Canada PR Process in 2023

Canada PR Process

Canada PR Process in 2023 that you can utilize to obtain your Canada PR fast. Also, it is important to note that this Canada PR Process in 2023 is accompanied by extremely low IELTS scores and other requirements.

Pakistan, India, Pakistan, and the Philippines The Philippines, India, and Pakistan along with China are the most popular four nations of origin for immigrants who move to Canada.

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How do I get Canada PR Process?

Canada PR Process is a 5-year multiple-entry visa that gives skilled foreign workers the possibility to work and live in Canada. It is possible to extend or renew your visa within five years.

Canada PR Process Immigration Plan in Year

For 2023 447,055

The 2024 year: 451,000

By 2025, there will be 500,000

5 Simple Pr Points to Canada

This is an easy procedure to obtain permanent residence to Canada

Very little IELTS Score

Language Test Language Test: CLB4

Only one year of work experience

A high education level is not necessary

PR status is also granted to a dependent family member, as well.

You do not need to wait to get your PR. You can travel across Canada to apply for your PR while in Canada.

Why Should You Choose These Programs?

The number of applicants for this process is limited. Canada PR Process through this method is small.

Lower IELTS Requirements as well as Eligibility Criteria

Limited Competition (Province Invitation)

Limited Competition in the Job Market

More Need for qualified workers.

Greater Job security

Better Benefits are offered

Low cost of living also in (Alberta as well as Atlantic Provinces)

This kind of Canada PR Process in 2023 is perfect for those who are more advanced and have fewer qualifications.

First program is B.C. International Graduate Program

The British international graduate program provides a permanent residence for people having completed their bachelor’s degree, master’s, diploma, or any kind of degree program at any college or university within Canada.

Ontario Skilled Trades Stream

The second program that allows people to move to Canada is the Ontario Skilled Trades Stream.

What are skilled trades?

The skilled trades include electricians masons, construction workers plumbers, workers phone, carpenters, and internet technicians.

Need for Skilled Trade Workers

There is a high demand for trade positions that are skilled across Canada at the moment and the pay is excellent.

The beginning salary is $25/hour

Refers to Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway Program

This program is designed for individuals who have a degree and experience in tech, HR, IT sales, finance, and other related fields.

What do you need?

CRS Score: Just 300

CLB 7 for your language test

There is no age limit

A minimum of one year’s job experience.

You also require an invitation letter issued by An Alberta company in this field you are recognized as valid (See an entire List here)

Nova Scotia Occupation in Demand Stream

Candidates with previous experience can apply for these seven jobs from the TEER categories 3,4,5. These jobs are in high demand.

  • Nurse Aide
  • Services related to food and drink
  • Helpers in the kitchen, counter attendants, and other assistants.
  • Light duty cleaners
  • Drivers of transport trucks
  • Construction workers

Found Land & Labrador International Graduate Stream

  • Heavy equipment operators
  • For recent graduates from Newfoundland and Labrador who are:
  • The PGWP (Post Graduate work permit)
  • A job or offer to work from Newfoundland and Labrador
  • The maximum age is 59 years old.

What is number of points required to be eligible for Canada PR?

67 points. To be eligible to be granted permanent residence in Canada foreign nationals have to attain a minimum of the 67-point threshold according to the score calculator employed in Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Canada PR Points Calculator

What is the number of points required to be eligible for Canada PR?

This program can help you determine the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score that is required to apply to be eligible for your Canada Permanent Residency Process in 2023.

Click Here:

Factor Maximum Points Available
Language skills – in English & French28
Work experience15
Arranged employment (job offer in Canada)10

How long will the Canada PR Process last by 2023?

The processing time to obtain permanent residency in Canada will vary based on the category of your application. In general, it takes between 6 months to 2 years.

Canada PR Requirements

To be a permanent citizen of Canada there are some conditions that must be fulfilled.

They require an authentic passport or travel document and legal status in the country you are applying to is required, supplying proof of sufficient funds to pay for your living expenses and your family members during your stay, and providing an official medical certificate and police clearance papers along with other pertinent documents.

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