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Ultimate Guide To Amazon Jobs From Home: Most likely, you have looked up Amazon or benefited from their streaming service, but did you also realize that you will be working at home using Amazon? In reality, Amazon generally has numerous jobs that are open Amazon positions, which range from customer support associates to computer code developers.

Finding the perfect job and then applying for it can be a challenge, my in-depth guide below will guide you through everything you need to be aware of Amazon Jobs working from home.

The Ultimate Guide To Amazon Jobs From Home
Ultimate Guide To Amazon Jobs From Home

Ultimate Guide To Amazon Jobs From Home

What kind of work-from-home positions Does Amazon offer?

I listed many jobs to highlight that the area unit is just the tip of the iceberg. Amazon choices for jobs are kind of extensive. Be aware that there may not be any openings for every position I have mentioned below.

Amazon job board is updated every day, so you will need to keep checking again if you do not find one of those jobs available for your area.

Customer Support Associate

If you have ever contacted to inquire about the status of an Amazon package that went missing in the mail or came in late, odds are you have talked to a customer service representative.

The Amazon jobs that work at home can be found all over the world from the United States to the Philippines. If you are working at home, Amazon offers openings by the location of the worker, and therefore you will require a residency located in the correct location or state to be eligible for the job.

An associate main task will be to solve post-sales issues or speed up orders that are currently in transit.

Amazon offers a wide range of software and applicants only require two items to begin that is a high-speed internet connection and a telephone line.

Although you must work an average of 18 hours of work per week working as an associate, it is possible to earn more hours, particularly during the time of holidays.

Amazon generally has a large number of open positions for support associates. But, the positions are filled quickly. They are usually seasonal, as well, with the majority of these Amazon jobs that require working from home and appearing in the winter months.

But, if you show that you can manage the fast-paced atmosphere you could get permanent.

Support Associates Pay

While Amazon does not announce its compensation to support employees, some estimations estimated the hourly starting rate at between $12 and $14 for representatives within the United States. The guaranteed hourly rate is a perk offered to lots of individuals and the potential benefits it may bring.

Remember that seasonal employees work a minimum of 18 hours per week, but many of them work up to 30 hours or more.

Customer Support Benefits

Support associates for customer service World Health Organization area unit full-time will receive dental and vision insurance. They will also begin to build a 401(k) and work on breaks and vacation time.

But, even staff who are seasonal World Health Organization area unit who are employed by the company for a timeframe and working twenty hours a week, will be able to access health insurance and receive pay breaks.

Customer Support Qualifying

The requirements for customer support associates are rather sloppy. If you reside within the region that has the opening and you are over 18 years of age and possess at least a high school diploma You should be able to qualify. Amazon will also require you to see that you communicate in English If not fluently and then proficiently.

Do you need to travel?

Support staff members for customers are completely mobile and no travel is needed, even to a particular office.

Amazon Flex Driver

Amazon delivery jobs may not be exactly work-from-home opportunities but they are. With companies such as Uber as well as Lyft around it was just an issue of time before Amazon created its delivery service called Flex. As a Flex driver, you will be the sole source of delivery for Amazon.

Flex driver, you will “be your boss” by delivering Amazon products or packages to homes or businesses in the vicinity (maybe even transporting the “critical items” that we buy late at night only to be a bit disappointed in the morning).

But, this could depend on the location, Amazon Flex drivers make four types of delivery options. You can pick up the packages at an Amazon delivery station, haul groceries and household goods from delivery centers pick up your orders from specific retailers, or offer an offer on the spot.

Amazon Flexible Drivers Pay

Amazon estimates that its delivery drivers earn anywhere from an hourly rate of $18-$25, but this rate will vary based on the number of deliveries you are capable of creating and the reasonable tips you are offered. Amazon provides a minimum contribution for every delivery you produce (at least $15 to $19 associate-degree hour) But the majority of your earnings are contingent on tips. Luckily, drivers keep all of the tips they receive.

Many people use Amazon Flex as a part-time job, but creating regular sources of income is a challenge. Deliveries or hours do not appear to be guaranteed and you are not able to determine the number of suggestions you are given.

But, they currently receive two direct deposits per week, making this an ideal opportunity to earn quick cash.

One important point to remember is that Amazon also will not pay for any parking or tolls you could change.

Amazon Driver Benefits

As an independent contractor, you do not get health insurance or pay time off. Similar to Uber or Lyft you can work as you please and leave anytime you like. What Amazon promises to all U.S. drivers (besides NY drivers) will be provided with this insurance once they sign to sign up:

  • Comprehensive and collision coverage for contingents
  • Coverage for motorists who are uninsured or under-insured
  • Auto liability insurance

Amazon Flex Job Qualifying

Because Amazon has different types of delivery, there are some requirements for drivers.

Prime orders currently can be put into any quiet car But, when you are delivering packages from Amazon then you will need at least a mid-sized 4-door sedan or SUV. Motorcycles or pickup trucks cannot currently qualify.

To use the app for navigation, you will need a smartphone. You will be located within the U.S., and not every state or region currently offers Amazon Flex as a service.

But, if Flex is not available in the area your home is in, you will always contact Amazon to determine whether Flex is going to be available in your area soon.

Are you a traveler?

While I had technically described Amazon Flex as a work-from-home job, you will spend more time on the doorsteps of others than at your own home! Travel is required for picking up and dropping off packages, but, it is not necessary to be a part of any company’s corporate headquarters or even an office.

Mechanical Turk (mTurk)

Find someone willing to work remotely for Amazon You may get a response that they suggest you sign up with Amazon Mechanical Turk. It is an online marketplace that lets people perform simple jobs that call for human insight.

It could range that involve transcribing audio recordings or identifying objects in photos, or conducting information research. Virtual tasks generally do not require prior experience in what you will need to accomplish.

MTurk is a popular job for many people who want to work from their homes: It is entry-level and offers plenty of flexibility, and the recruitment process is extremely easy. If you meet the requirements listed below to be an MTurk employee.

But, all the perks are not without a cost which is that it does not pay very well as you are not guaranteed work hours. In reality, the amount of tasks you can do in a day is limitless.

So I had said the mTurk app is more suitable to earn a bit of additional pocket change But, do not be expecting it to be an all-time (or even a part-time) job. If you have never worked remotely work before but want to test whether you are a fan then mTurk could be the best first choice.

mTurk Worker Pay

Since the tasks do not need a lot of time, the cost as a mTurk employee is minimal. The pay is based on the work, though there are estimates that suggest that an average worker makes just the equivalent of $2 per hour. A small portion of employees can earn more than the minimum wage and that is associated with a greater time commitment.

This pay will also depend on the frequency you can find higher-paying jobs, as well as how quickly you can complete your work.


Whatever your level of education or previous experience, all that the mTurk application needs are your full name, the place you reside, as well as the email you use to sign up. After your application has been accepted it is required to give the bank and tax information to pay and bank account information, but that is it.

Do you need to travel?

mTurk is completely remote. If you reside within either the United States or Australia, you can complete virtually all of the tasks of mTurk.

Sales & Advertising

If you already have a bit of background in sales or marketing it is possible to look for sales or account management jobs. In contrast to customer support associates, these Amazon jobs that are available from home do not require a degree and require a bachelor’s degree or equivalent previous experience in the area.

A manager of customer solutions, for example, manages virtual teams, manages technical projects, and offers IT advice to customers. Account managers manage the accounts of various organizations and even government customers. While some of them sound similar to “in-house” Amazon jobs, they are not required to relocate to work for them.

The positions are filled in a shorter timeframe because they come with more qualifications, and they are permanent. There are a few Amazon part-time positions in the field of advertising and sales.

Online Jobs Benefits

Sales and marketing Amazon online jobs are not a way to cut corners on advantages. In addition to medical insurance coverage, they could contribute to a 401(k) as well as a Roth 401(k) receive guaranteed vacation time, and get paid (and non-paid) days off.

Amazon Remote Jobs Requirements

Amazon remote positions like account management require previous work experience (usually 5 years or more) in most cases, and the majority of these jobs require you to have a bachelor’s degree in an area that is related to it. A technical background or being bilingual is not an issue but it may provide you with an advantage.

Other Remote Amazon Jobs You Could Find

I have already described some of the most common job descriptions that show up on Amazon remote jobs board but other jobs I have come across include:

  • Remote Security Consultant
  • Internal Communications Manager
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Data Analytics Intern
  • UX Designer
  • Solar Construction Manager
  • Facilities and Real Estate Operational Manager

In terms of open positions are concerned, Amazon has all its bases covered, even practically.

You are intrigued by one of Amazon work-from-home jobs But, do you find listings for your location? You can browse through the Amazon “Virtual Local” jobs board. Sorting jobs by location is typically the most efficient way to locate jobs you are interested in instead of having to search through hundreds of jobs all at once. It is important to narrow results using those in the “Work From Home” category.

After you have viewed Amazon virtual jobs, you can start sorting the jobs according to the country or city you reside in. Not surprisingly, the majority of the open positions on Amazon are available to people living within the U.S. – but some listings are for Great Britain (GBR), Italy as well as Costa Rica.

Even if you are not located in the U.S., Amazon continues to search for jobs based on the state in which you reside. States such as California and New York usually have the majority of jobs available.

How to Apply for an Amazon Work-from-home Amazon Job

Making an application for a work-from-home Amazon job such as customer service or software development is fairly easy. Go to the Amazon website for job openings after you have clicked on the job you are interested in, click “Apply Now.”

Before you submit your application, ensure that you have an invitation letter and resume on hand. Most positions will require at least a resume, but not an invitation letter. Even applying for a support job might require an introductory letter outlining the reasons why you are an outstanding candidate.

After you have gotten your resume and sent that letter now, consider the following next steps (including the data you will use to apply for a variety of virtual job opportunities):

When you click the “Apply Now, “Apply” link, Amazon will prompt the possibility of creating a separate account to be capable of managing your application and monitoring the progress of your application (for jobs that are high volume first, you must select a checkbox to make the impression that you must read the job description).

The process of applying for an Amazon work-from-home opportunity does not require numerous additional steps. As you have got all your paperwork in order you could complete the application within a few minutes.

When you apply online it is possible to go back and review the status of your submission. Certain technical jobs may require additional steps, for instance, an interview via virtual technology, to ensure you are skilled.

Be aware that the above steps only apply to jobs that you discover via the job boards. Flex drivers and mTurk employees have their application procedures, which I will discuss below.

Final Notes About Amazon Work From Home Jobs

The realm of Amazon work-from-home opportunities is huge and there are a myriad of opportunities to earn money, no matter if you have a high-school diploma or a Ph.D. There is an option for every person. There are many technical positions available and many working from home on Amazon are employed as customer service representatives Flex drivers or mTurk employees.

Flexible drivers and mTurk can be great for part-time jobs or fast cash, but a customer service associate position can become an all-time job. You may start as a temporary worker but, if you demonstrate that you can be punctual and keep your work hours, you can be able to stay for longer.

If you believe that Amazon could be the best firm for remote work Do not be discouraged by a lack of possibilities as job openings keep changing. If you are not able to locate the ideal job right today, you can come for a new opportunity at a later time.

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