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Singapore visas for Pakistani passports is the process of obtaining an Singaporean visa to travel to the country located in Southeast Asia. I have recently received the visa that is more or less a paper-based visa, or Evisa. I will write about my complete details of my experience and the requirements for Singapore visas from Pakistan.

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How do I apply to get a Singapore Visa in Pakistan?

Singapore offers an official consulate Karachi and all citizens of Pakistan are required to apply for Singapore Evisa in this office. If you’re located in Karachi then you should go straight to the office that is situated near the Karachi press club.

The primary requirement for Singapore visas is a Letter of Introduction (LOI). It is a formal letter that is sent to you by someone who is a Singaporean national or permanent resident in Singapore. If you’ve got a family member or friend living in Singapore and they are able to make arrangements for this letter and send it to you via Email. It is all you need to do is print this letter and attach it along with your Visa application.

If you don’t know anyone who lives in Singapore then travel agents will assist you. Travel agents can arrange an introduction letter (LOI) to you from the Singaporean citizen or a company for a nominal fee. In this instance, the odds of getting a visa being granted are 50/50. If you have a family member or friend, then your chances are nearly 100%.

I’m saying this since I have recently applied for Singapore visa on my own, and was approved within 3 days. I received the Letter of Initiation (LOI) from my actual close friend who lives in Singapore. In the past few months my visa was denied in the exact same way by that country. The LOI was handled by a an agency for travel.

Workforce Ratio for Jobs in Singapore

The next rule is the Workforce Ratio. There is a workforce ratio that needs to be maintained between locals and foreigners. It varies depending on the industry sector or the work visa, but we can say that the percentage of foreigners allowed in Singapore is reducing year on year. So actually you need to be very fast in grabbing the opportunity for yourself.

Talking about the opportunities, they are already limited in Singapore with Singapore being a small nation, and preferences are given to the locals. So, the competition is definitely high but that does not mean that Singapore is not welcoming towards foreigners.

Singapore is one of the most open markets or when you compare it with any other nation like Australia, the United States, or Canada. In those countries, if you see, to work there firstly it’s very difficult to get a sponsored work visa. It is preferred that you have citizenship or a PR. But, in Singapore, that’s not the case. In Singapore, there are a lot of work visa options available and it is said that there are 99% chances that you will fit into at least one of them.

Also, while working in Singapore you can apply for Permanent Residence and have a chance to become a Singaporean. Now talking about the open market again, I’ll say Singapore is also a competitive market.

Basically, you are competing with global talent, so you need to be fast and you need to grab your opportunity quickly here. The struggle is more but the struggle is all worthwhile with one of the major reasons being that taxes are low and salaries are high.

Job Category:

  • Accounting/Finance
  • Admin/Human Resources
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Arts/Media/Communications
  • Services
  • Hotel/Restaurant
  • Education/Training
  • Computer/Information Technology
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Building/Construction
  • Sciences
  • Healthcare
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