How to Apply for Cambodia Visa from Pakistan in 2024

Cambodia is a wonderful country in Southeast Asia. It shares borders with Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. It is kind of in the middle of Thailand and Vietnam. If you want to know what you need for a Cambodia visa in Pakistan or a Cambodia e-visa, you have come to the right place. I will tell you step-by-step how to apply for a Cambodia visa from Pakistan in 2024 and how to easily get a Cambodia e-visa online.

Cambodia Visa from Pakistan
Cambodia Visa from Pakistan

How to Apply for Cambodia Visa from Pakistan?

The sticker visa for Cambodia is great for your trip history because it makes your passport look nice. But there is no Cambodian office in Pakistan, so you can not get this visa sticker there. But do not worry. This sticker visa is easy to get in any country in the world. Most of the time, we apply for Cambodia sticker visas in close countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

I have a Pakistani passport, and I have gotten a Cambodia sticker visa twice: once in Thailand and once in Vietnam. Getting this beautiful visa sticker on my passport took an hour. You just need to find the address of the office and go there with the following items. The visa will be given to you right away.

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Cambodia Visa Requirements for Pakistani Passport

Here are the things you need to get a Cambodia sticker visa. Some of these things you can get in Pakistan, which will make the process easier and faster.

  • Passport valid for 6 months
  • Visa application filled (they will provide)
  • Two photographs (White background)
  • Copy of valid visa of that country
  • Bank statement (optional)
  • Flight reservation
  • Hotel booking
  • $50 USD cash

Please keep in mind that some Cambodian offices might ask for more papers. You will find out when you go to the right office.

How to Apply for Cambodia e-visa in Pakistan?

The best way to get a Cambodia e-visa is to apply online on the official website. You will get it in 3 working days. You have to pay the visa fee online and upload a few papers. I have also gotten e-visas for myself and my guests a few times in the past, and it was the easiest thing ever.

When you apply online for an e-Visa for Cambodia with a Pakistani passport, you will need to upload the following papers. Anyone can apply anywhere in the world.

  • Passport scanned copy
  • Photograph with white background
  • Flight reservation
  • Hotel booking
  • Bank statement
  • Any other document
  • Visa fee $42

Please keep in mind that you can send any other document, like a US visa, UK visa, FRC, etc., to strengthen your application. You can pay with either a bank card or a credit card.

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Must Have Documented Before Traveling to Cambodia

Before you can go to Cambodia, you need to have these important papers and meet these conditions. If you do not follow these rules, you will get in trouble at the airport when you go to the airline check-in desk. They will ask you to show these papers, and if you do not, they do not give you a boarding pass.

  • $1000 USD in cash
  • Return ticket
  • Hotel booking for the entire stay
  • E-visa or sticker visa
  • Passport valid for 6 months

When I went to Cambodia, they always asked me to show these papers. When I went to Cambodia for the first time without these papers, they gave me a lot of problems. Second, when you land in Cambodia, customs will also ask to see these papers. Last, if you have a Pakistani visa, you should never drive from Thailand to Cambodia. Instead, you should always fly. If not, you will be turned around at the gate.

FAQs – Cambodia Visa from Pakistan

Do Pakistani citizens need visa for Cambodia?

Yes. People from Pakistan need a visa to go to Cambodia. But they can choose between a sticker visa and an e-visa. The second one is simple to get.

How much does a Cambodia visa cost?

It depends on the type of visa you want and whether you want an online e-visa or a sticker visa you have to get in person. The sticker visa, on the other hand, will cost $50 USD and the e-visa will cost $42.

Can I apply for a Cambodia visa on arrival?

If you are a citizen of Pakistan, you can not do this. You need to get a Cambodian visa before you leave for Cambodia.

How can I go to Cambodia from Pakistan?

You can go to Cambodia if you get a visa and an airline ticket. Before you can even get on the plane to Cambodia, you need to have $1000 cash, a return ticket, and a hotel reservation.

Can I work on a visit visa in Cambodia as a Pakistani?

No, you can not work in Cambodia if you only have a visit visa. You must either get a work permit or apply for a business visa if you want to work.

Is there a Cambodian embassy in Pakistan?

There is not a Cambodian office in Pakistan right now, but we hope that will change very soon.

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