Spain Digital Nomad Visa

Spain Digital Nomad Visa

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 Spain Digital Nomad Visa

Spain Digital Nomad Visa The new Digital Nomad Visa is for anyone who works online , and are able to work remotely from their home country.

Requirements for Digital Nomad Visa

The conditions for the Spain Digital Nomad Visa are like other visa for employment. It is possible to stay in Spain for six months or two years.

Visa Required Documents

A copy of your passport.
Completed and signed application form EX-07
Professional and academic certificates to prove that you have the appropriate qualifications needed to conduct your business
Initial investment and evidence of investment income
A medical certificate that proves that you don’t pose any medical danger to the public
A per-approved business plan

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Eligible to get an Spain Work Permit 2023?

If you are not a citizen of the EU and would like to be able to operate in Spain online, you must submit an application for Spain Digital Nomad Visa.

Eligible in the Spain Digital Nomad Visa?

The eligibility requirements for citizens of non-EU countries to apply who are eligible for The Spain Digital Nomad Visa is the following:

Spain Digital Nomad Visa

Spain has not yet issued yet a digital nomad visa however, one is likely to be released in the near in the near future. After it is launched, the Spain digital nomad visa goes into effect it will allow you to remote work in Spain with any international company.

The requirements for an Spain Digital Nomad Visa

You must meet the following conditions to apply for the Spain digital nomads visa after it’s launched:

It is necessary to have an employer that is outside of Spain. You have to show evidence that you are working for an employer that is not located in Spain.

How do I Request a Digital Nomad Spain Visa?

There is still a lot of information that has to be made public through the Government of Spain regarding The Spain Digital Nomad Visa. However, since this is a visa-related application, you’ll have to follow the following steps to submit your application for the visa.

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Verification of Spain Digital Nomad Visa?

This Spain Digital Nomad Visa is valid for one year from the start. However, if you can demonstrate an impressive career within the Digital world, your visa is able to be converted into a temporary resident permit that lasts for three years.

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