33 Easy Small Business Ideas For Teens to Start In 2024

We have broken down our small business ideas for teens into seven categories and ranked startup costs, required skill level, and earning potential,

Small Business Ideas For Teens List

  • Art Lessons
  • Home Tutoring Business
  • Test Prep Business
  • Musical Lessons for Business
  • Soap-Making Business
  • Jam Business
  • Gifts-Wrapping for Business
  • Sewing Business
  • Candle Making For Business
  • The eBay Store
  • Social Media Marketing, Business
  • Etsy Store
  • Live-Streaming Business
  • Freelance Writing For Business
  • Transcription Business
  • Data Entry Business
  • Children Book Business
  • 3D Printing Design For Business
  • Graphic Design in Business
  • Photography Business
  • Photo Editing Business
  • Business – Illustration
  • Makeup Artist Business
  • Babysitting for Business
  • House-Sitting Business
  • Pet-Sitting Business
  • Dog Walking for Business
  • Professional Organizing Business
  • Lawn Care Business
  • Cleaning up Your Business
Small Business Ideas For Teens

Small Business Ideas For Teens

Art Lessons

If you are a lover of the arts and enjoy working with other people and working with people, then an art lesson business is a pleasurable and rewarding venture. It is essential to design well-organized lessons that will ensure your students are given a direction to follow when they master the art.

You will need nothing to begin your art lessons business. You can supply your equipment (brushes pencils, papers, etc.) or ask your students to provide it. This is a fantastic idea for youngsters since it can be set up at no cost from your home which could be the best business to start in 2024.

It is possible to make reservations at your local library or school without cost. The hourly rate you pay will be according to your ability and the type of classes, but the majority of them be charged at least $25 per hour. This is an excellent small business ideas for teens to begin earning and making money.

Home Tutoring Business

If you are gifted in a certain subject in school, then think about starting a home tutoring business. You could create your classes or aid students in completing school assignments while making sure they can comprehend the content. As a student, you are perfectly situated to identify people who need assistance.

Because you can teach at your home or with your students, your initial costs are minimal. You could spend some time and money marketing but with a large student population at your school or in your neighborhood flyers are very successful.

Home tutors typically cost by the hour and assist students in particular subjects. With the right experience, you can make a profit of $30 to $40 an hour, which makes this best business to start in 2024 an extremely profitable and lucrative venture.

Test Prep Business

If you have learned the art of testing standardized tests and are eager to share your expertise with other people, starting your test prep company could be a lucrative venture. Concentrating on a specific examination (like tests like the SAT as well as the ACT) could be a smart option to find students to mentor as well, and if you are a student in high school, there will be plenty of prospective customers. Using test prep books as well as providing general advice on taking tests can both aid test takers struggling to get better.

The costs of starting this company are not too high and the only expense that you might incur is the purchase of the test prep book as well as the website. Giving help to your students and friends is an excellent and simple approach to begin and establish a reputation.

Test prep tutors typically are more expensive an hour than normal tutors as getting good marks on exams is important for a majority of students, which is also one of the best small business ideas for teens.

Musical Lessons for Business

Offering music lessons is an ideal option for young entrepreneurs to make money. If you have got a great amount of experience with your instrument, you can identify students who need instruction or additional assistance.

The initial costs of the business of music lessons can be minimal, particularly when you ask the students to bring instruments. You will have to purchase sheet music, but, it is possible to teach lessons in your residence, at your students, or even at the school, if you can.

Once you establish your name as a professional, you will have the opportunity to increase your fees. Music instructors typically cost between $30 and $65 an hour, which means that the business will eventually be extremely profitable.

Best Small Business Ideas

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Soap-Making Business

A soap-making business is an excellent small business ideas for teens who enjoy working using their hands. Making soap of high quality is a skill that anybody can master, but it requires a lot of time to master. Making soap involves purchasing raw materials, combining them and creating scents, making soap, and marketing the soap.

The ingredients used to make soap are reasonably inexpensive, and the profit margin for making soap is high. To start, expect to invest around $500 in soap-making equipment and materials. It is also necessary to invest an amount of money in marketing and establishing your website if you opt to sell your products online.

The potential earnings for this type of business will depend on the soap you sell and how far you will be able to grow your business, but, it is a great opportunity to grow. It is the best business to start in 2024 that has the potential to grow into a nationally recognized brand.

Jam Business

Making a jam is an excellent small business ideas for teens that can be ideal for anyone who loves cooking for other people. This is yet another fantastic and flexible business idea that teens can start on time.

The initial costs for making jam are very inexpensive, particularly when you begin at a low scale. It is possible to make less than $300 for all the canning equipment and ingredients for the first batch. In the beginning, most jam companies sell products in local markets or in strange.

One way to expand the business of jams is to locate local restaurants that can sell your jam. Similar to other businesses that specialize in food, the earnings potential is excellent, with full-time jobs earning about 1,000 dollars per week.

Gifts-Wrapping for Business

Gift wrapping is a great way to bring extra income during the Christmas season. You can put the booths at department stores, or provide services from your home. This is a great business for students because the majority of business will be conducted on weekends and during holidays.

It is recommended to put the time and money into designing a stylish and professional appearance booth and purchasing the necessary equipment. But, the large profits of this venture mean that you can earn a lot.

It is not easy to increase your business in gift wrapping from seasonal to all-year-round wrapping gifts in the last months of the year are lucrative for a brief period.

Sewing Business

A sewing business can be the perfect opportunity for seamstresses with the talent to earn extra money. It offers lots of flexibility and is ideal for youngsters who are keen on the latest trends in fashion.

Costs for starting are relatively low, particularly if you already have the sewing equipment. Although you will probably start with a small business offering repairs and patch-ups for your customers, students can explore unusual opportunities to grow the company by helping by creating custom designs and building for school plays, or repairing uniforms for teams sports. As you build your brand your client base and earnings potential will grow too.

Candle Making For Business

A person who is imaginative and creative could be interested in creating a candle-making business. It is excellent small business ideas for teens from the comfort of your home. You can offer your candles to family and friends, at craft fairs and market days, or via your website, an Etsy store.

Start-up costs are about a couple hundred dollars for materials. Profits and growth will be contingent on the number of candles you can create and the time you spend selling them, but, a skilled candle maker can build an extremely lucrative and large business.

Small Business Ideas For Teens

eBay Store

This job is ideal for self-starters who are familiar with eBay. Understanding what items sell well as well as the best way to price your products, and the best way to make your listings visible can make a difference in the success of this industry. Although you will have to be sure to present your merchandise correctly and you can follow up with potential buyers, this company will accommodate a busy student schedule. It is also a venture which you can develop on your experiences and interests which makes it fun and profitable.

Growth opportunities are limited by the duration and size of the business. Locating a niche or specialized product that you are interested in is a fantastic method to achieve success. With minimal startup and maintenance expenses, there is virtually nothing to limit your earning potential once you have got things moving.

Social Media Marketing, Business

Our next list of small business ideas for teenagers is a social media-based marketing business. The younger generation has spent their entire lives using social media, which makes them experts in understanding how to navigate and use each major platform. If you are passionate about the ways that social media platforms function and you love communicating with large crowds of people, then social marketing on media could be a lucrative business option for you.

The process of starting your social media marketing business is not going to cost you anything. If you can access either a smartphone or computer is all you need to establish an online marketing company using social media. Clients could be anything from individuals to large corporations. Top earners in this field have a salary of more than $100,000.

Etsy Store

If you enjoy making hand-crafted products or scouring for interesting vintage items in your spare time, then you could like managing the Etsy business. This is a fantastic small business ideas for teen artists in the early stages looking to sell art or anyone interested in creating and selling quality items. Sellers should have the knowledge needed to locate or design the items they sell and have basic computer skills and experience in marketing or advertising to market items.

These fundamental skills and an entrepreneurial mindset could turn your passion into an enticing business venture. Although you will probably start with a small budget it’s something you can grow in time and develop to suit your needs throughout school and beyond.

Professional sellers are earning six figures, which is an ideal opportunity to get started in an enterprise that will grow as you go along.

Live-Streaming Business

For the majority of gamers who are young making money playing video games is a fantasy. If they are driven and enthusiastic enough it is possible to make this dream real. To achieve this, players should sign up for a major streaming service, like Twitch.TV and be prepared to devote a significant amount of time each day streaming games and building up followers. If they gain enough followers to be partners (500plus on Twitch for instance) can begin earning money from any traffic that they bring in.

Being able to build and maintain a following requires extremely strong gaming abilities. Also, you must be adept at navigating social media platforms to advertise yourself, reply to messages, and create an online presence.

The aim is to gain enough followers to be an official partner of your streaming website. If you do this, you will earn hundreds of dollars every month, while doing what you enjoy.

Freelance Writing For Business

There is a myriad of writing gigs for freelance writers available to teenagers. With the growing online reach, businesses are producing more content to reach a wider audience with different perspectives. It is also an excellent opportunity for those considering a career in writing to begin creating a portfolio.

Beyond the costs of your laptop, computer, and advertising, the initial and maintenance expenses are nearly absent. With minimal costs and huge potential for growth for those who manage to secure long-term or continuous clients, earning opportunities are excellent. Experienced freelance writers can earn the equivalent of $30,000 to $50,000 per year.

Transcription Business

This small business ideas for teens is ideal for teens who must manage busy schedules of extracurriculars and school. A majority of the job involves transcription of audio or video which has been supplied to you. The position is suitable for people who type quickly and pay attention to details and are comfortable with computers as well as related technologies and software.

The initial costs are minimal, and the potential for growth for a transcription company is dependent on the sector. Medical transcription, for example, has seen a surge in popularity over the last decade. But, regardless of the issue, if your offer fast, precise work you will be able to build a profitable transcription business.

Speed and accuracy be major factors in your earning potential, as many transcription tasks are paid for by the time spent on the project. The more quickly you perform, the higher you will earn.

Data Entry Business

Data entry companies are perfect for people who love the detail and are proficient with spreadsheets and word processing software. Because it is possible to find flexible, part-time data entry work This business can accommodate the busy schedule of students and provide valuable experience.

Start-up costs are very low and only your personal computer is needed to begin your company. A small-sized business that employs just one or two employees will typically accept only a few clients and build an ongoing relationship with them that will last for a long time, which makes this an excellent business opportunity that will expand as you move through the ranks from student to business.

Children Book Business

If you are a fan of drawing, writing as well as telling stories, establishing your business in the field of children books might be the best small business ideas for teens. Books for children have sold greater volumes than adult titles because of the amount of reading children engage in as compared to adults.

The initial costs for a person who would like to self-publish vary from $5,000 to $15,000, but with more affordable and flexible self-publishing tools appearing on the market every day and with the ease of self-publishing, it is never been easier to self-publish with a limited budget.

This means that the earnings potential is impressive. The authors of successful children books earn more than $100,000.

Best Small Business Ideas

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3D Printing Design For Business

This is an excellent company for someone with carving, sculpting, or any other experience in modeling. It is also essential to know the workings of the 3D printer as well as its market of 3D printed items. A lot of buyers of 3D printed items have particular requirements that can only be satisfied by an individual with an in-depth understanding of the software that is involved.

Costs for starting the process of starting a 3D printing business typically start at about $8,000 and include a printer and software, a website, as well as some initial marketing efforts. One of the best small business ideas for teens to start a journey in this area is to design products that are printed by a third party.

This way you will be able to make an image for yourself within the field and increase your business as time passes when you are taken seriously. As with any business the potential for earning is determined by the number of contracts you sign and the products you are capable of making and selling.

Graphic Design in Business

Graphic Design involves the making of artwork for websites, magazines physical items, or other. This is a great small business ideas for teens for those who are artistically inclined. Logos can be created or text or any other design that you or your client thinks of.

The cost of starting can be under $2,000. It will require a computer as well as some kind of graphic design program like Adobe Illustrator. In the beginning, a lot of graphic designers work for ad agencies or utilize platforms that allow freelancers to connect with interested people.

When you are in school creating designs for the school you attend or your local team will help you build a solid portfolio. It is normal for companies to bill clients anywhere between $50 and $125 for an hour.

Photography Business

If you are a photographer who enjoys taking pictures and helping people recall important life events, an enterprise in photography could be for you. You will need some education and experience when it comes to the art of photography, formal education is not necessary. This is a fantastic business idea for teens who want to work as photographers at schools and other social events.

While the initial costs may be more costly (a quality camera and lighting equipment, a computer, and editor software) there are virtually no ongoing expenses. You should budget between $2,000 and $5,000 in the beginning.

As you gain experience and experience, you may be able to expand to handle weddings and other special occasions. Once you have reached this stage the potential for earning is extremely impressive.

Photo Editing Business

If you are an experienced photographer with editing experience, launching an online business for photo editing could be the best small business ideas for teens. Although many photo editors are photographers, this is not a requirement. People who are adept at social media will be able to succeed by getting a broad range of customers online.

The initial costs are minimal and include a laptop computer and photo editing software. If you have got a solid site and some advertisements, but, you could still begin your business for less than $5,000. Beginning out, you could offer to edit images for local or school publications to help build your portfolio.

In time, if keep growing your company, it is feasible to earn a five-figure annual salary with the potential of closing around $100,000 annually.

Business – Illustration

The illustration business is an ideal small business ideas for teens to earn money. There are many opportunities to work in the field, including illustrating books, designing cartoon characters, and creating storyboards. Being up to date with digital illustration technology is essential in this particular field.

Costs for starting up an illustration business are minimal and include art equipment and computer software for artistic design. You can begin by making illustrations for school newspapers or local publications. You could also consider creating unique gifts for family and friends.

Your earnings potential will grow as you build your profile and reputation. Professional illustrators earn around $55,000 per year, on average. But, being specialized in one particular area will allow you to earn six-figure earnings.

Makeup Artist Business

Anyone who is comfortable working with others and who has exceptional makeup application skills might like managing a business for makeup artists. Building a reputation on social media is very beneficial.

Beginning out, you can begin to build your portfolio by doing makeup for friends for proms and other events. This is a fantastic small business ideas for teens to start a business when they are a teenager. If you earn a good name with your peers at the beginning and your clients are loyal, they will keep coming back to special occasions all through their lives.

The initial costs are relatively affordable since the majority of makeup artists work from homes or travel to clients. When your business expands and you earn an impressive profit and some of the top makeup professionals earn six-figure earnings.

Babysitting for Business

Babysitting is a billion-dollar annual business, which makes it ideal for small business ideas for teens who are responsible and passionate about children. It is not easy for parents to find reliable and reliable childcare services. If they find one of you, they will retain this important resource and share it with family and friends. The business is flexible and manageable whatever your timetable.

Maintenance and startup costs are very low, which allows for an increase in profits. Babysitters are charged an average of $13.97 per hour across the country with plenty of variation in regional areas. While the majority of businesses will remain small and sole proprietorships but it is feasible to grow your business with time by helping connect clients with babysitters who have been vetted and approved in the region.

House-Sitting Business

A house-sitting business can be an ideal small business idea for teens seeking to help others and earn money. House sitters should be comfortable with taking care of many pets. The performance of your business will depend largely on the name you can build as well as the subsequent word-of-mouth recommendations but, the growth potential is high.

Potential earnings are contingent on the number of clients you have and the consistency of work. Beginning out, this could be a great time to start a business during the weekend and on holidays. If you can count on regular customers across the seasons it can turn into an extremely profitable business.

Pet-Sitting Business

Pet sitting is the best small business ideas for teens that are animal lovers who want to earn money doing things they enjoy. Pet-sitters offer a range of services such as walks, drop-by-feeding, or care at home instead of Kennels.

Costs are minimal as the majority of pet sitters operate by a home-based business. Beginning with word-of-mouth advertising can be extremely effective. Although you will likely start small, eventually this business has the possibility of growing.

With such low expenses, it is possible to earn a decent income. Pet-sitters are very high and small-scale business owners who work for themselves earning up to $57,000 annually while working full-time.

Dog Walking for Business

Next in our listing of small-business ideas for teenagers is a dog-walking business. If you are a lover of animals and seeking work that can be flexible doing something that you love and enjoy, establishing a dog-walking business could be a good choice. It does not matter if you want to earn some extra cash as a side hustle or to build an ongoing business, dog walking can be an exciting and rewarding activity.

Consistent, high-quality customer service, as well as successful marketing, is essential to your success. The pet owners market is a massive market, which makes the growth and earnings potential of your company limited by the number of dogs you can take out each day. Professional dog walkers with full-time jobs can make incredible profits of up to $80,000 annually.

Professional Organizing Business

If you are a fan of an organization or have mastered the minimalist lifestyle, sharing your skills with others as an expert organizer is an excellent way to earn money. You will require a kind and compassionate person that others can feel comfortable welcoming into a messy and messy home. Although it is possible to create an adaptable schedule that is suited to your needs, you must adhere to the deadlines of your projects.

The initial costs are minimal since you will require only advertising. Because this is an exclusive, luxurious service when you first start you will be able to charge a reasonable hourly price. As your popularity grows this business can be a profitable full-time occupation. Professional organizers earn up to $115,000 per year with minimal cost overhead.

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Lawn Care Business

If you are a fan of working outdoors and possess an entrepreneurial flair you should consider creating a lawn-care business. It is a popular method for teens to earn some extra money in the summer.

Although it is costly to buy lawn care equipment you begin by using your lawnmowers from the neighborhood as an alternative. If you do not have any equipment, you can expect to spend around $3000 on the equipment needed to begin.

If you decide to expand your business into a full-time operation, you could earn up to $50,000 annually. Offering services like trimming, aerating, or fertilizing will set you apart from your competitors.

Cleaning up Your Business

The final item on our list of small business ideas for teens is a cleaning company. Anyone with a keen eye for precision and a solid work ethic could be successful in cleaning businesses. You must also be well-balanced and able to perform an extensive amount of manual work every day. You will be working hard and dealing with a wide range of people, so enthusiasm and a high level of customer service are essential.

The tiniest cleaning businesses are run by one person. It is easy to begin by working part-time, on weekends, or during school and then build up a strong reputation. As time passes this kind of work can have the potential to develop into full-time employment.

The larger companies employ employees or contract subcontractors. Some companies franchise models and pay franchise fees. Therefore, the potential earnings can vary from $50,000 per year to thousands of dollars.

FAQs – Easy Small Business Ideas For Teens

What are some easy small business ideas for teens to start?

Some easy small business ideas for teens to start to include dog walking, lawn care, car washing, babysitting, house cleaning, pet sitting, tutoring, and selling homemade crafts.

How can a teen start a small business?

A teen can start a small business by identifying a need or problem in the community, coming up with a business idea, creating a business plan, and registering a business with the local government.

Do teens need any special permits or licenses to start a small business?

It depends on the type of business they want to start and the regulations in the local area. Some businesses may require permits or licenses, such as food handling permits for businesses that sell food.

How can a teen market small business?

A teen can market small businesses by creating a website or social media page, distributing flyers in the community, networking with friends and family, and offering promotional deals or discounts.

How can a teen manage a small business while still attending school?

Teens can manage a small business while still attending school by creating a schedule and prioritizing time. They may also need to delegate tasks to employees or family members and set realistic goals for the business.

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