can be used to make them, including leftover wood, children’s toys, rocks, concrete, kitchen rolling pins, and more.

Making distinctive patterns that stand out will aid in the bookends’ sales. The kids thought these setups were clever and even a little sophisticated, and one of my favorites was constructed from dinosaur toys that were spray-painted silver and adhered to a piece of wood.

33. Champagne Flutes

Make some pretty champagne flutes if you want to sell your crafts for money!

A common decorative item that can be sold for a profit is champagne flutes. I’ve seen folks purchase personalized ones as anniversary presents, bridal presents, and wedding presents for contented couples.

The buyer can add their name or initials, the date, or anything else they would like to personalize their champagne flutes with. To create the design, all you need is a little painting or printing experience.

34. Personalized Mugs

People love to give personalized mugs as gifts because they can be made with the recipient’s name, letters, or a special message.

You can use paint, vinyl, or cutouts to make the mug unique. If you want to make a lot of them, you can use a decal printer to make your own patterns.

35. Decorative Mason Jars

An easy, fun, and profitable way to make extra cash is to make and sell pretty mason jars.

To begin, get some Mason jars, paint, brushes, stencils (if you want them), ribbon, or other decorations. You should start selling your jars as soon as they’re done!

36. Clay Jugs

We all know it can be hard to find new and fun things to do for fun. If you are an artist who wants to make extra money, you could try making clay jugs.

You can make beautiful, one-of-a-kind clay jugs that people will love if you practice. You can sell them at a craft show or online.

I mostly like clay jugs for plants, but I’ve also seen some great ones used as pen boxes, jewelry pots, and other things.

37. Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are among the most popular wood crafts that may be produced and sold. To create a design that others will adore, all you need is a little imagination and some basic carpentry abilities.

You can stain, paint, wood etch, or pour resin on blanks that you find lying about the house, or you can purchase pre-sanded and ready blanks.

38. Candies

Most people have a sweet tooth or need the perfect treats for a special occasion; making candies and confections is the perfect way to make some extra money.

One of the best things about making candies is that it’s relatively inexpensive to start. You can create marshmallows, chocolates, lollipops, or whatever you want- with stuff from your local craft store and grocery stores!

Sell your delicious creations at farmer’s markets, online, or even in a brick-and-mortar shop.

39. Desserts

Whatever the occasion, desserts are usually a hit. Making and selling desserts is a terrific way to earn additional money if you enjoy baking.

You can make crazy cookie flavors for any occasion or focus on making wedding or birthday cakes with exquisite fondant decorations!

40. Wooden Toys

If you have carpentry skills, creating wooden toys is a profitable craft to sell.

These kids’ wood crafts are well-liked since they’re timeless and classic. Any kind of toy, including puzzles, vehicles, and trains, can be made.

Additionally, you may keep the designs fairly simple because they are for children. To make your products even more eye-catching, use your talent for painting or staining and add colorful embellishments.

41. Christmas Ornaments

One of the popular DIY projects that is a top seller on Etsy is making Christmas decorations.

You may make them with items you already have in your home, such as old jewelry, buttons, beads, pieces of cloth, and flannel shirts.

Before you sell them, you should produce a few and offer a range of choices, including, if possible, personalized parts. In this manner, you’ll have a superb assortment for customers.

42. Christmas Wreaths

Crafting Christmas wreaths and selling them online is a lot of fun for small businesses. You can use any craft supplies or items from thrift stores to make these handcrafted creations.

You can create classic evergreen wreaths or let your imagination run wild with unusual color palettes and materials. You can construct bigger wreaths for wall décor or centerpieces, or smaller ones to sell as ornaments.

43. Dog Treats

Making and selling dog treats is a great way to turn your love of dogs into a profitable endeavor.

You can sell them at farmer’s markets or pet stores after packaging them up in adorable containers. Alternatively, you may even erect a booth at a nearby dog park.

44. Pet Clothes

You can create pet outfits to sell and earn some additional money. A lot of pet owners would love to purchase specialized equipment for their animal companions, and adorable sweaters and costumes are always in style.

You may make your products stand out from the competition by including embellishments and beautiful patterns.

45. Pet Collars

Another fantastic craft to create and market is pet collars. For added fun, you can buy blank or bland ones and reproduce them, or you can make them from scratch.

Identifying a specialized market is essential for marketing pet collars. You could, for instance, manufacture and market collars for cats, small dogs, and huge dogs.

Our Thoughts

As you can see, there are a variety of ways to create and market your crafts. You have three options for selling: you may utilize an internet store or an app like Shopify or Etsy, or you can sell in person at events like craft fairs.

It’s important to separate out from the competitors while selling crafts. To draw in and persuade customers to buy from you, employ innovative marketing strategies. Make use of targeted keywords, compelling descriptions, and eye-catching imagery.

Choose your most favored craft, conduct some research, and begin creating! You may start now and use original company concepts to earn thousands each month.

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