How to Apply for Kazakhstan Visa from Pakistan in 2024

Kazakhstan is one of Central Asia’s most important countries. If you want to go to Kazakhstan, you will need to get a visa ahead of time. I will show you how to get a Kazakhstan visa from Pakistan, and I will tell you the exact steps. It is a very similar process to a Uzbekistan visa from Pakistan in 2024

In Pakistan, you have to go through two steps to get a Kazakh visa. The first step is to get an invitation letter from Kazakhstan, which we will set up for you. The second step is to apply for a Kazakhstan visa at the Kazakh embassy or consulate of your choice. Once you have the invitation letter, the visa is almost done.

Kazakhstan Visa from Pakistan
Kazakhstan Visa from Pakistan

How to Get an Invitation Letter for a Kazakhstan Visa in Pakistan?

For a Kazakhstan visa in Pakistan, the first thing to do is to call a travel agency in Kazakhstan and ask them for an invitation letter. Kazakhstan visit visas are hard to get without an invitation letter. We are lucky that Kazakhstan has a friendly travel agent who can get an invitation letter for us. It will take 7 to 10 working days.

Each candidate will have to pay $140 USD for an invitation letter. I know it is a bit pricey, but that is what they charge Pakistani people for an invitation letter. But with this letter of request, the visa is almost a sure thing. Once you have the welcome letter, you can easily get the visa in 2 or 3 days by going to the embassy or consulate.

Kazakhstan Visa Invitation Letter Price Chart:

Following is the list of documents that you will need to submit for us to apply an invitation letter for you from Kazakhstan:

  • Clear Scanned Copy of Your Passport
  • Emopylemnt Letter on Company Letterhead
  • Fill out the Application Form (Which we will send you)
  • Travel History Stamps & Visa Pages
  • $140 USD or equivalent in PKR

How to Apply for a Kazakhstan Visa from Pakistan?

Once you receive the invitation letter, you can go to the embassy or consulate you listed on the application form to get the sticker visa. Because you have to say where you want to get the visa when you fill out the invitation letter form. For example, if you want to apply in Islamabad, you will need to go to the Kazakh office in Islamabad and apply for a visa there. If you have an invitation letter, you will only need to bring a passport, photos, and a visa application form.

If you live outside of Pakistan permanently, like in Dubai, Doha, Istanbul, etc., you can list that city or country when you ask for a Kazakhstan visa. However, once you list the city or country in the invitation letter, it is hard to change it, so be careful.

Also, call the embassy or consulate ahead of time to find out what papers you need to bring with your invitation letter. You will save a lot of time by doing that. Usually, they ask for two photos, the registration form, and your passport.

The embassy or consulate charges $60 USD for a visa, which is in addition to the fee for the letter of request. This means that a Kazakhstan visa will cost a total of $200. That is a little bit more than the price of a US visa in Pakistan, but the invitation letter to Kazakhstan costs more than the visa itself. This is because you have to buy a tour package to go to Kazakhstan, but you do not have to buy a tour package if you have an invitation letter.

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FAQs – Kazakhstan Visa from Pakistan

How can I get a Kazakhstan visa from Pakistan?

You will have to ask for an invitation letter, which can take up to 10 business days. If you have a letter of request, it is easy to get a Kazakhstan visa in Pakistan in two to three working days.

Is a Kazakhstan visa easy to get in Pakistan?

With an invitation letter, it is easy to get. Getting a Kazakhstan visa in Pakistan is hard without an invitation letter. But if you have a Pakistani passport and an invitation letter that has been already accepted, you can get this visa quickly.

How much Kazakhstan visa cost in Pakistan?

The cost of a single-entry visa is $60 USD, but the cost of an invitation letter is around $150 USD, so the total cost is around $210 USD.

Is a Kazakhstan visa on arrival for a Pakistani passport?

No, it is not an arrival visa for Pakistan. However, you can see the list of countries that are visa-free on a Pakistani passport.

What month is best to visit Kazakhstan?

April and May are the best times to visit Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan has very hot summers in June, July, and August.

What are the most popular cities in Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan’s capital is Nur Sultan, and Almaty is the country’s most famous city. Most of the people who visit Almaty will be there for fun.

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