Jobs in UK for Pakistani with Free Visa in 2024

This time is ideal to relocate to the UK because there are many jobs in UK for Pakistani with free visa. Jobs are currently open. Right now, there are a lot of sponsorship jobs in UK that are open to applicants from outside. Many businesses in the UK provide positions sponsored by visas.

Jobs in UK for Pakistani with Free Visa in 2024
Jobs in UK for Pakistani with Free Visa in 2024

Recently, the government declared that 50 UK Jobs provide companies sponsorship for work visas. Start your international career with one of the UK’s most respected corporations. The National Health Service (NHS), PwC, Deloitte, and Google are a few of the most well-liked industries. Due to the inflation that is occurring in the UK, now is the ideal moment to apply for visa sponsorship jobs in UK.

About UK Government Visa Sponsorship Jobs:

The UK government offers visa sponsorship jobs in UK to individuals who possess the skills and qualifications that are in demand in the country. This means that Pakistani nationals who have expertise in fields such as healthcare, engineering, IT, finance, and many others can apply for these jobs to get a work visa and live and work legally in the UK.

Take a look at the end of the post to find out which companies those are. Approximately 46000+ UK companies have an approved license to sponsor applicants. The government aims to create 3 million jobs in the UK economy by 2024.

Uk jobs have many benefits including high salaries, excellent working conditions, and opportunities for professional development. The visa sponsorship program is also designed to help fill gaps in the labor market where there is a shortage of skilled workers.

If you are interested in applying for one of these positions, it is important to research which industries are currently recruiting workers from abroad. You should also make sure that your skillset matches what employers are looking for so that you have a higher chance of being selected.

Jobs in UK for Pakistani with Free Visa Description:

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Skill Shortage Jobs in UK

Now I am going to tell you in which 226 Category you will get jobs, not all the names are mentioned but some job names are listed.

  • Tailor
  • Police
  • Students Part Time Jobs
  • Waiter
  • Labor
  • Car Painter
  • Security Guard
  • Agriculture
  • Welder
  • Plumber
  • Healthcare
  • IT
  • Science and pharmaceuticals
  • Social Care
  • Accountancy, banking, and finance
  • Business services
  • Construction
  • Creative arts and design
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Hospitality

Salary of jobs in UK for Pakistani with a Free Visa

Depending on the jobs and amount of experience, salaries for Pakistanis with free visas working in the UK can differ seriously. In comparison to people in entry-level professions, highly qualified professionals such as doctors, engineers, and IT specialists can anticipate earning a greater wage.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has released data showing that Pakistani workers in the UK make an average weekly wage of £415 ($540). For those working in high-paying fields like finance or technology, this number rises considerably.

It is crucial to remember that salaries may differ depending on where you are in the UK. For instance, London offers some of the top-paid jobs available despite being one of the highest cost-of-living cities.

List of UK Companies Hiring Now:

Now let me tell you about which are the companies in UK that provide you with visa sponsorship which is listed below.

  1. PwC Jobs in Uk (How to apply: Visit Here)
  2. NHS (How to apply: Visit Here)
  3. Deloitte UK (How to apply: Visit Here)
  4. Google (How to apply: Visit Here)
  5. KPMG (How to apply: Visit Here)
  6. GSK (How to apply: Visit Here)

Check out the full list of approved UK employers (list of approved UK employers).

How to Apply for Sponsorship Jobs in UK?

Click On the Apply Online button mentioned below.

The second step is to use the Search Bar. By typing “Sponsorship or Visa Sponsorship”, you will be taken to our sponsorship page.

The third step is to display a list of UK sponsorship jobs from UK companies that have been approved. There is also an online application option there.


Undoubtedly an attractive possibility is a chance for Pakistani workers to work in the UK on a free visa. This agreement may open the door for increased cultural and commercial ties between Pakistan and the UK.

It is crucial to remember, too, that obtaining work abroad might be difficult as well. It might involve learning new work cultures, adjusting to new work surroundings, and overcoming potential language obstacles.

If you have been looking for UK jobs with visa sponsorship., I hope you have found complete information about UK, and how to get sponsorship jobs in UK.

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