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Google My Business Listings: Frequently Asked Questions

Google My Business (GMB) offers new features as well as best-practice confusion. Contributor Sherry Bonelli explains the complexities and provides 5 frequently asked questions about false reviews, users changing your listing, and more.

Not only will your Google My Business listing increase the chances of appearing within your Google Local 3-pack however, whenever your establishment is being searched by the name of your business, Google typically displays the Knowledge Panel that displays detailed details about your business.

The information is sourced directly from your GMB listing and also from the information Google collects from other internet sources as well as content created by users (like Q&As, reviews from third-party sources or user-generated content, and more).

Google has added several incredible features for companies to utilize to improve and improve the effectiveness of their GMB pages over the last several years. If you are still not taking advantage of the most recent features offered by GMB including the ability to handle multiple sites using one dashboard, it is time to log in to the Google My Business dashboard and begins to optimize your listing.

However, with the new features come an array of questions and some confusion regarding the best practices for does and do not. Here are five commonly sought-after Google My Business questions asked and the answers.

GMB FAQs and Questions

Question: Can anyone actually alter the Google My Business listing?

Answer: Yes.

Although it may not seem fair to the majority of business owners, anyone can propose a change or update to your listing, even your competition. Changes made by users could be published on your business listing and you may not be aware that the changes were implemented. This can include changing the physical location of your business.

This is why it is recommended to check the Google My Business Dashboard regularly to ensure that nobody has made inaccurate or inexplicably wrong modifications to your profile. To determine if you have received any alerts from Google about any changes you have made on your listings, go into the GMB dashboard and then switch back to your “classic display” of your dashboard:

On the dashboard, select “Google Updates.” Here, you will see a checkbox that lets you “Review Updates” that were made or recommended.

If you notice updates here, Google made changes to your listing due to finding some new information about your company from a different directory, or a change made on Google Maps or a trusted Google user has submitted an update to your listing. The edit was submitted and may have already been published.

Based on the circumstances when someone makes “suggested changes,” the changes could be made public without you being informed. Google is expected to send out emails to the owner and other people who manage the Google My Business listing when changes are made, however, most of the time, these change notifications do not get received. It is therefore recommended that you sign in to your account on Google My Business frequently to examine your listing to make sure that your details are correct and up-to-date.

Should I include hashtags on my Google My Business posts to assist people in finding popular words and phrases?

Answer No, I will not waste space.

Although they may look similar to them, Google My Business posts are not actually posted on social media. You can use up to 1500 characters to describe the content of your post, however, the optimal size is 150 to 300 characters, so make sure you use them wisely.

Because the text is separated and readers have to click on the link to read what you have written Make sure to put the most important information at the top of your article. The waste of precious characters on hashtags is useless, especially when hashtags do not help to rank in any way.

Instead, make use of Google My Business Posts to promote your business as well as what you think your customers browsing the Google My Business listing would be interested in. Examples include:

The latest news or developments going in your company.

Events. The titles of events should not contain advertising language, pricing information, or calls to action.

Offers. Specials or sales you are offering.


Google My Business Posts remain up for seven days after which the posts “go into darkness” however, previous posts remain visible whenever the current post is clicked. Users can browse through the past posts that you have posted.

If you have made an event or written posts that are outdated (like an offer that lasts from July 4-9) The blog post will “expire” at the time that the offeror event is over.

To grab the attention of searchers, you should include a captivating image within your blog post. Since Google Maps can cut the image from the post when using mobile devices, make sure that the top portion of your image is aligned and it is correctly sized to work with Google Maps and the Knowledge Panel on desktop computers.

Question: I am seeing false reviews about my company in the Google My Business listing. What can I do to remove them?

What do you think? Are these actually fake reviews or are they reviews you do not like? If they are negative reviews that you do not like or disagree with, Google is likely to not remove the reviews.

Go through Google review policies to determine if reviews are in fact against Google guidelines. If the review is in violation of Google rules and is fraudulent reviews, then the very first thing to do is courteously reply to the reviewer. It lets anyone who reads the review know that you are concerned enough to try to resolve the unsatisfied “customer” directly.

Google also gives suggestions on how to respond to the reviewer.

The next step is to sign in to the Google My Business dashboard and highlight the review. Then, navigate to the review you wish to flag, and then click the three dots that are next to the review:

Then click “Flag as Unappropriate.”
The ability to flag a review in Google My Business is more efficient than flagging it in your browser.
Another advantage is that you will receive an email from Google telling you they have received your request.
When you receive confirmation emails, wait three days. You will receive a reply from Google in which you can explain the reasons why the review is not genuine. Do not use your emotions, instead utilize facts. Provide Google the most detailed information feasible about the event as well as the reviewer’s reasons for reasons why the review is not authentic and must be deleted.
You could also go to your local Google My Business forum and discuss your issue there. Based on the circumstances the Google Top Contributor could assist you in assisting you to contact someone at Google who will help you remove the fake review.

Question A former employee might claim the Google My Business listing since I am sure we have verified it, however, I do not have the login details. What do I need to do to gain access I need to view my business listing?

Answer first, reach out to ex-staff members you believe might claim you as the owner of your Google My Business listing, inquire if they have and then ask for your email and username. Ask them to sign in to your account and then make you the sole owner.

If you were a part of an agency that specializes in digital marketing contact them too. The agencies should require you to make a claim on your listing and request to be made by the owners of your listing so that this kind of thing does not occur. As the owner of your business, you must always be in control of your listing. This is the right way to go about it.

If none of the above fails then follow these steps:

Visit GMBs Create, and input your business name. Then, you will get a message which declares that the listing has been claimed. Google will provide you with an excerpt of the email address claimed to be the owner of the property. It may also help you refresh your memory.
If the email address is one you recognize, you may leave and then make use of the account email, username, and password, and access Google My Business. Google My Business listing. If you do not recognize the email then click Request Access and complete the form. The owner of the listing currently will receive an email, will you?
When you make a request for listing ownership The current owner of the listing is given seven business days in which to reply to your request within seven days. You can track the progress that you have requested by clicking the link contained included in the confirmation email you got from Google.
If your request for ownership is accepted, you will get an email with the approval that you will be able to manage your listing through Google My Business. If the current owner declines the ownership request and you are not notified via email. As with all owners, you can suggest modifications to the listing and in some instances, the rejected request could be appealed.
If you do not receive an answer within seven business days Google could give you the opportunity of claiming your listing for your business yourself. If you are not sure if you are qualified for the claim, sign in to Google My Business and see whether there is a button to claim or verify in your account dashboard.
You could also conduct a Google search for your company and determine if there is an option to add your company name within the Knowledge Panel which appears on the right side. (If you do not find any option for you to claim your listing, it means that the listing is not eligible for transfer.)

Question: I am faced with having a lot of Google My Business questions. Is there a website where I can go to find answers to the specific concerns I have?

Answer: Yes If you have any specific questions regarding Google My Business or are having problems with your listing the best way to get help is to join the Google My Business Forum.

There are experts from the industry who can answer your questions. You can also find Top Contributors who can contact Google on your behalf to speed up any modifications that might have to be implemented.

It is not just an excellent resource when you are facing a problem It is an excellent resource to learn more about the insides and outs that are available on Google My Business. It is a great resource to study techniques and tips.

To Conclude

One of the most efficient methods of ranking local for local search results on Google is to make use of all the features provided via Google My Business. With all the amazing features Google provides to improve a listing, you must benefit from all the features. Not only does GMB aid prospective customers with more information about your company, but, the program also monitors your listings, which will give you valuable information to advertise your business.

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