Google Business ADS – Why Do You Need It? How to Set Up?

For this post, we will talk about the Google My Business Ads setup. Are you not sure how to create Google ads that yield a high ROI? (Return On Investment) that can increase the number of sales you make?

This article is essential to read because you will find every Google Adwords hack that works for Google Maps Business ads in 2020 and possibly beyond.

Before I begin, I have great news for all small-sized business owners: Google took down Google Maps advertisements from the Search Partner Network of Google in the year 2016.

This means you can run local business ads only in Google Maps (Local Finder) Your ads will not appear on Google search network partners.

As promised, I will send you an Adwords coupon code so that towards the conclusion of this article, you will get it.

Google Business ADS
Google Business ADS

Before we get started I will give you Google Adwords Number 1-866-246-6453, If you have any problem with your ads or ad placement, please contact me or the Google Adcenter telephone team. 

  • Let us begin our article 

What You Will Learn in This Post

What Is Google My Business? What Is Google AdWords?Why Google Maps Ads? How Does Google My Google Business ADS Work? Why Do You Use Google My Business ADS? How to set up Local Search Ads? Questions and Answers Related to Local AdsConclusion.

What Is Google My Business?

Google My Business It is an unpaid Google tool for entrepreneurs to market their products and services over the internet using Google.

In other words, 

  • Google provides a single platform for entrepreneurs as well as service providers, who can promote their businesses on Google to expand their businesses online.
  • According to Google when someone wishes to purchase a product or service within their region they will search on Google to find that specific product or service and 7/10 people are pleased with the Google My Business result and 3 out of 5 customers go to the store they discovered through Google.

What Are Google Business AdS Words?

Google Adwords (now Google Ads) is an online advertising platform. Utilizing Google Ads they can create highly targeted ads for companies to compete on certain words and phrases that people are looking for in Google Search Engine.

In other words, 

  • Utilizing the Google Adwords advertising platform you will be able to get an immediate first-page position on the Google homepage. Google will charge advertisers according to their industry category, competition, and others. (many variables can impact the price of Adwords ads for your company)

Why Google Maps Ads?

You are aware that the top spot gets the most traffic via Google Search Engine.

This is the truth, it gets 49% of the people who click at a specific position on Google.

I am not sure if you have the highest rank on Google this is why you are reading this article.

Do not worry I have got two ways to be highly ranked with Google in your favor.

  • 1) Free
  • 2) Paid Listing Google

To get a free rank on the 1 spot, you have to enhance the Google My Business listing.

No matter if your listing is either new or old, you should go through My Google My Business Guide to ensure that you rank high on Google.

These guidelines provide a lot of details regarding Google local advertising.

Most of the time, you follow these guidelines However, I am not convinced that you should run paid Ads on Google Maps.

However, there is one problem If you adhere to these guidelines you have to put in lots of patience.

Because it takes time to give you good rankings, it is your long-term rank.

If you are after immediate top-ranking on Google Maps, you must choose to use paid advertisements.

But Google Ads ranking is also long-term, however, it is only valid until you have got money in the Adwords account.

Today, I would like to tell you all about Google My Business Ads, how it works, the reasons why are you required, and how to set it up to gain more clients.

How Does Google My Business ADS Work?

But, Google ads work as pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

Within Google Maps Ads (text-based searches and ads on Google Maps), Google will display your Business Name along with your business Hour, Phone Number, and Business Location. It also shows your business listing website Directions option as well as Google reviews for My Business Listings.

If you connect the extension for a location to a Google Adwords Account then Google will show your business listing review in Google Ads or Google will run your Ads without including reviews for your business listing reviews.

This makes your advertisement style appear as an actual local search result.

With the information provided, Google provides very important and pertinent information about the advertiser company to the person searching.

If the searcher has plenty of details about the business of the advertiser, they can buy the products of the advertiser.

Why Do You Use Google My Business ADS?

Google My Business and Google Adwords Google My Business and Google Adwords differ and both have different goals.

Google My Business is a free service that allows entrepreneurs to post their company information through Google or Google Maps. But, the Adwords platform is on another hand. Google Adwords is a paid advertising platform that assists entrepreneurs in putting their company information before the Google search engine for greater business opportunities.

And Google gets the revenue (charges) directly from advertisers (business owners) for this service.

When you run Ads on Google Maps, those Ads are known in Google rules to Google Ads.

Particularly local Ads designed for small-scale companies to increase their online presence.

In other words,

  • If your Google My Business listings are not listed on the 1st, 2nd, or 3 on the Google homepage Then you must utilize Google My Business Ad because of the Google survey.
  • According to a Google survey, the top 3 spots on the Google Maps page get the most than a hundred clicks per day from the search engines.
  • Utilizing Google Maps advertisements, you will receive the top spot on Google Maps.
  • It is as simple as paying an appropriate amount to Google and Google begins to show your business page at the top of their results.
  • If you utilize the Google My Business account and Google Adwords account together, you can significantly increase the number of sales and earnings you earn.
  • If you utilize it in conjunction your local business page will rank in the 1st, 2nd, or 3 places on Google Maps.
  • Top Ranking = More Sales = More Income
  • I would like to present a real-time instance to help you better comprehend advertisements.
  • In particular, I provide web design and development services in the Surat area.
  • I would like to place ads in the search results for “Website Development Company in Surat” and “Website Development Company in Surat” on Google Maps.
  • Then I will check the CPC and pay for the cost of these terms making use of SEMrush. SEMrush tool.

SEMrush Keyword Magic TOOL

SEMrush is the top tool to research keywords worldwide, and when I type in my keywords using this tool, it shows me all the data I require to set up your Google Maps ads.

The tool for keyword magic provides 99.99 100% accurate results for the search query.

Enter the Keyword Into SEMRush

Here is a brief overview regarding this keyword to use in the setup of paid ads and it will certainly impact the results of your advertisement.

Based on this calculator, I need to pay 69.92 ($1) per Click to Google.

It is estimated that it costs the sum of Rs7000 ($100) as the minimum amount for web development.

If I want to run Google ads that are text-based in Google Maps, then I need to pay a list of 70 rupees ($1) however, ahead of that I will get an amount equivalent to Rs.7000 ($100) request for web development.

This is a great bargain for me to put in for Rs 70 ($1) and make 100% more profit than the investment.

In the screenshot above, the volume of searches for this keyword is 390.

This means that on an average day, 13 people look up this keyword on Google.

If I can persuade a minimum of one person from 13 to support the development of a website, then my monthly earnings are 7000 ($1) (daily 1 person) x 30 (daily 1 person) = 210,000.

This is the effectiveness of local search advertising, which is why you should consider using Google ads to promote your company.

I am sure that now you are fully aware of the reasons the reason you should use Google Maps ads.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create ads for the Google Maps Adwords application.

Be aware that if you are conducting this on behalf of a client you will need access to the Google My Business account and their Google Adwords account.

How to Set Up Local Search Ads?

In this article, I will show you how to set up Google My Business Adwords but before I get started let me explain something.

Keep these points in mind when looking to advertise.

Make sure that your Google My Business email address and Google Ads email address are identical.

Check that your extension for location is activated within the Google Adwords account. 

Before you publish your ads be sure to make sure you are checking “How your ad will appear in Google”

Include images in your ad and pictures that are relevant to your company.

Today I am going to teach you how to Google my ads for business setup.

To begin, you must start by opening first your GMB account dashboard. Once you click on it you will be presented with the option to create an ad as well as the Get Started option. 

Google My Business ads for Businesses

Click on the button that you like and then begin creating your very first advertisement.

If you click the button, you will immediately be redirected to the Google Adwords platform.

Here is a bonus to offer you: use a PROMO CODE to get back 2000 RS to your AdWords account for the month of next.

Enter this code into your AdWords account before adding money to your ADS account. Once you have added money to your account, this code is not working.

Then, go to the Ad to set it up.

There are three choices for your advertisement purpose. 

  • 1.) Make contact with your business
  • 2.) Check out your shopfront
  • 3.) Make action on your site 

Google Maps Ads

Then, I will explain to you the 3 alternatives (ads Objectives).

Contact your company

You should talk to your customers before making appointments or making reservations.

If you would like to monitor calls, you can use a forwarding number.

It is common to get new customers via phone.

In simple terms, 

  • If you wish viewers to see your ads, directly call your business phone number. It is essential to choose a call number that reflects your goal for the business. 

Visit Your Local StoreFront

There is a physical place that you wish customers to visit

Your first contact with your customers usually occurs at the front of your store.

In simple terms, 

  • If you would like people to see your advertisements and visit your store. You should choose to visit the goal of your storefront.
  • Make sure you take action on your site
  • Customers should complete an action that is easy to complete (such as the purchase or signing up) on your site.
  • A majority of your business transactions are carried out on the Internet. 

Contact Your Business Option to Achieve an Ad Objective

You are now in the stage of location selection Again there are two choices for selecting a location. 

  • 1) Near My Business
  • 2.) In the Specific States, cities, or countries

Now, let me explain to you what the distinctions are between my local business and specific cities States, or countries, and how to make use of these.

In the beginning, I will show you how close my company’s AD setup is. 

Local Listings Ads

In this instance, you must choose your commercial (ad) address and the distance in kilometers.

Here, I am selecting my office location “Surat”, and Google automatically created an ad radius of kilometers as 25 km. I am satisfied with the Google suggestion, and I would not alter it.

If I select the location of my business and then set up an ad radius of 25 km and then Google provides me with 11,862,992 estimates of potential audience size for each month, which is the average of 11862,992 people searching Google for any product or service within my area of business (this estimate is not specific to only my specific business category but for the totality of categories). 

Specifics About Cities, States, or Countries

I hope you understand. This time, I am going to show you specific cities, states, or country-specific ads that I have set up.

This time I am selecting Surat and Navsari as my primary business (AD) areas, as both of these two cities are my cities of focus, which is why I have chosen the two cities.

You can choose an advertising location according to your company’s needs and your ADS budget. If you pick multiple cities you will need to have a substantial ADS budget. I will explain to you in the future, how to display ads within your budget.

If I select Surat and Navsari cities as AD cities, Google gives me estimates of 10,913,820 possible audience sizes per month.

I am sure that you now are aware of the importance of location selection. If however, you have any doubts you would like to me via the comment box, and I will be able to resolve your questions.

This is where I am the option of a business near me Finally, I made my choice to click the Next button and proceeded to Define your Product and service configuration.

We are now defining your product and setting up your service, you will see that Google already defined ad categories, as well as Google, provides some suggestions for keywords.

Determine Your Product and Services

This configuration and suggestion come via your Google My Business category selection.

With this suggestion, Google offers you a kind suggestion, on how to set up your ad for Adwords.

Here you can personalize your category. You can add additional keywords.

If you modify the category of your ad and add keywords, Google provides you with an estimate of the size of your audience based on your personalization. 

Define Your Product or Service

Note that this is an estimated value that cannot be confirmed. Google does not provide you with a confirmed size of your audience before letting the time you go live with your AD.

I would like to run a website development as well as a design-related advertisement, so I am modifying the auto-setup.

As you can see in the above image I completely customized the advertising category and included Google suggestions for keywords.

My estimate of the potential audience size for a monthly is 10556 (above we looked at the estimated audience size of 11,862,992 however here we customized our ad and added an appropriate keyword, which is the reason our estimate of audience size of 10,556).

Click the Next button and proceed to the next step.

We are now on the Let us write your ad and set it upstage.

In this phase, it is important to make sure that you write attractive and clear headlines for your advertisement, that will boost your ADS CTR.

Now, you are wondering what do you know. Which keywords are attractive and will boost your CTR on ads?

Here, I will share an effective method for attractive keyword research that I employ to create my AD title.

Perhaps this is not a hack, but it is a very simple trick that I am giving you.

Check your competitor’s keywords for titles within Google SERP and Google Maps.

As you may have guessed, I am putting up an advertisement for the development of websites and design as well as design and development-related keywords.

In this case, I am looking for a “website development” keyword/ phrase on Google’s natural search engine, as well as within Google Maps.

The first step is to look at the Google organic results page, then we will check Google map results. 

  • Google Organic Result:

Google Organic Result

In the screenshot above you will see that numerous businesses are using Google ads to get leads.

I looked over the majority of ads that did not contain any appealing or call-to-action phrases in their advertisements, which provided a fantastic opportunity for me to create more prospects (more than just clicking on advertisements).

You can also see that the ads of 2 or 3 have an appealing and attractive call-to-action phrase in their ads including full service, award-winning, free quote today, and need to create a new website. we could include these keywords in our advertisement.

Also, you can select keywords from the organic results title of the website (without advertisement website title) for example, affordable website design with Surat at RS. 3800.

In the screenshot above you will notice that my website (my client site rising wings. in) is ranked at the top of the page on Google This is because I have done the perfect local organic SEO.

Note: We have conducted this analysis for one reason to understand what is happening in the market.

We will now look at Google Maps results.

  • Google Maps Result: 

Google Maps Result

In the screenshot above you can see that no ads are running on Google Maps.

However, my client’s website is not ranked top on Google Maps because their listing on Google My Business is brand new and, as per Google My Business ranking factors Google My Business listing age is among the primary ranking factors.

In the next few months, the ranking of this listing will surely improve, and we will stop this Google local advertisement for the listing.

They require immediate results, and as I said that for immediate results, Google Maps AdWords is the most effective method, which is the reason I am putting up with this advertisement.

Let it go, and get to the main point which is the attractive AD headings and descriptions.

We have some appealing and catchy words, including a call to action that our competitors are employing.

Include these words in the title and description of your ad.

Let us write your Google My Commercial ads

In the screenshot above you will see that I am making use of my principal (main) word within Heading 1, then using appealing terms for Heading 2, and then writing an attractive and clear description using Call to Action words.

On the left-hand side on the left, you will be able to look at an Ad preview. At the bottom, you will see the SEE HOW YOUR Ad will appear Click on that and you will see your ads live preview on Google searches, Google Maps, and Google partner websites.

Ad preview on Google map

As I mentioned, currently Google does not display Google Maps ads on Google Search or Google partner sites, therefore we will look at our ads only on Google Maps.

If you think your preview, is perfect. Click the Done button to close the ad preview.

In the end, you can view the website URL If you have more than one website, then you must choose manually the URL of your website.

Here you can enter your URL as well.

I only have one site, so I click Next and move to the next page.

We are now getting the phone calls page set up.

Get Phone Calls

You must add your mobile phone number.

Below, you will find The option to enable verified calls This option is enabled by default turned on, and you can not alter that setting. Leave it like that.

Go on to the following step.

We are now on the Budget setup page.

Here Google automatically calculates your budget in three parts.

You can add your budget here, I am adding my budget.

Google My Business advertisements Budget set up

Here is my day-to-day budget of RS 500. Google estimates my spending and displays my monthly budget (15,200) Estimates suggest that people can reach 3790-6370 and estimates range from 180 to 325 on AD.

These estimates are a month-long estimation, and the information is derived from the advertisers’ and previous advertisements’ details (data).

Once again, click the Next button to proceed to the next setup Then we can the page to review our camping settings.

The page is not intended to be a page for setup This is a review page for the camping experience (AD).

Review Google Maps business ads Camping

This is where we double-check the details of our camping, if did you wrong when setting up an advertisement for camping, you should correct the mistake.

If everything is fine, Click Next and navigate back to the AdWords dashboard.

Today was at the Google My Business AD dashboard Here you can keep track of your Ad impression as well as clicks and clicks. 

Google My Business Ads Dashboard

In the simplest terms, you will be able to track your AD and all the information that will help you increase the return on investment (ROI).

At the bottom of the page will see an image option where you can upload the image of your advertisement.

Images can make an advertisement look professional, however, in this instance, I am making ads exclusively on Google Maps. That is the reason I have not included any images in this advertisement.

It is possible to include your business images in Google ads. Google ads.

I am sure that you are aware of Google My Business ads, should you still have questions, do not hesitate to submit your query in the box below.

You can refer to the Google Guidelines regarding Google Ads or visit Google Guidelines for Google Ads, there you will find the most up-to-date information and hacks regarding Google AdWords.

Here I am going to discuss some of the questions that surround Google My Business Ads.

Questions and Answers Related to Local Ads

How can I connect Google My Google Adwords for my business?

There are two ways to do this.

Advertise directly from the Google My Business Dashboard.

Connect your Google ads Account to Google My Business to, run ads using Google advertising accounts.

How do I link Google my company to AdWords?

It is easy to connect the two platforms.

Visit your Google ads account. There you can view ads and extensions.

Click on Add New Extension > Location Extension > Fill in your local business details Then click the submit button.

Thank you for your support, both accounts have been connected.


If you create the local branch of your business AD directly within your Google My Business account, Google automatically joins the location extensions to your AD.

The position is vital for small-scale businesses that are growing on Google as well as to earn earnings.

If you are not ranking at the top of the list, be it number 1 or 2 places in Google Maps, you will find it is extremely difficult to generate revenue.

However, do not fret you can achieve an immediate ranking on Google through Google Ad (Adwords).

It Is Not Clear What You Can Do To Make Use of Google Adwords to Create Google Maps?

Do not worry, you will find all the necessary steps to creating Google Maps ads in a detailed guide.

Also, in the article I have addressed all the issues that you have in your head regarding Google Business AD, that is the reason you need to go through this article right now.

Why Google Maps Ads? This section will provide you with an overview of the benefits of ads for local listings.

I hope that you like this article. You now can set up a local Google AD account. Google Local AD.

If you are unsure about it, please post all your questions in the comment box. I will be happy to answer any questions and clear any doubts.

I have shown many people who have told you that Google commercial ads are free or Google Maps advertising-free and so on. I would like to inform you that Google does not permit any person to run ads for free. So do not be influenced by this kind of article or video. Do not waste your time on ads that are free since they are all fake.

If you enjoyed this article please share it with your friends Your contribution will assist others to expand their businesses online and boost their sales.

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