13 Best Ways To Make Money Online For Total Beginners

Best ways to make money online for total beginners: The vast majority of “online entrepreneurs” struggle and are unable to reach the top of the pyramid in online businesses, but there are a few who can reach the heavens.

All of them had the same smug look as they entered the WordPress administrator panel. They were all confused about how to make an amazing selfie of themselves looking in the mirror and tweak it so that it appeared to be directly out of Vogue magazine.

Ways To Make Money Online For Total Beginners
Ways To Make Money Online

If you are trying to find out how you can earn money online, then you should recognize the possibilities there.

Many people dive into it without understanding the process. Making money online at home could be an excellent idea when you know how to approach it properly. Imagine earning an ongoing stream of income through an online business and the infinite possibilities it provides. Is not it worth investing your efforts into it?

Today, we will look at 10 ways you can earn money online today, regardless of whether you are new to the internet and have never made money online before.

  • Freelance Writing
  • Selling Your Old Stuff
  • Online Selling
  • Dropshipping
  • Blogging
  • Coaching
  • White a Book
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Take Surveys
  • Become a Virtual Assistant
  • Online Tutoring
  • Become a Beta Tester
  • Write reviews
  • Conclusion

Freelance Writing

There are many ways to earn money on the Internet. Highly efficient methods make money by writing to earn money. The idea of working as self-employed is a great alternative since there is always a demand for content, and you can work at the convenience of your own home. Other possibilities for those who want to earn money from the internet include blogging and writing articles.

The range of pay is between $5 and $500 per piece (or even $1000 for writing for popular blog sites). It is not necessary to have an online presence or anything else to start the process. All you require is Google websites that pay you to write.

Selling Your Old Stuff

Another method by which women (and not only women) earn money is to sell second-hand goods online. You can sell your items through the numerous groups on Facebook (they offer specific listings on marketplaces) or through websites like The most sought-after products are textbooks that are used. Go through your old textbooks and then consider selling your textbooks through Amazon or in bookshops.

What appears to be an ancient ceramic bowl might be an antique item to someone else. The millionaire Gary Vaynerchuk makes extra money by selling garages.

Online Selling

The items or services that we sell online to make money are called online selling. There are numerous methods of selling goods or services via the Internet.

The most commonly used and efficient method of selling online is via online marketplaces. eCommerce Marketplace. Hey, do not worry. Although the term is complicated, the thing we will accomplish is so simple that even an elementary school student could master it.

Now! Sell on an eCommerce Marketplace is when you are selling your products or services on an eCommerce website like Amazon, or Flipkart which accepts third-party sellers.

You can start the process of establishing your own eCommerce business in India within a few steps. If you are planning to create your own eCommerce business There are two types of eCommerce businesses.

The first one is where you build your eCommerce business entirely from scratch. Your website, as long as an office as well as shipping solutions, customer service, marketing staff, and many more. This is more challenging at first and requires a huge amount of capital to install.

The second one is much simpler and anyone can get started with a little knowledge regarding the Internet and how things operate online.

Selling your products on the market like Amazon and Flipkart. You might not know that you can start selling your items on Amazon and customers can buy your products anywhere in India or across the globe.

There is plenty of information about eCommerce and how you can start with it. If you are looking to establish an eCommerce business have a look at this article about how, to begin with, an eCommerce company in India that will cover everything you should know.


Dropshipping is direct fulfillment, which allows shops to not store the products they sell in stock. When a company can sell the product, it buys the item from a third party and gives it directly to the buyer. The seller never has access to or even manages the product.

Now you know the meaning behind “Dropshipping means.” Now, the next issue is, what is the most effective way to begin? And where can you invest your money and the motivation for it?


To start your blog in 2019, the first thing you need to decide on is your subject. A niche is a specific field in which you plan to participate. My area of expertise is Business and Finance, and I am a prolific writer of blogs on this topic.

Once you have made the ideal choice, it is the moment to buy the domain address. Domain names are the name of your blog address (For example, or startupsutra. in). Choose an address that is easy to remember and is of decent length.

The next thing you will need is a reliable hosting service. Hosting is the process by which you keep your entire website folders and files. These include images, videos, posts, blog posts, and even the layout of your site.

It is the same thing in the same way that a Domain is a type of piece of land that you purchased elsewhere while Hosting is your house which was built on the land you purchased.

Once you have obtained your domain and hosting and domain, you must connect your domain to your hosting and then, WordPress to it. If you are not sure what to do, take an interest in this tutorial video that will help you join your Domain to your Hosting as well as Install WordPress.


If you are an expert in a particular subject, you could make use of the internet to begin a coaching business. The amount you will earn will be contingent on the specific area you will be working in. According to recent statistics, Executive mentors earn $325 per hour (on average) Business trainers earn around $235/per hour.

Contrary to this “life coaches” can charge approximately $160 for an hour. However, if you are Tony Robbins, of course, you will be charged $1 million per coaching session.

Write a Book

It is not for everybody since writing is not something available to everyone. However, if you show an incredible understanding of the English language and can coherently communicate your thoughts, then you are some of the best writers in the world.

Affiliate Marketing

The best part about advertising on affiliate websites is that you do not need to have a well-known website to get started. If you play your cards right you could sell your products to family and friends on Facebook through affiliate links. You can also earn additional money from the transactions they purchase. It is not a good idea to distribute a mass email or ask customers to click on your affiliate link before making a purchase.

You can, however, suggest products you already own and enjoy. This way you can be a true advocate for items and services, but not appear to be too aggressive.

Take Surveys

It is not a pleasant experience and is best suited to people who are bored or have plenty of time on their hands. Surveys can pay you some money, particularly if you live in a nation that speaks English. You can make up to $250 extra cash by providing feedback, which is not bad at all.

Become a Virtual Assistant

In micro-niche websites like Fiverr, Zirtual, and Upwork you can transform into an assistant virtual to an individual. Individuals who have grown their business to a new degree and have lots to accomplish, typically opt to use a assistant virtual that can answer calls (forwarded to you through the web) or manage the mail, emails, and requests.

If you are willing to work for a long time to help other people solve their needs, it could be a great side job. Virtual assistants earning high-end wages are paid about $50 to $100 per hour. But, if you are only starting, it could pay you 10 dollars as an incentive. It is much more efficient than wrapping hamburgers in McDonald’s.

Online Tutoring

This is a great job for parents who are passionate about children because most of your clients will be to be teens. Today, and with the post coronavirus, that has people hesitant to socialize many youngsters require extra private tutoring to ensure that they do not end up being academic failures.

You will have flexible work hours and may pay as little as $20 for an hour of basic tuition. Costs can be increased depending on the experience you possess.

Become a Beta Tester

It is contingent on the level of your expertise. I am aware that not all are technically skilled, but you can test different software or programs (even an affiliate program) Websites, sites, or user interfaces.

It is like taking surveys, but it requires continuous involvement, focus, and continual feedback.

Write Reviews

The reviews you trust when you purchase products – the majority of reviews are paid for. However, that does not mean they are authentic or authentic because the reviewers are simply motivated to test the product and to write a review on their own experiences.

It can be a long-winded task, but if you take all the data we have collected and begin making money online using at minimum five of them, you will be able to start earning additional money to cover your expenses as well as need an internet presence or to learn about methods of marketing via the internet.


There are many methods to earn money via the Internet. If you are new to the internet and are looking to change the world then you need to concentrate on your company before you can be in a position to earn passive income.

You can enhance your abilities to the next level by pursuing affiliate marketing, or by learning how to make use of the numerous tools and resources that are available to help you make money online. The most important factor to be successful is having multiple sources of income, and going beyond online surveys.

You then earn additional income with items you already have, using things you already have. I hope that if are reading this post and wondering if there are ways to earn cash online for people who are brand new to the field, I was able to address your question. We have discussed the top 10 ways to earn cash but there are additional ways to earn money.

These are just 10 simple methods to make money on the internet, but, they are not the only choices. There are numerous methods to make money on the internet, but, there are other ways to make money. It is your decision which one you decide to do.

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