40000 Unskilled UK Visa Sponsorship Jobs

40000 Unskilled UK Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Good News to everyone. Do not waste your time. We are pleased to inform you it has been announced that the new Government of UK announced 40,000 non-skilled UK Visa Sponsorship jobs from 2023. Apply now and make sure to secure your applications before it’s too late. Keep an eye on the Opportunities Corner Job 2023,and apply now. These jobs are in UK are available to those who do not have a high school education, no IELTS, and have no prior experience in the field. These are an untrained category and the 40,000 jobs are available in horticultureand farming, poultry, agriculture as well as picking fruits and flowers or vegetables. This is known as seasonal UK Work Visa. In addition, UK companies are currently deciding applicants , and will offer Visa sponsorship.

40000 Unskilled UK Visa Sponsorship Jobs

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The purpose of UK is to bring greater than 3 million more jobs for the UK economy. Its UK Seasonal Work Visa was introduced in the year 2019. It was launched in 2019. New News is that they are in need of more employees because of shortage of Labor shortage. Therefore, you should read this article attentively as I’ll inform you what UK businesses are offering Visa sponsorship to workers who are not skilled and how to apply and how to locate an Employment Opportunity and apply. The complete information about the latest jobs that are unskilled in the UK for foreigners from 2023 are listed below.
40000 Unskilled UK Visa Sponsorship Jobs

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Details About 40,000 Unskilled UK Visa Sponsorship Jobs in 2023

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Job Country: United Kingdom

job type Agriculture, Poultry, Horticulture Agriculture, Picking vegetables and fruits or flowers

Experience Required: No


Age Limit No less than 18

Visa Sponsorship: Yes

Relocation: Yes

Accommodation: Yes

Salary: PS32,500/year. Averaging PS12.19 /hour

Duration of the Seasonal Work Visa

You are able to visit the UK and stay for up to 6 months as an untrained employee.

Horticulture for up to 6 months for instance, picking fruit and vegetables, flowers or even flowers

Poultry from 18 October until 31 December of the same year.

To Apply for a Seasonal Work Visa. Visit Here

It is possible to apply for the horticulture seasonally-based worker permits at any time of the year. This is a excellent chance to submit an application for fruit Picking Job throughout the UK.

Who can Apply?

40000 Unskilled Overseas Workers No IELTS degreerequired. Anyone can apply right now.

are sponsored by a company

You must be aged 18 or over to apply. You must meet the requirements listed below.

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How to Find and Apply for Unskilled UK Jobs?

As I stated, I will show you the steps on how to apply for the UK Seasonal Work Visa which is also known as unskilled UK Visa Sponsorship Jobs. This process is described below.

First, you have to Visit the website of the UK Govt Click Here


If you click on this link, you’ll find what is known as the Register of Worker and Temporary Worker authorized sponsors. It means that these UK Companies are registered and they are authorized to sponsor applicants.

This List includes the names of 64,000 UK Companies.

You’ll have to download an download file in order to see its entire content.

It will be downloaded onto your computer. After you have download the file.

It will launch Microsoft Excel. You must then look at column E.

There is the category ” Seasonal worker”.

But I have made it simple for you individuals and have selected the following list of UK Companies that are sponsoring seasonal work visas.

40000 Unskilled UK Visa Sponsorship Jobs

1# List of UK Unskilled Seasonal Jobs 2023

They are registered companies that are registered in the UK. They sponsor candidates. They are in need of foreign applicants for Farming, as well as picking fruit jobs. The companies selected are vetted through Government officials of the UK Govt.

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Benefits and Package

The accommodation is provided (approx. PS30 p/w)

Visa Sponsorship

Flight Contribution

40000 Unskilled UK Visa Sponsorship Jobs

2# Agricultue Jobs UK (Tasty Careers)

The specific task you’ll perform will differ from season to the season, and will depend on the type of farm you’re working on however a variety of tasks have to be accomplished, which includes


It is also possible to receive accommodation that is either free or inexpensive.

For more details: Apply Here

3# Apprentice Farm Worker

Wage: PS7,503.60 Annually


4# General Farm Worker (Livestock) Apprenticeship

Wage: PS10,004.80 Annually


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40000 Unskilled UK Visa Sponsorship Jobs

5# AB Agri

AB Agro is a UKs recognized sponsor. at AB Agri, we manufacture animal feed, develop technological and nutrition-based products and provide our customers with information and services for the agrifood industry.

How to Apply: Visit Here

More Farm Jobs in UK

Find job openings at:

ADAS Careers

Farmers Weekly

Farmers Guardian

National Trust Jobs

The Scottish Farmer

This post was about the latest information on UK Unskilled Visa sponsorship of 40,000 Jobs 2023. This article discussed seasonal work visas and a list of companies that are in the UK with jobs that aren’t skilled. I wish you all the best luck.

40000 Unskilled UK Visa Sponsorship Jobs

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