Best Small Business Packaging Ideas 2024

Small Business Packaging Ideas: The eCommerce market is becoming increasingly overcrowded; innovative packaging is now a major method for small-scale businesses to stand out from the rest of the pack. To ensure a pleasant customer experience and to help create the brand’s reputation we suggest the use of unique, branded packaging materials.

Although custom packaging could be more costly than the standard Shipping materials it is one of the best small business packaging ideas or best packaging ideas for small business. It is a way of keeping your brand in the minds of people and creating a positive perception even without having a physical interaction. We will examine ways to modify your shipping materials by examining them from the inside and outside.

Shipping Container Customizations

When you run an online business consider your shipping container as an open-air storefront. Similar to a stunning window, a well-designed shipping container can leave an excellent impression on your customers, and inform them of what they should consider your company’s image.

We will examine three kinds of shipping container customizations with three different prices that could be the best small business packaging ideas.

Small Business Packaging Ideas
Small Business Packaging Ideas

Best Small Business Packaging Ideas

  1. Fully Customized Packaging
  2. Printed Stock Packaging
  3. Exterior Logo Stickers
  4. Thank You Notes and Offer Cards
  5. Logo Tags or Stickers
  6. Custom Tissue Paper and Inner Packaging

1. Fully Customized Packaging

Pricing: $5.00-$40.00 per custom box (depending on the size and degree of customization)

Fully customized packaging refers to boxes, mailers, or other shipping containers that have been personalized to your company’s logo and other features of design that are available both inside and around the container. This means that fully personalized shipping products are those that have been brand-named and created beyond simply adding your logo and can create an entirely custom and branding-friendly experience.

This kind of innovative packaging can be the most expensive but could be the best small business packaging ideas having the greatest impact. Most often, you will find this type of packaging used for high-end products as well as subscription services.

For instance, FabFitFun (FFF), the high-end, subscription beauty service that is seasonal has new seasonal beauty boxes for every quarterly delivery. The four boxes as well as the products inside are the only opportunity FFF will be able to create an impression on its customers and keep them returning. It is therefore logical that FFF invests a lot of money in its packaging materials to enhance customer experience and brand recognition.

Here is a photo of FFF’s packaging, as well as some images of other custom-designed packaging options for small-scale companies.

2. Printed Stock Packaging

Pricing: $1.25-$20 per piece (depending on the size and amount of the customization)

Printing stock boxes are a great option to add a personalized design to your package. The printed stock boxes are empty stock boxes or shipping containers and then add your logo on the exterior. This can be a fantastic method to bring your brand’s name to the forefront and boost the visibility of your brand without adding any cost to the materials.

To create this kind of custom packaging, it is important to make sure that the positioning for your company’s logo appears prominent, i.e. upside-down, either at the top of the inside of the package. Make sure you make use of dark ink to provide contrast for the best visibility.

Here are some innovative examples of printed boxes

3. Exterior Logo Stickers

Cost: $0.06-$7.00 per sticker (depending on the size and amount of the customization)

Another thing you can include on the outside of your packaging materials to give an additional touch of personalization is a logo-related sticker. It is the most cost-effective option for branding, once the labels and boxes are purchased and assembled, it can be completed at your premises to save on the cost.

These are some the examples of successful packaging logo stickers.

Package Insert Customizations

This is also one of the best small business packaging ideas alongside the exterior of your shipping container; you could also include individual touches to the interior of your boxes. Perhaps you write an announcement on stationery that is branded or you wrap your item in tissue and then use the logo as a seal, or perhaps you use an appealing branded decal customers can place onto your water bottle. This is an excellent chance to create an “unboxing” experience special, give your brand some recognition, and make your product stand out.

In this article, we will look at the creative ways you can pack your bags and include a customized feature to the experience of your brand.

4. Thank You Notes and Offer Cards

Cost: $0.05-$1.00 per card (depending on the quality of the stationary and customizations)

It is also one of the best small business packaging ideas, handwritten thank-you note, writing your name on a card that has been printed, or affixing a coupon voucher for the next purchase of your customer is an inexpensive and easy option to give personal touches to your product packaging. Notes and cards provide another option for customers to connect with your brand and make them remember you the next time they shop. In this fast-paced, impersonal world they might even be so impressive that they will share their experiences on social media.

In my shop, For instance, we included handwritten thank-you notes for purchases that exceeded $200. The women loved receiving these notes and it helped us gain regular customers and also gain some Facebook features. They were simple to create, our clients would buy blank stationery when they had time off from the shop they would make personalized notes.

Here are some more innovative examples of companies that have added notes or cards to their packages.

5. Logo Tags or Stickers

Cost: $0.10-$2.00 (depending on the material and size)

A customized logo sticker or tag to your packaging is an excellent small business packaging ideas that are used to add a personal touch without breaking the budget. Typically, you will see customized tags attached to clothing, less expensive trinkets, and even on the outside of box items. Vista Print is a fantastic source for printing custom logo tags.

Here are some great examples of logo tags and labels in the course.

6. Custom Tissue Paper and Inner Packaging

Cost: $0.02-$4.00 (depending on the type of material and the size)

Another small business packaging ideas used to improve your packaging and add personalization to strengthen your brand is by wrapping specific items inside your packages. This will let your customers know that you cared about the order and that your items are worth their time. In addition, it can make your brand stand out, especially if you utilize customized tissue paper or other brand-related elements; this is an additional opportunity to boost your brand’s reputation.

You can wrap items like clothing or textiles with tissues, glass items packed in boxes with protection as well as jewelry that is placed in containers that are cushioned. Certain products will require extra protection, while other items simply make a more attractive display when wrapped. Whatever the reason, think about the branding of your interior wrapping materials.

Here are some strong instances of packaging for interior use which create a more luxurious experience and help to build the image of the brand.

Best Small Business Ideas

Packing Vessel

The vessel may sound fancy. It is a fancy word, but it is the bag, box, or envelope that your product requires for shipment. This is contingent on the products you offer however, you must be able to have a uniform packing unit which is one of the best packaging ideas for small business.

Packing Filler

This may not be necessary when you are shipping things such as bowties, clothes, or blankets. They do not require cushioning on the way to your client.

However, if you are selling candles or teacups, or jewelry, we recommend that you use packing materials such as packing peanuts or bubble wrap to ensure your items are in good hands.

Packing Tape

This is also one of the packaging ideas for small business that is obvious to mention: you will need packing tape unless you self-sealing bags. Even if they do it, accidents do happen. So keep an extra roll of packing tape in your bag when you are in an emergency.

Specialized Materials

If you are shipping products that require temperature control using refrigerants, such as gel packs will ensure that your item arrives in good shape. Certain products require the use of hazmat shipping labels like Aerosol spray containers alcohol, airbags, and many other items. These could be considered the best small business packaging ideas.

Craft Paper and Twine

Craft paper can be a durable and cost-effective option for shipping products that is a unique method of packaging for small business that is not fragile. Wrapping your item in craft paper and then finishing it off by binding it up with twine will give your packaging a rustic, home-cooked feel. 

Repurposed Newspaper

Wrapping old newspapers around your product is a unique method of packaging for small businesses that will make your product stand out to customers. Another great benefit of using newspaper wrap is that each packaging is different and every customer is unique.

FAQs about Small Business Packaging Ideas

What are some eco-friendly packaging options for small businesses?

  • Utilize recycled materials such as cardboard or paperboard.
  • Consider biodegradable packaging materials like cornstarch-based plastics or compostable mailers.
  • Opt for minimalist packaging to reduce waste.
  • Encourage customers to recycle or reuse packaging materials.

How can I make my packaging stand out on a budget?

  • Design eye-catching labels or stickers to personalize plain packaging.
  • Use unique shapes or sizes for your packaging to grab attention.
  • Experiment with bold colors or patterns to make your packaging pop.
  • Consider adding a personal touch, like handwritten thank-you notes or branded tissue paper.

What packaging trends should I be aware of for my small business?

  • Sustainable packaging: Consumers are increasingly conscious of environmental impact, so eco-friendly options are gaining popularity.
  • Minimalist design: Clean, simple packaging can convey a sense of sophistication and modernity.
  • Personalization: Customized packaging that reflects your brand identity can help create a memorable experience for customers.
  • Functional packaging: Packaging that serves a dual purpose, such as reusable containers or packaging that can be repurposed, is becoming more desirable.

How can I ensure my packaging protects my products during shipping?

  • Choose durable materials that can withstand the rigors of shipping, such as corrugated cardboard boxes or padded envelopes.
  • Use appropriate cushioning materials like bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or air pillows to protect fragile items.
  • Seal packages securely with strong adhesive tape to prevent damage or tampering during transit.
  • Consider investing in custom packaging designed specifically for your products to ensure a perfect fit and maximum protection.

Are there any cost-effective ways to customize my packaging?

  • Use printable labels or stamps to add your logo or branding to plain packaging.
  • Design custom tape or stickers featuring your brand name or slogan to seal packages.
  • Explore digital printing options for small batch orders to keep costs low while still achieving a personalized look.
  • Consider partnering with local artists or designers for unique packaging designs that won’t break the bank.
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