Austria Work Visa for Pakistani in 2023

Austria Work Visa for Pakistani

Austria Work Visa and Permit Processing 2023: Apply for a Work Visa to Austria today. AUSTRIA is one of the most developed economies. The government has announced jobs for all interested candidates who are looking to work in the coming year. Austria offers many advantages, including high salaries that attract many foreigners to Austria.

To work in Austria, you will need a work permit before you apply. Citizens from the EEA/EU can only stay in Austria for 90 days without a permit. Different work visa types can be obtained depending on the length of work or employment. The most popular type of work visa is the Red-White-Red Card.

This article will cover every aspect of the Austria Work Visa Permit 2023. Candidates looking for employment opportunities in Austria should read this post and then apply for a permit to work in Austria. The information below will provide more details about the Austria Work Visa and Permit Process.

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Austria Work Visa & Permit Process 2023 Details

Country: Austria

Eligible countries: International Candidates

Post Type: Work Visa Process

Red-White Red Card Work Visa Permit

This visa allows visa holders to remain in Austria for up to two years. This visa is limited to professionals and highly skilled individuals. This permit requires that you earn points in the following categories: language skills, age and work experience. Professional achievements are also considered.

The Red-White–Red card lists the categories; if you are in any of these categories, you can get a Austrian work visa permit.

High-skilled workers in a Shortage occupation.

Highly skilled workers.

College graduates.

Students of universities and higher education.

Other key workers.

The work permit is issued in the form of a card with a photograph on it. It is a good idea to keep the permit in case you have to prove your identity.

Austria Work Visa Requirements.

Each work visa comes with its own requirements. However, the following documents will be required:

Statement by the Employer – Your employer will declare you in accordance with the Act Governing the Employment of Foreign Nationals.

Evidence of Professional Qualifications. These include references and employment verification.

Research Activities: You will need to submit the research proposal that you have worked on at your University.

Evidence of Language Skills. You will need to provide proof of your English or German language skills using an internationally recognized diploma.

Patent Registration – A patent registration.

Last year’s annual gross salary proof – These documents also include tax statements.

Proof of your Previous Position. You will need to submit proof of your Previous designation.

Proof of the status of your company.

Evidence you have studied in Austria.

The Habilitation.

Employment contract. You will need to provide your current employment contract, which includes your annual salary.

How to Apply For Austria Work Visa Permit 2023?

To get a work visa, you will need to have a job.

Step 1: Secure a job in Austria.

You will need to have a job in order to obtain a work visa permit.

2nd Step: Apply to the Work Permit.

After you have secured a job, it is possible to apply for a Austrian work permit. It will be the responsibility of your employer to request a license from the representative authority or resident authority.

3: Apply to a Work Visa.

While the Austrian work permit will allow you to work in Austria for a limited time, you can only enter Austria after you have obtained a D visa. To enter Austria, you must apply for a D Visa.

The VisaVisa expires once you enter Austria and receive a Red-White Red card.

You will have only three days to register at the registration office after you arrive in Austria.

STEP 4: Travel to Austria.

You can travel to Austria without restrictions after obtaining your work visa.

How to Apply for Austria Work Visa Permit 2023?

Apply for a D visa at a local consulate.

Processing time

It takes approximately 8 weeks to process a Austrian work visa.

Validity of Work Visa.

A work visa for Austria is valid for two years.

Extension visa.

Once your expiry date is near, you can apply for a work visa extension. You can stay up to three years with the next card. The expiry date must be applied for an extension within three months.

Are you able to switch employers with the same Austrian work visa?

You cannot switch employers. A new work visa is required for any job or employer.

Are you allowed to bring your family members?

Yes. You can bring your entire family. To stay in Austria for two years, family members will need to apply to a Red-White Red card.

Permit for Cost of Work Visa.

Total cost of a work visa permit: EUR160

When you apply, you will be charged EUR120

Additional EUR20 if you get a receipt, and EUR20 for your police identification data.

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