Johnsons & Johnson WiSTEM2D Scholars Program 2023

Johnsons & Johnsons WiSTEM2D Scholars Program is an opportunity for young women in STEM. Johnsons and Johnsons encourage early to mid-career women working in a STEM2D department to avail this opportunity. The purpose of the J&J Scholars award is to boost the development of STEM2D female leaders through the provision of awards and sponsorships to women at an important stage in their career in every STEM2D discipline i.e., Math, Science, Engineering, Technology, and Manufacturing and Design.

Johnson & Johnson has come up with its international award program to increase the research passion among women and provide clear career paths in their relevant STEM2D fields. The organization is searching for women with the potential to excel in research, become a leader in their field, and provide a new vision to the upcoming generation in STEM2D.

Here are more details about the Johnson & Johnson WiSTEM2D Scholars Program

Financial coverage: Fully Funded

Deadline: September 30, 2022

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Eligibility Criteria :

Here are the eligibility criteria for Johnson & Johnson WiSTEM2D Scholars Program 2023:

This scholars award program is open for women in STEM2D globally.

Applicants must be early to mid-career women employed in a STEM2D department at a recognized university, design school or institution at the time of application.

They must be working in the fields of Math, Technology, Science, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Design.

Applicants must have the following degrees for the relevant programs:

Mathematics: M.S, Ph.D.

Science: M.D., Ph.D.

Design: M.S, M.A., MDes, MLA, March, Ph.D.

Engineering: Ph.D.

Technology: Ph.D.

Manufacturing: Ph.D.

Benefits :

Following are some of the benefits of Johnsons & Johnsons WiSTEM2D Scholars Program 2023:

WiSTEM2D winners will receive a total of $150,000 as their 3-year award. Johnsons & Johnsons will pay this amount to the university to benefit the winner and its research.

The achievements of the WiSTEM2D winners will be presented at a symposium.

The J&J scholars award will be paid in three installments, $50,000 per year.

Selection Criteria for J&J WiSTEM2D Scholars Program 2023:

The applications for J&J Scholars Award will be reviewed based on the given criteria:

Potential impact of the research.

Technical/Scientific expertise demonstrated.

Feasibility of the research.

Innovation/Novelty of the research.

Application Process:
To apply for Johnsons & Johnsons WiSTEM2D Scholars Program 2023, applicants must provide the following information along with the general contact details:

A letter of recommendation from the university or department head. Every university or institute can support one candidate per STEM2D field, i.e. 6.
Write about your area of research in 1000 words. You can add additional pages for references or images.
Submit a resume (maximum three pages, 11 font size) that includes a list of publications, current financial support already received, abstracts, and two references
Provide an outline of the required budget for your research.
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