Norway Work Visa – Jobs in Norway With Free Work VISA

There are various recruitment opportunities for international applicants in Norway. But, the visa process is often a concern for international residents due to which they fail to land jobs in Norway. While it was a problem a few years back, numerous Norwegian Work Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Norway address this problem.

You need to access the right companies that are offering visa sponsorship to benefit from the job openings in Norway. Numerous private and government companies in Norway are offering visa sponsorship making it easier for overseas candidates to work in Norway. We will list the companies offering Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Norway, their requirements, recruitment procedure, and minimum qualification.

Norway Work Visa – Jobs in Norway With Free Work VISA
Norway Work Visa – Jobs in Norway With Free Work VISA

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Private Companies Offering Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Norway

MSD Jobs in Norway

MSD is a famous biopharmaceutical company that aims to provide innovative products/services to its target audience. The company produces medicines, animal health products, and vaccinations. Therefore, the company requires thorough professionals. MSD sponsors the visa of its selected candidates to help them land in Norway without any hassle. MSD decides whether it can sponsor the visa of an applicant after reviewing the local labor regulations, legal bindings, and other supporting procedures.

Hansen Technologies Jobs in Norway

Hansen Technologies is a popular software company operating globally. It has a strong office in Norway where there are numerous openings up for grabs. Hansen Technologies works to design and implement software technology that can help energy and communication service providers to develop qualitative products/services. Hansen Technologies believes in innovation and lasting solutions. Therefore, they encourage qualified overseas professionals to assume positions at their offices and add value to the setup. There are numerous visa sponsorship jobs available at Hansen Technologies.

Meraki Jobs in Norway

Meraki is a company that specializes in controlled WiFi, security, and routing. The company offers top-notch network security making it a brilliant IT solution. Due to the complex nature of tasks at the company, they require people specializing in the field. Therefore, the company recruits international candidates that meet the requirements of the company and are ready to sponsor their visa. Meraki has various job opportunities available for international candidates whereas Oslo remains a hotspot.

Quorum Business Solutions Jobs in Norway

Quorum Business Solutions offers numerous Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Norway. The company offers software solutions to its clients. They require people specializing in software technology and IT with a sharp mind toward problem-solving. International candidates are encouraged to apply to the company. The visa sponsorship for these candidates is decided based on labor regulations, legal procedures, and the qualification of the individual considering the value that they add to the company.

International Workplace Group Jobs in Norway

The International Workplace Group offers services to various clients for developing flexible workspace solutions. The International Workplace Group is an international company having a strong presence in Norway. The company requires individuals from different professional backgrounds because it offers clients varying workspace options. Due to this, the company welcomes international candidates onboard offering them visa sponsorship.

List of Multinationals in Norway Offering Jobs with Free Work VISA

G8 Education Jobs in Norway

G8 Education is an educational setup that offers learning-based education to children while promoting character-building activities. They promote innovative indoor and outdoor activities that can benefit the students. The common job posts at G8 Education are Centre Managers, Teachers, Coordinators, Regulators, etc. The applicants are required to be qualified in the context of the job post that they are applying for. Commonly G8 Education requires a Diploma Qualification in Children’s Services. Moreover, they require prior experience working with children between the age of 0 and 5. Leadership skills are judged to determine whether the applicant can adapt to the environment.

Procter & Gamble Jobs in Norway

Procter & Gamble has numerous manufacturing plants in Norway where they require experts. Procter & Gamble offer visa sponsorship to international candidates considering the lack of sufficient technicians in Norway. The common recruitment job posts at Procter & Gamble include Plant Technicians, Data Analysts, Control Engineers, Auditors, Soil Technicians, Truck Handlers, etc. Procter & Gamble requires the candidates applying for these job positions to demonstrate a sound knowledge of manufacturing plants. Moreover, Procter & Gamble requires a High School Diploma, GED, or an equivalent degree.

Sherwin-Williams Jobs in Norway

Sherwin-Williams is a painting outfit offering top-quality paint products to its customers. The company operates in wholesale and retail terms having both wholesale and private clients. There are various opportunities at the company to work at manufacturing outlets or paint stores. The company offers sizable visa sponsorship jobs to international candidates. The common job posts at Sherwin-Williams include Sales Associate, Manager, Marketing Specialist, Store Regulator, Transporter, Receptionist, etc. The company does not require an educational degree to be eligible for the jobs. But, prior experience, the ability to keep track of sales, and extract material from the shelves are the basic requirements.

Quorum Software Norway AS Jobs in Norway

Quorum Software Norway AS is a digital technology service provider. The company is considered an industry leader in oil and gas transformation introducing game-changing business solutions. The company develops business workflows that help in reaching the desired outcomes. The main job posts at Quorum Software Norway AS are Logistics Consultant, Business Consultant, IT Specialist, etc.

Marketer Real Estate Technologies AS Jobs in Norway

Marketer Real Estate Technologies AS is a leading online real estate marketplace. The company has developed an online dashboard that allows brokers, agents, and buyers to connect. Marketer Real Estate Technologies AS offers visa sponsorship to its international employees. The main job posts at the company include software developer, social media marketing specialist, maintenance worker, network security specialist, etc. The minimum qualification for these different job posts varies from person to person.

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