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The Ultimate Guide To Amazon Virtual Assistant: Have you ever thought about moving out of a 9 to 5 corporate job that pays low pay? Do you typically crave the freedom and the quality of a foreign online job?

If so, it is time to turn your desires into a reality by becoming an associate of Amazon virtual assistant.

The Ultimate Guide To Amazon Virtual Assistant
Ultimate Guide To Amazon Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you can decide your own hours and bend the rules to meet your own schedule and earn cash. Follow this comprehensive guide to becoming an Amazon Virtual Assistant.

What is an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

The name implies the term “Amazon virtual assistant” is someone who can remotely assist you in managing your Amazon business. The services offered by Virtual Assistants are numerous and are dependent on the abilities of each individual.

This, in turn, includes coordinating all duties that a business owner could confide in you. Your duties and responsibilities could include searching for items for their stores, customer service, advertising, and so on.

Why Do People Work for the Amazon Virtual Assistant?

The majority of E-commerce businesses on Amazon are managed by one person who often suffers from stress and productivity.

Task Management

They may hire you to perform tasks that they do not like, like dealing with customer inquiries, responding to emails, or chasing up on sales.


On the other side, a business’s owner may require assistance with abilities they do not have like photoshop, web development as well as data analytics.


Remotely hiring someone on a per-hour or project basis costs less than hiring a full-time employee, making it the best option for small-scale business owners. It also lowers the cost of overheads like renting an office and paying bills and other expenses.

Minimum Employee Obligation

As a virtual assistant functions in the capacity of an independent contractor, the employer is only accountable for their fixed rates, thereby reducing taxes.


With virtual assistants, entrepreneurs can focus on the important things that increase their productivity. A skilled virtual assistant can drastically reduce the burden on an entrepreneur.

Responsibilities Of Amazon’s Virtual Assistant

If you are looking to sell your service for sale to Amazon Entrepreneurs, then here is a list of the most popular Amazon virtual assistant jobs.

Amazon Product Hunting

Most likely it is among the needed and fundamental services, as it requires extensive research and analysis of the market. Solo entrepreneurs who have their hands full think this job to be a waste of their time and choose to outsource it.

In the end, the success of an eCommerce business is dependent upon the quality, profitability margin, and the most popular product.

Your mission is to identify the product that is the most successful that won’t cost them a fortune and also generates higher sales.

Here are some of the characteristics that define a winning product. However, it could differ based on the criteria of the seller:

Despite the huge demand there is expected to be no competition for the product

Profit margins of 25%-30 percentage

They must result in at least 10 sales in a single day.

The best products are those that are not seasonal and are available throughout the year

Easy to source and ship product

Two products must have less than 150 reviews on the very first page.

Recurring purchases, triggered by the product

Products featured in the spotlight with a top-seller rating.

Logistics and Sourcing

You can find products through Amazon via various methods including Dropshipping and wholesalers and even manufacturers. Once you have decided about the product, it is the following step to locate possible suppliers and manufacturers.

The most popular platform for sourcing and delivering items directly to Amazon Warehouse is

When you are looking for a supplier, ensure they can be reliable by examining their profile information For instance Do they possess trade assurance?

What kinds of reviews are they getting? Are they accredited with an official Gold Suppliers badge? Here are some actions you can take to prevent scams and fraud. Logistics involves determining the legal restrictions in contract writing and signature along with customs and shipping costs, and safety regulations.

This requires knowledge and a lot of study, so try not to rush through it.

Listing Creation

After months of searching and searching for the product Now is the moment when Amazon virtual assistant will make a list of items that are available on Amazon.

Then, the customers can purchase the item and begin earning revenue. Your goal is to design an engaging complete, well-organized, and optimized listing that will drive the most traffic.

Here are some tips to be aware of when making a listing for the seller.

Product Description:

Eye-catching visuals.

Utilization to SEO driven keywords

Your description should be simple to read, thus making the essential details stand out without needing to go through the entire text.

Dimensions, and characteristics of your product

Title of the listing for grabbing

Advertisement on Amazon

Highly paid skills for Amazon’s virtual assistant. Amazon virtual assistant since the amount of pay-per-click advertisement experts is comparatively minimal. Amazon provides a pay-per-click advertisement model in which an amount of money is paid to the advertiser every time an individual clicks on the advertisement.

CPC The cost of a click is based on the level of competition for the keywords and the volume of searches. You can discover this using tools such as Jungle Scout and Helium-10.

Sponsored Product advertisements Sponsored Display ads and sponsored Brands are three kinds of advertisements that are offered by Amazon.

To know more about different types of advertising models and the procedure for advertising it is possible to sign up for the Amazon Advertisement Certification at no cost.

Position on Amazon

SEO is shorthand for search engine optimization. Sellers employ SEO experts to improve the position of their product on Amazon results for searches.

As the ranking improves so do the sales which results in a rise in revenues. To achieve this, you will need to learn about the search engine Amazon in-depth, as well as study efficient keyword searches.

Analysis of Competitors

Analyzing competitors is an essential aspect of running any company And Amazon is no exception. This is an extremely initial stage of the process and takes place before product listing.

To accomplish this you will be asked to assess the quality of the product versus those offered by rivals.

This includes price comparison, reviewing the product listings of your rivals reviewing their branding, examining their reviews, and analyzing the keywords they are targeting.

This information will enable you to design an item listing that stands out from the crowd.

Customer Service

Customer service includes attending to and resolving any issues that customers may have before the time, throughout, and after purchasing your product.

Answering their queries via email or telephone calls is required to keep them happy and satisfied.

Inventory Management

It is the process of recording, storing, and shipping items to meet demand from customers efficiently and quickly.

Management of inventory is a vital aspect because the surplus or lack of goods could affect the costs of storage and the satisfaction of the customer in turn.

There are two methods of managing inventory. The traditional approach is to keep track of storage and shipping using spreadsheets in Excel. The more efficient method is to utilize inventory management software that is a third party that is supported by Amazon.

Essential Tools Required By Amazon Virtual Assistant

What are the best ways to find all this information? But do not fret, here are some tools that are useful to gain this information while analyzing the most effective products.

Jungle Scout

Beginning off with Jungle Scout, the ultimate Amazon research tool that will take you to the darkest and deepest cell of the internet to identify the most effective merchandise for you.

Beyond that, features like Niche Hunter, Product Tracker, Product Database, and Keyword Scout help you efficiently and effectively manage inventory, product hunt listings, sales, and inventory.

When is the right time to hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

If you are working with Amazon FBA, then you must hire an Amazon virtual assistant to run your company. It is also possible to create an outline of the tasks you perform to run your Amazon online store.

When the bulk of your time is spent managing these tasks then it is advisable to engage a virtual assistant for your company.

Which tasks should you choose?

It is important to decide before the tasks you would like to choose as the assistant. The tasks are listed below:

  • The tasks that consume the majority of your time
  • The monotonous tasks of their nature
  • The tasks you are unable to perform are beyond your expertise
  • Some tasks that are not essential

If you select the tasks you want to complete, you will reduce your time and effort as well as be sure that your tasks are completed correctly, as they are performed by professionals.

Where Can I Locate Amazon Virtual Assistants?

The virtual assistants at the following locations:

Freelance Platforms

The freelance platforms offer a variety of freelance assistants. Here you will find all the information about them, their qualifications and experience, as well as their work history, etc.

Therefore, it is easy to identify the person who is suitable for the job description since everything about the candidate has been discussed on this site.

Virtual Assistant Agencies

Virtual agencies have a wide range of skilled virtual assistants such as Amazon virtual assistants. Employing the services of an Amazon virtual assistant could be a secure option since they keep track of each of their virtual assistants.

This ensures high-quality work performed by virtual assistants. The main benefit of working through these companies is that you can alter the individual you like.

Direct Hiring For Amazon Virtual Assistant

Another alternative is direct hiring via various job sites social media platforms or referrals.

An interview to be interviewed for Amazon Virtual Assistant

The way to interview candidates can differ depending on the particular platform. If you are employing virtual assistants via agencies, you do not have to conduct interviews with the assistants. All you need to do is provide the agency with your requirements and the agency selects the best Amazon virtual assistant based on your requirements.

If you are looking to hire an assistant via freelancing websites, then you will need to create an employment announcement that details the duties and responsibilities that the employee will be responsible for. Candidates will then submit their applications for the position or job. Once you have identified the candidates you can begin your interview by asking for additional information regarding them.

You must inquire about their qualifications and experiences. It is also important to ask questions about the position you are hiring them for. It is recommended to test all of the applicants, the ones who have applied, and then eliminate the ones who failed it.

Then, only interview candidates who have passed the test. Interviewing candidates directly is like the interviewing process of freelance platforms.

First, you need to take the test candidates. Then, attend the interview of candidates who have passed the test. Then, select the top candidate based on the test.

Pay for The Amazon Virtual Assistant

The salary of Amazon virtual assistants is contingent on a variety of factors, including the job that the virtual assistant plays, the expertise that the person is a part of, the locality of the assistant, and more.

However, you need to be paying a minimum of $5-$7 an hour for the assistants from overseas in the range of $15-$25 minimum per hour for U.S. applicants.

This pay scale is for everyday tasks such as administrative tasks and customer service. The salary will be higher for tasks that require specialized knowledge, such as photography, and market research.


In conclusion, we recommended employing an Amazon virtual assistant is not an easy job, however, when you follow the procedure, it is easy to find an assistant virtual. We would also suggest that you use Amazon virtual assistant services through an agency or a business.

If you are employed through an agency, your anxiety about hiring is also reduced and the quality of your work is also guaranteed.

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